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Here are the robot ideas so far!

Thank You. My robot is 60-80 cm. tall Appearance like a robot. It can id things and furniture around my house. It can get things for me and pick up anything I name and point to. It knows/ can learn colours and sounds. It opens doors for me. It is recognizing emotions and tone of voice. It teaches me to relax. It is sleeping while I sleep. It ca translate languages to my language which is danish. (like I can choose language on my pc) Does it already exist? I don't know but I like it!


I would have the robot monitor the elderly to notify a family member when needed in an emergency situation. Also when a particular person is recognized it can remind the individual to take there medications at a specific time.


robot that does tree grooming and other gardening tasks automatically, which the cost might be high but it will act as multiple tools


I want to build a robot dog that will interact with my family. It will not only recognize faces, but also have a personality with the ability to talk and ask us questions and respond to our questions. I guess this is part artificial intelligence (AI), but I want to be able to control and change the jokes, questions to ask people and it's overall behavior. I want the robot dog to be autonomous without the need for me to constantly connect it to a computer to get it to move. If more processing power is needed, maybe I could use an old cell phone to assist in running the robot dog (and cell phones are rechargeable.) This is all new to me, so I'm just starting out.


A robot that can mimic what you do so you can interact with a friend or family member who is far away.


I have a brother who is autistic and has trouble with social cues. I want to build a robot that helps kids like my brother become more social!


I want a robot that will pour a glass of wine for my wife, and thereby prove how useful it is...and I’ve promised her I can do it :)


I want to build a robot that resembles a transformer but is able to detect pollution, starting with the air but moving on to water and land. I want my robot to help the earth.


I want to build a Wall-e robot with the controller card, the tiny camera and the microphone for the voice command Thank you


my first robot , a 3d printed Inmoov modified, is simply to entertain and inform my local world how far this tech has gone to this point in time to the average person available on the web. I hope to advance to something spectactacular on my next venture .. my special thanks to Gael and DJ for this crash course into the future. thanks again, Eddy


a self balancing sentinel robot with room mapping and two way video and sound communication over WIFI


I want to build a robot that is capable of taking care of animals while their owners are away. Initially, this would involve filling water dishes and food bowls. Eventually, this robot could take the animals outside for walks. It would also send updates to the owner if it noticed that the animal is ill.


I'm 80 years old. I want to build a Senior Citizen Companion robot to provide an intellectual environment using spare parts of existing robots to interface with the Alexa environment.


I work at a plant nersery and a bot that would test the moister in the soil and add water if necessary and ofcource it would do this automatically


Develop a robotic assistant for personal care. a core system with modular attachments for assisted living like meal prep, clean up and other hygiene and housekeeping chores. Core system could have attachment for trash day. Deliver full and return empty. I have an RC version of this based on a hacked "Shoprider' WHEEL CHAIR. Video available. Have been working on navigation and autonomous operations for 3 years. looking at your controller and development environment to code behaviors.


I am in the process of developing a robot called Nina, which will act as a affordable and adaptable form of assistive technology for people with social, perception, or cognitive developmental disabilities such as Autism and similar disorders. I had come up with this idea over a decade ago when I was in high school, as I am an individual who has grown up with autism (Asperger Syndrome specifically), but have since learned that this robotic therapy has been in development for much longer, especially in Europe. So far, the robots used can been expensive (over 10,000) and they are not easily repaired or maintainable. I want to develop a robot that can act as more accessible and adaptable competitor, (Under 1,000). Nina would work with therapy teams who would be able to reprogram said robot using EZ-Robot's user-friendly software tools such as EZ-builder to adapt for a wide range of cases on the broad Autism Spectrum. The robot's design is intended to be simple, but engaging, and the robot will simulate a friendly and non-judgmental personality, augmented to multiple client cases by certified operators and psychological therapists. Certain interchangeable components could be used to modulate the robot so it does not appear too intimidating, nor too boring depending on the client's case. Components would be created via 3D Printing. For instance, if the client is intimated by the robot's arms (used for body language or expression) they can be easily removed. Or if a client is ready for a more expressive face with different articulated facial expressions, a simpler head had be interchanged with a more expressive on. The idea behind Nina is to use robots to encourage people with developmental disabilities such as autism, who might otherwise become intimidated by those imposed by their fellow human beings. Nina would be a tool to help people with autism and similar disorders understand and relate to their fellow humans, and also understand more about who they are. Using the Nina Robot, it is my hope to help people with autism understand they are important, they are real, they are there, they are acknowledged, and they can survive, and learn to cope, to grow, and develop more of the social, cognitive, and expressive, and perception skills, as well as the self-confidence and esteem they need to communicate not only with robots, but to transition to their fellow human beings.


I want to make an artificial intelligence robot that plays music with the sound recognition system


A quadruped mixed with a quadcopter robot used for search and rescue. That is fire/water proof. So it can walk or fly over obstacles.

hiro hamada

Robot cars having wheels with jonshon motors and it will run on water... And its body will be in a "I" shape


I always get inspiration from nature and I admire bio-inspired robots. I am designing a scorpion inspired robot. I am not a coding specialist hence I have to rely on internet sources. I learned about "SIX" from your website which gave me a boost to my confidence. although SIX has a circular body, I hope I can use similar code to make 6 legged of scorpion walk.


I’d like my drone to be my hiking buddy! To be able to follow me around (face and back of my head) and to respond to voice commands like point to North, take a picture, go scout or take a selfie!


I would like to use the jd robot to work on a project studying how robotic design effect the person response to people. It would be used to study the reaction of people of all ages with 3 different programmed settings of interactive ability with the person. hopefully the project will show that human and animal shaped robots have different abilities that enable them to be used in different settings. I would also like to use it to teach/show others the usefulness of robots like this despite their design.


I would like to have a robot that will recognize inappropriate language and remind the users by beeping. It can also be taught to catch grammatical errors. I would like to have him in my home to make sure the kids are disciplined and understand the value of appropriate language usage.


A robot that does tree grooming and other gardening tasks automatically, which the cost might be high but it will act as multiple tools.


A drone that has electric grippers at the bottom and can carry packages for delivery.


I’m hoping to do a collaboration on a robotic horse. Fully rideable, this would be sold to cosplayers and even eclectic individuals that want an eye catching way to get to the corner market. I know this can be done with existing tech, but I need an expert to help me take this to the next level. Thanks!


I want to build scale models of top tanks along with my son. To have a wide range of top features and functionalities including not just driving motions but weapons that can be fired etc. using some great power trains available nowadays in the RC car industry along with 3D printing for body parts etc. I think this will be a great way for my son to not only to learn about robotics but electronics, software and programming, 3D drawing, electrical principles and also to work with his hands. He has to put in the work and will see end product and achievements whilst learning rather than continuously do gaming for his satisfaction and scores for his results. He has an interest in weapons and weoponalogy but currently simply satisfies his interest by non stop gaming and it has the affect of 'addiction' almost. Thanks.

Timothy Raj

A cooking robot so my great mom doesn't have to work so hard, and so I can have my favorite meals every day:)

Electro Master

I am building a Mars rover project and am incorporating cybersecurity for a school project. I will be using a 6 wheel Bogie Mars Rover base with EZ-Robot controller with camera on a Pan/tilt for the rest of the electronics. I will also be adding a drone (multirotor) to this project as Phase two that communicates with the rover and HQ (my laptop). I plan to take pictures and video of this in action up in Sedona, AZ where with the red rocks and dirt look like Mars. Phase three is where I incorporate cyber security measures to see if this setup would be hackable or how I can prevent it from being hacked.


There is robot wars. My robot will be a combat robot but walk on its legs and use its hands to fight.


My project is JD.Personality it would be used for special needs kids like myself so that they are never without at least 1 friend in the world. It can talk and have conversations with you and comfort you it can read emotions through your face. That is my great idea


We would like to see an add-on in the ez software that will show motion graphs for the robots. It would also be very cool make SIX into a battle robot somehow much like the battleflipper!


i would like to see a robot that is like jd and has a similar design but i would want it to have AI as in the robot can walk and talk on his own.


A robot that can be similar to humans and help people in need elders etc in their homes and not only.


I would like to see the humanoid robot programmed with the ability to recognize multiple faces. I would set it up at the entrance to the classroom. Then the robot would greet each student by name as he or she comes into the Robotics classroom. This would be a fun way to introduce to the students the vast array of careers in security programming and by extension the introduction of robotics in security applications.


Using robots for construction. Present-day construction uses laborers who are in short supply today. In addition, the cost of labor is a significant portion of the cost of construction, and construction is dangerous.


Useing SLAM robot get a massage from voice recogunition , serch the requested item ( blue ball or ..... ) and bring it to the owner.


Will use EZ-B as a basis to animate two life-size 3D printed R2 Droids with moving panels and arms, audio and computer vision recognition.


Robot home security force, robot guards the patrol my house at night inside and out!


To create the Wall-E robot that led me to this page to recognise and talk to my 4y.o daughter, who watches the film 5+ times a week!


I want to use the robot as a cat companion. I'm hoping to teach it to recognize the cat and do various activities so we all have family fun. Once that works, I will create interesting "outfits" to keep the fun going.


Here are my ideas so far: - use an (old) smartphone to use it as an face for the robot. I already built something with php and ez script, to change animated gif's on the display. - the option to use an microphone attached to the EZ-B. - the possibility to save a program on the EZ-B (or an controller attached), so you don't need a pc to execute a program. - an dockingstation, to charge JD's batteries. Something like an chair. Best regards!


Hello, I would like to build a collection of waste sorting robots, for example one which can recognize and collect diapers, newspapers, cans, bottles or even orange peels.

Flea Market

A JD home automation system. Using JD to take voice commands to act as a personal assistant i.e. Siri, Alexa, or Google. This system can have add-ons that control lights, curtains, and can automatically feed the dog with a servo system. JD can even dance for you have conversations to entertain kids/elderly.


Help with school security! Stationed by all doors to monitor entrance with badge and facial ID , the ability to lock doors, sound alarm and call 911 . With wifi, gps and both visual, { such as flashing red & blue lights }, and sound , such as voice , Police Have Been Called & alarm sound might stop some one before anything could happen and at least give the person who is viewing the live feed another avenue for safety & security !


A disaster response robot that could search a building damaged by a disaster. Equiped with a camera and air quality sensors it could be used to locate trapped victims and help determine if a building is safe to enter,


an inmoov based robot to help customers with frequently asked questions at my store


Semiretired Industrial Designer. Worked for Robotic Systems International in the 1980s and ‘hobbied around’ since. Have had some long back-burnered ideas for agricultural robots that I am finally going to build. My considerations are; Very low cost. User maintainable and even user producible (open-source hardware) Robust, easy to learn/customize robot OS. (Have been using ROS) Wireless com. Am interested in EZ Builder for its ease of use and your controller for its low cost power. The OS will need to handle a dozen DC motors with encoders, plus limits. And, of course everything else such a bot needs to think about. Thinking of trying out your Developer Kit. Do you think it could handle it? Great ideas, product line you have put together. Regards Kenn Danner


I need a stepper motor and controller to turn 2 revolutions and stop with a switch. PayPal


I'd like to build a lawn care bot. One that can autonomously mow, weed/feed, and water.


A robot that will help you clean, and cook, help you with problems (math,difficult situation,etc.) The robot will also help with kids, and help them your kids learn faster than going to 12 years of school.Protect your family from dangers like a criminal. The Robot will be made from the best quality metal materials which will protect the robot wires,etc. This Robot will have a male, and a female bot not just one type, and always be friendly to you and your family, and anywhere the Robot and You go like school, parks, etc. The Robot will detect any health problems in your family, and if you have a disability the Robot will help you with anything you need. This Robot will be willing to play any game you and your family play. Everyone who will have a Robot like this will love it forever!


Create a robot that can play ping pong. Use sensors and computer vision to track the ball. Use motors to move the bot and a racket.


Hello, I am going to start by using your sytem in The Inmoov Robot, before I build my own, Thanks


I don't know if my idea will change the world, but I'm hoping it will help kids with anxiety, especially being there for them when they are afraid.


My robot would be sitting at a table, and it would look down at the objects on that table. It would be able identify the objects on the table: salt, pepper, a can of beer, a knife, a plate a spoon, and carrots on the plate. It would also know the coordinates of each object in 3D space of each object. Knowing that it would reach out and pick up the beer. I think Tensorflow can do some of this already. Microsoft Cognitive vision gives you the objects it sees, but not the locations.


My project idea is to take a current Doctor Who RC K-9 unit and hack it to be more automated, much like the interactive Hasbro R2-D2


A big robot arm that moves around on tank treads. It can get stuff and grab stuff. An outdoor one that can go throughout snow.


I'm a hobbyist tinkerer with intermediate knowlege of C++ who's obsessed with AI and the vessels whom carry their intelligence: the Robot. Like many, I too am working on a home robot companion. I am retooling scrap found from various sources to build a truly unique, almost free-of-charge automaton. Besides building EZ-robot routines using the available AI dev ideas from this site, I am developing a cognitive action model or node which can be cloned and integrated into a "master" control node. What makes each node special is its ability to concepulaze time and therebly create associations and pruning functions for explicitly and implicitly preferred actions and or belief states for maximizing mood. I hope My conceptual diagrams and algorithms make sense-- I always appreciate constructive criticism more to come.…keep ya posted and good luck! This EZ-robot platform is brilliant and a miracle tool set! --C


India is a huge market with population of around 130 million, we would b happy to have indian languages developed in the robotic system so as to market and make awarness in our region. also interested in marketing or can we partner as business associates.Please do reply.If already somebody working please share contact details. thanks Anil Jain AS Bots, Kasarwadi, Pune.411034. Maharashtra,India mb-9822115366


Hello. My idea is not to buy a robot that is already made, instead I want to be able to make on with my ideas. I want a house assistant. One that can recognize objects and people by taking advantage of artificial vision. One that can follow voice orders for different actions and that can aid in house security. It's knowledge would be stored in a data base. I want to clarify that I have a degree in electronics but nothing in programming. I've researched various languages to find one that would best suit my needs and age (I'm a 60-year-old kid, haha). I think I have found the right match with you guys. I hope to integrate some the small projects I have created with Arduino. I would appreciate any help.


I would like the inmoov robot (which I’m currently building) to be able to give directions and also be able to move around and answer the door to visitors. I would also like it to be able recognise when someone is in distress/ needs medical attention and be able to ask for help.


My robot idea is in which a robot could do various functions and also calculate the green house emotions and calculate the carbo doioxide emitions


A robot as was in the movie Wall-E That can help you to clean, whuch can act as a device we can move in our home for secirity check also which could tell if any motion is detected when no one is in the housee, it could be used to remind your reminders and also could connect to your thermostay and oyher iot or smart devices.


(Hi to all) To control a string puppet from above -- perhaps by turning the Six-Hexapod upside down to hold the controller-stick(s) -- and am interested to hear other ideas -- thank you.


I would like to build a learning robot which can learn from the data supplied and understand how to navigate in the house, remember lost items etc


To create a robot that act as a kind companion and friend for kids that find it hard to keep friends while they are growing up.


I'm think having a big tablet to provide visual information mounted on the chest will be a great visual aid for interacting with the robot


hello it would be to know all this full kit for the inmoov robot how much that returns to me .


to make dj able to speak and listen to commands like ''dj find my phone'' then dj will lock on to the signal and find the phone


My dream is to build a smart robot which is based on the artificial intelligence I learned in the university. it's seems hard to achieve it as a beginner, but as an engineer in the future, we need to face the challenge. I extremely hope that future robot can do a lot of things, such as sweep the floor, tell the story, monitor the home, etc. All of above are based on the Speech Recognition and we also can apply Apple Siri onto the robot.

Eric Li

My robot idea is a gps self guided seed spreader. For reseeding pasture land. It's an idea and a start and I'm excited to get started with ezrobot.


Would like to build a home pest trapping robot. It’s mission is basically to come online at night and find the small spiders and bugs that roam the house. It’s missions can have some picture snap shots of what it sees and traps and all of its alerts (bug finds, any sounds, issues, etc that it incurs overnight). It would basically suck the bugs through a small vacuum to a retaining trap and be collected by a human the next day. It may need to realease the trap multiple times depending on weight / size of catches during its online timeframes. I’m picturing a nimble ninja robot with human features for mobility but small vacuum device to consume bugs.


Robot equipped with a detector for cigarette smoke (the kind used on aircraft and in other critical no-smoking zones), also capable of scaling moderate heights to access windows in a residence, and able to simply close them in response to incoming cigarette smoke. It would need to recognize, and interact with, the commonly installed varieties of window closing mechanisms, and have the gearing to apply the high forces required. It would sell well to parents of small children.


We are going to modify a baby Groot with your electronic parts. We want to see if we can also give him AI.


I have some medical conditions which impede my balance and motion/dexterity in my hands and arms, added to this I am deaf and often don't know if I am shouting, talking at normal volume or whispering, hence voice annotation/instruction isn't always a viable work around to this problem. By making the input in the form of a 'gyro-joystick' interim software and potentially computer vision as a confirmation of my actions removing the tremor or spasms from my hands and arms into smoother, targeted motion through a multi degree of freedom robotic arm. Perhaps with the ability in time to automatically change different grips/digits from the wrist of the robotic arm. The option of how such a solution can enhance my life and expand to more tasks could even lead to a commercial product for others with similar conditions or restrictions in their movement. Further down the road it would be interesting to enable the solution to be able to work away from where I am, this would require also require a suitable means of navigating it's way around my home. I would like to gain a better understand the input options, processor functions/responsibility and if in addition to I2C there are RS-485/422 and SPI ports available, so far the documentation I have seen looks to be rather light in detail on these matters. Many thanks, I look forward to learning more about your platform and the development of solutions to assist myself and possible others too.


A robot that can pick up scattered items/toys and can organizee them and keep in an exact storage location.


robot like jd that can go up normal household stairs (maybe "he" already can by doing type of slinky type fall/climb (headstand type roll)). add lidar type vision sensor.


use it as video security to keep things safe around home and keep an eye on whats going on around the home


Not sure if I can step up (or really step down) power from wheelchair motors (12 or 24 v gel) and controllers, to this format. Combo plow, remote presence, irrigation inspection, non-lethal animal removal (paintball gun), security, pull cart with follow me breakout board. All wifi. I could use some help if you know someone. Thanks


Hello beloved ezrobot! I have had it with the other robots, I want your JD Humanoid. Because I'd like to have the spider legs as feet, and the humanoid for the torso, head, arms. That way I could have incredible stability of the spider legs, with 12 inches of torso on top of the spider legs. The regular humanoid head on top of that, with a laser focus seen in smartphones (like the LG G6) for determining how far away an object is with a smaller form factor than your current distance module. Using smartphone parts from the LG G5 phones (a modular lego-like phone I use), you could contract with LG and get the smallest and lightest robot parts you've ever had, with the benefit of a wide industry-leading camera lens and six-axis detection of it's XYZ orientation in space. Many smartphones have incredible sensors, including a FM Radio tuner which the robot could use to communicate in places where its speaker may not work (underwater). So a remote speaker would be easy in that regard. So, with spider legs giving immaculate stability and the humanoid torso giving a friendly appearance, then you can make the already-long arms twice as long. Meaning the initial servo motor would need to be three times as strong/fast. The hands themselves could be twice the size and made of three metal fingers which can be articulated via break lines. There are many robot kits on youtube using cardboard and fishing line to make lifelike hands. Each finger has one fishing line in it, and the fingers are spring loaded so their default action is either wide open or tightly clenched. Tightly clenched is actually better so you can turn off the robot and he doesn't drop that glass of applejuice he's been getting to you. So, regarding interaction with humans. Short of adding velcro to his back so you can physically attach an Amazon Echo Dot (not a half bad idea), he needs a way to automatically interact with the environment. Basically bump-and-go all day long, for 100 hours straight, automatically hooking to a wireless dock when he needs a power boost. And getting a full power charge when he doesn't sense any humans around. Only really moving about in full power mode when there is noise or vibration, so he can look around his environment and make cute vocal sounds such as "Cosmo" the popular toy tractor with imitation emotions. But with your JD humanoid/spider mix, JD could continually take 1080p photos and submit them to Google Images, one photo per five minutes, and vocally (text to speech) say what he's looking at. Because Google Image Search naturally gives text results of what that image is. So, JD Spider/Humanoid would be a nice slow bump-and-go pet of sorts. Not just something to have tethered to a development computer. The world needs a pet, not just a research project. People will research what they fall in love with. Previously I've owned drones, the zoomer chimp bot, the Dobi F8 Humanoid bot which is one of the most advanced robots, but ALL of them have terrible human interaction. I almost bought a NAO Humanoid but he can't move while he's on the charger. What a bummer! I don't want my humanoid robots EVER turning off! It's my child, my pet, an extension of my physical being. So anyway, I'd be happy to share more robot ideas. I notice you guys on YouTube and Facebook. Please let me know if there's a way I can get a JD Humanoid with the Spider Legs attached instead of human legs, if that's possible for a casual newbie like myself with zero programming ability. I'm willing to learn some basic scripting, and maybe eventually a project such as I've been talking about. The old Droid X2 smartphones are free by the boxfull from Motorola, and were one of the first Android phones to have a fast duel core processor with lots of ram. So JD could really use the guts of those phones. Anyway, is there a way for me to get a JD Humanoid for 200 dollars USD? I'm in California so I'm not that far from you guys in Canada. I love your JD robot, and I want to invest in him gradually over time. But I want to start with the humanoid one because that's something I can emotionally bond with. The spider one, I'm not so sure because it has no hands. Thank you for your time! God Bless, Royce Barber Fresno California


We can make a robot similar of that of human in this robot the audio sensor will listen the words and then learn the language or the thing which he will listen will be saved in the memory and next tym in that situation it will react like a human brain does. By this the words which we will say will automatically converted into codes which will be saved in its memory and eye sensor can be use to record the things and iterpret it. By this the robot will have its own brain like humans which will be 10 times faster. By this we can make a learning robot or a robot which will learn every single time. I think this can make a change in the world of robotics. Thank u


I would like a robot that would show curiosity about its surroundings and learn. It would be nice if it would wonder around the house and interact with my friends, family, and my dog.


I would like a robot that can interact with my son who is bedridden he can vocalize but not speak and he cannot push buttons etc. maybe programming that could learn to recognize my sons happy vocal signs and upset sounds and crying sounds, who might then alert me to his mood when negative, could be programmed to ask questions (hey Jason what you laughing at) with numerous responses to (I'm getting Mama, or Ok that's it I'm telling) to yawn when Jason yawns lol cause he does realistic fake ones cause I catch them, and maybe can play a small drum or drum set My son loves loud drumming it makes him laugh, and my son uses one button switch I wire into toys that dance n sing. So maybe he could take robot out of standby or sleep mode with button or vacalising, and hopefully downloadable stories or audible books, my son cannot control any of today's robots and without a vocabulary voice commands are out so to use his robosapien someone has to be controlling it I want something for when I'm busy or in the bath or when he wakes in the night. He usually catnaps a lot and currently the tv is his only option I would appreciate any help at all even if it involves reworking his robosapienX or roboquad


i want to build a robot that can lift and carry heavy weight so that elderly can buy item and put it on the robot.It can walk around and accompany them.i want a robot that can change the health of people with back pain .Using it's camera recognition, it can follows the owner ,hold item using heavy duty actuator.By putting various type of sonar sensor it can avoid hitting walls and other items .It can also be used to lift furniture for less work and no pain ,fast result and it can be control via Bluetooth .I want to help disable people by making it into a movable chair too .Connect to the machine and control the machines movement with their fingers .I hope it interest you guys ,i really think it is different and hope to be able to build it .I don't have any programming experience and would love if you guys could help me figure it out.i love robotics and it has been my passion since as a child .pls help me change lifes.


I am a college lecturer of Information Technology in St Kitts and Nevis. I would like to start a robotics programme here but I would have to have robotic material to do so. This robotic programme would work out to be a method to get students thinking critically and focus on how robots can solve global issues. This robotics programme would function towards a end goal of having a competition that actively engage students within all the schools here in st Kitts and Nevis. This robotics programme would become an annually event. Thank you for your time and understanding.


A robort can can do multiple things like having a vacuum attached to it so that when you ask it it will claen rge foor and play games. It stands at an adult chest hight it can interact with you and a lot more


I would like to see a blend of Solar energy and fuel cell energy incorporated into the robot power.

Teacher Bob

My next robot project will hopefully end up with a small busy robot controlled by a clever computer via wifi, maybe powered by solar energy.

I would like a robot that picks up all the cat toys before the Roomba is scheduled to vacuum the carpet. Between vacuuming runs the robot should randomly relocate the cat toys just to mess with the cats' heads.


Robot to solve math problems through the memory of the specialized references in the field of mathematics and artificial intelligence and has the ability to read pdf and convert them to a written writing understandable to him

mohamed saber

A small bullet proof robot for military and law enforcement that hovers up to 5 feet in the air that detects any enemies of any kind and has a taser or fire arm built inside and also alerts someone of their location.


a robot that can tell what it sees: I want the robot to drive to an object, snap object's picture, send the pic to a nearby machine (CPU offloading), where the machine predicts the name of the object depicted in the pic via its SAE-DNN model, synthesize the voice file for the predicted name, send the voice file to the robot, where the robot broadcasts the voice via its speaker.


Button my shirt, serve me food from plate to mouth, to assist with loss of function due to Parkinson’s disease.

Marko Polo

I'd really like a robot to handle laundry. That would probably be quite a difficult job because it has to recognize how it's holding and folding clothing, but it would sense little more than fabric.


I think of making a robot which is capable of guarding houses. It should fitted with all sensor and the camera quality which is fitted should be better for example if the owner us not in house the robot will take the charge and guard the house. It should give a buzzer if something strange happened. It should be small in size and smartphone controlled and capable of attack in one go to protect the house. Voice command and auto mode should be there. Battery should lasts longer. Fast charge options. If you have any further ideas tell me.


you can put solar panels to charge the LiPO 7.4 V Battery instead of LiPO Battery Balancer Charger.

Virtual Robots

I am a teacher of the visually impaired. A challenge for many students is being able to see and access distance learning media such as notes written or projected on the board, videos projected on the board. Teacher/ student presentations/ demonstrations in front of the room. There are devices with positional limitations that can be placed on the student’s desk to view distance media, but this requires the student to sit in a location without any obstructions between themselves and the board or person they need to see. I would like to develop a robot that could hold a mounted camera with a zoom lens that can be remotely operated (Sony makes several designed to give telephoto capabilities of up to 30x for use with phones or tablets). The robot could be positioned by the student by using the on board camera to move to the desired location for viewing . The arms, or zoom camera mounting on the robot would be adjusted to aim / follow ( with the robotic controller) to view what ever learning activity that the student needs to participate in. This allows the student to sit in any location they desire with their peers and not be isolated, having to sit in a location that best accommodates their viewing needs. This type of technology could be a valuable tool from elementary school through college. It could also be applied to the business world. I an unaware of any device of this type that is available today. Ron


I want to build a robot for the home that can play music, carry drinks, be a security guard and even go up and down the stairs. I also want to be able to control it from anywhere through WIFI. It needs to be tracked and stable. I have lots of designs and ideas written down out.


I would like to make my tomy omnibot 2000 autonomous. Can you please givd me an idea of how much it would cost ? Thank you . Tony

Tony jockey

I'm 10 and I really want to build a robot to help me clean my room! I have a lot of stuffed animals, maybe I can teach it to sort them by color or size.


A robot based not only on hardware functionality and trouble shooting but complex software functionality and troubleshooting of large and complex network and digital voice communications systems. These robots would be placed at all remote communications points with the ability to communicate with each other either through the network or if the network is down communications through the robotics could be accomplished with RF communications. This "long range" RF communications system would need to have access to basic RF base station functionality that is already being accomplished on several other projects. The robots would automatically detect any issues via SNMP traps therefore isolating the defective component and either alerting the need for human assistance or replace the component, program with the proper configuration and fully test the repair upon completion.


I want to add 3 ultrasonic distance sensor in Six. Using these, I will mimic emotions of shyness, fear and aggression. For example if someone is at a distance of around 20 inches, it will wave towards that direction, if something comes closer than 10 inches, Six will start moving away, if something comes closer than 5 inches, it will curl its legs closest to the body.


One of the robots I am working on is a fully 3D printed open source robot that I will share online with all the code, STL files, a list of parts and instructions on how to assemble. At first I wasn't planning on using an EZ-B for this, because I didn't think of it, but it is the perfect controller for this project.


Quisiera construir y diseñar un robot que sea capas de tener un modo imitación con reconocimiento de voz y facial, ademas podrá hablar por medio del modulo de robot EZ y tendrá detalles tales como poder elevarse como si fuese un dron, tener un modo robot móvil que le permita desplazare en superficies planas a alta velocidad y ademas que este levantar el doble de peso que pudiera levantar una persona o almenos un robot de su tipo claro sin que este deje de ser un humanoide, esto con finalidad de enseñarle a través de comandos, módulos bluethooth y wifi que debe de hacer y así mismo programarse para poder desarrollarse en las diferentes situaciones en las que se encuentre.


I use robotics to teach physicians new or esoteric concepts in medicine. Most recently I built twelve robotic r/c based that displayed one of three types of images (bronchoscope, CT, or EBUS- TBNA). The docs had to drive their robot to the corresponding lung cancer node printed on a 30 x 30 ft carpet square. I want to build an interactive display for training docs. I want to use the ez-robotic platform to do it. It would be a self-contained kiosk focusing on one of several procedural tasks, and they will have a robotic "coach" to guide them through this hands-on interactive Virtual Simulation Tour. It will be a little "corny" and "cheeky"... but will encourage the docs to do a potentialy difficult procedure, with a guide, that will have immediate impact on their clinical practice and their patients.


My robot would be a willing test subject for my students' ideas. It could be anything and I want to see what they will create.

Mrs. Rempel

I would like to build upon the SIX platform by first adding another DOF to each leg then add leads running From the battery to a set of "ports" on each side of camera and with color recognition capabilities have six find his way to a custom charging port (color coded of course) when he gets low on power to charge himself up autonomously. Also add an arm with gripper and teach him to pick and place certain colors into certain containers. This maybe a bit ambitious for my skill level but I love robotics and I want to learn this and teach my own creation to do these things! Just being able to afford the parts needed to build him! That's the first big challenge in this build! Haha thank you!


The Anti-Bully Robot! I want to build a robot that acts as a Baod-Guard to every kid so they won't get bullied. So when two kids meet and have these robots, Neither of them can bully eachother! If you would help me, then send me an E-Mail At Tell me weather you like the idea or not. I'm 12, i'm in 5th grade, and i LOVE science! Thank you!


You could quite possibly do a transforming humanoid car hybrid, almost like a transformer, but personalized


Robot that can serve guests visits at home and guard our home and con reply the questions asked and helps in cleaning the home


I am 26, work full time and am a full time college student. I survived a traumatic brain injury and emergency brain surgery five years ago and struggle to keep track of deadlines for school. Luckily they work with me since they are aware of the issue. Doctors appointments are literally impossible to remember. I can set reminders on my phone, but I'll dismiss it and forget. I'd like a robot that I can tell due dates for school and appointments and then be able to ask it what I have due for a specific class or if I have appointments coming up. That would be incredibly helpful.


I’m currently working on a personable, interactive robot with a high degree of autonomy and personality. I have a finalized design and I’m hoping to utilize the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit to bring it to life. Once I have built the robot I plan to expand by adding many sensors with the hope of achieving maximum autonomy. Currently I’m still trying to figure out a way to add a camera so that a homeowner could keep tabs while away.


My robot won't change the world or help humanity, he's simply a robotic Gremlin. I've designed a Gremlin model that utilizes the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit to bring him to life. My Gremlin is 3d modeled and sliced into pieces that can be 3D printed. I've already purchased the developer kit and 3d printed 75% of the pieces (He's assembled , only missing the arms) I've utilized EVERYTHING from the kit except the wheels (they were too large to incorporate into his feet) I need 8 more servos to finish designing and printing his arms& hands. I know it seems strange, but I've wanted a Gremlin ever since the movie and when I heard about the ez robot system I figured I could finally have a Gremlin that I could interact with,even though I am a novice in robotics and not really a computer person. I hope I'll be able to get this work.


I'm creating an InMoov robot named Dimitri for the college I am attending! He'll have face-tracking, object recognition, will be able to move his head and arms like a human can. He will also be able to move his jaw and speak through the EZ robot module.


I would love to make 4 or 5 ft tall robot that knows everything about the new kings james bible,to beable to teach the world about GOD Jesus and the holy spirit,and that could anwser any questions about the bible.


For the Wish-List...I searched for "emoji for ez-robot" and found little to nothing on that subject. B&W, or Color, for that matter, are not that complicated and are, relatively, inexpensive. I don't believe a mouth is needed since a lot of emotion can be displayed with the dot (look left, right, up, down, cross-eyed, blink inquisitively) , a circle (surprise), a caret (the small up-facing arrow on the "6" key), and the two math signs (< and >). The LED's on the existing 18 RGB LED Block aren't laid out quite advantageously enough to pass for what I was hoping to find. The proposed RGB 8x8 Display color-array may have that same issue. A TTL-LCD unit, sized to display both eyes and fit into the existing LED-Block container would be really cool. I expect an LCD display long enough to display both eyes would have an inefficient cost since most of the crystal would never be employed, so, smaller elements, one for each of JD's eye sockets, fitted to a single PCB sized to fit into JD's head-space would be most efficient. It would take a short jumper strap to connect two LCD together (or print it on the board) but the serial code can be demuxed on the board or send parallel with a ribbon. I'm thinking of the imoji expressions used in the film "MOON"...a wonderful depiction of AI emotions, by the way. To that end, I'd like to see color, for sure...Again, I don't believe the mouth is required to express simple emotions. To make coding simpler, a small library of feelings/expressions similar to those used in the COJI would work and they can be on the PCB in a PIC chip. Three wires could enable four library-labels, and four wires could display nine. Your EZ-software looks so advanced, you'd probably do 16 or 32-expressions without a flinch (add that one too, a flinch). Lastly, if the display was round and fit into JD's eye socket, rather than behind the PVC, that'd be most-cool. I'd gladly pay $40 for the pair of elements and the R&D to put'em on my BOT. Thanx.


I have created a smart farmer robot. It can farm the field by best suited seeds. It can sow seeds, water them and also cultivate them. Apart from this it is eco friendly. I named it FarmistoBot.


Estou desenvolvendo um projeto de animatronic educacional, onde se basei em um animal de pelúcia capaz de andar e se comunicar de forma passional com crianças e as estimulando ao exercício e pratica em contagem de números, e algumas frases do dia á dia, literalmente tudo pré programado com uma caixa de dialogo onde frases se encaixam de acordo com a resposta no sistema, gerando dialogo entre maquina e criança mas sem acabar com sua pureza. Literalmente o meu projeto toma como base em urso de pelúcia chamado Teddy Ruxpin, em que cantava uma musica em seu TAPE e movimentava boca e olhos, e isso me deixava curioso e assim resolvi pesquisar a fundo e estou agora depois de muito tempo recomeçando o meu projeto novamente.


My son (5 years old) is building a "robot" with recycled material, like toilet paper tube, popsicle sticks, used sheets of paper, boxes, bottles, etc., and one of this days he cames to me and ask when I will be adding the cables for the robot to move by itself... ??. So, I'm thinking in adding some basics movements to his robot, like moving one arm just up and down, adding wheels, and so on. Now i'm wondering what will he be asking when he is around 10 ??


I would like JD to assist in ordering food by connecting him to our current online food store! "-Jd, put milk on our next order" Also keep track of the familiy calender & guard the house would be cool features.


I'm working on a Weebo personal assistant at the moment. She has been a life saver while I worked as an in-home caretaker for the elderly! She keeps track of my appointments, alarms, daily reminders, pill times, gives me the time on request, makes skype calls when asked, takes pictures, takes videos, watches the house while I'm gone, and more! She is powered by the EZBv4 solely, (No Alexa integration or anything like that) and we're constantly improving. I'd like to see the project able to update my schedule by spoken prompt soon, as opposed to the clunkier manual schedule update I have every Friday. But hey, with Weebo reminding me, at least I'll never forget to update it! All powered by EZB


Where can I get a robot that can drive my car? This robot should only need to be told where do I have to get!!! This robot should be able to: - prevent accidents, - take me to where I need to get, - stay in charge of my car, while I am busy. - drive a car or a truck filled with things to be taken to a customer of my business. Thank you, Raul R. Legaspi


Make a pet robot that can substitute for a real pet- thinking of JD may be an ideal candidate. Pair JD up with AI so that he can respond to you. Responses would be more that something that you can code up. Find if external AI engines can be hooked up to JD's brain so that he can give responses and take action. Kind of like Siri or Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa.


I am trying to build a fully functioning robot that looks like a teddy bear like in the movie "AI" with Haley Joel Osmond. I currently am working on this project using a raspberry pi and and an arduino uno. I am on the part where I need the bear to respond to my sound. but I'm not sure how to translate the sound signal coming out of the raspberry pi in order to get the arduino to move the servos. I stumbled upon your JD robot and thought hey I could use my bears fuzzy fur and dress it on to JD and use the prebuilt software and hardware you guys provide with JD as the skeleton for the bear.


I want to create a robot that take surveys door to doors that can interact with people and ask a set of specific questions and have the ability to determine if they are telling the truth about their answers


I would like to make a drone robot that can do tasks while on the air. It can be ordered iyems and bring them at your disposal


Hi im ben also known as el diablo on the streets i thought of an idea that i wish would come true for someone who might be disabled and cant walk and struggles to get around so i thought how about a robot that has hands legs arms feet a face and that so it could cook for someone who cant cook or cant be able to cook because they are disabled and it could go to the shops like morrisons asda primak ect stuff like that and it could bring you something it could maybe work for you if you cant go to your job or school one day because you where sick or really injured and to drive you around to walk up and down stairs thats one of my ideas i have another idea aswell like what if you could make a robot that works for the police so then the police humans dont die and can stop terrorists so it can go on the field for us humans and then it will be unstoppable no matter what the bad guys wouldnt get away and then two humans can go aswell and take cover behind the robots so they cant get shot or stabbed and then there will be no crimes because people will be scared and wont dare try and blow things up and kill people or steal from a bank the same for the army aswell its like have you ever watched chappie the movie its exactly like that and if we had these two robots then we would be able to help humanity and save a lot of peoples lives and they can talk and communicate with people and can feel feelings so they are like a human but better and more safer and not dangerous at all unless its stopping bad people then its dangerous

El diablo

I have a few robot ideas I would love to make come true. My first one is a solar powered flying creature you can interact with like a pet but is also speaker. He/she flies plays music and can be controlled by your gestures or voice, or the egg can be the speaker and when the dragon sleeps the energy its collected from the sun can e used to charge the speaker. It would be made from recycled plastic. My next idea would be a drone creature that can hover in the air and hold your cell phone so that the Deaf community (and everyone else) can sign to their loved ones threw video chat without the restrictions of wires. I am currently trying to build a small solar powered rc blue tooth speaker dragon that actually flies and tucks its wings when it lands, I can put it around my neck and plug ear buds into it (one ear bud from its tail the other its mouth so it looks like its telling me a secret) The last one in my brain is the have a small drone (fantasy for kids and professional for adults) that can be used as a American Sign Language translator. When the ASL user signs to the drone it will interpret what is being signed into spoken English. I believe that the last one will open up communication and more jobs for ASL users, it will also save lives alot of Deaf people die or other negative things happen simply from lack of communication.


I want to make a agricultural robot in which there are three robots, turbine, a agricultural field, a track etc. Two robots are standing at two opposite side and third robot is on the track and two robots which are on the field supply water by turning the turbine and third robot feed the seeds after completing one column two robots move forward and repeat the same process till completion.


Hello DJ, I am currently building a full size animatronic C-3PO. He has a 3 axis neck gimble (3 servos), two arms that raise up and down (2 geared servos) and a 2 axis waist gimble to allow him to lean forward/back and side to side (2 motor controllers driving 2 linear actuators). He will be stationary on the ground, but am hoping to have the ability to control him via remote, trigger audio sounds, and move all of those articulations. I might also consider adding a camera to his head for a little face tracking. Do you feel that your EZ-robot system could help me control him easier than building something custom out of Arduinos? Appreciate your thoughts. Jamie McShan


A robot that bridges the gap between paper mail and e-mail. My idea is about a robot that can be controlled remotely (via the internet) which can perform the task of opening envelopes dropped in a letter box, scanning their content and sending the images to an e-mail address. Many people who are away from their apartments receive letters in either a special letter-box, each for every apartment, in the entrance of their apartment house or through an opening in the door of their apartment. Now, some may wish to have immediate knowledge of the arrival of any mail and, also, may wish to be able to open each envelope and read its contents. Just seeing the envelopes and where they are from might be solved with the help of a wireless IP camera in combination with some artificial source of light that can be activated remotely when needed. Opening the envelops is an entirely different thing. One needs a mechanism that can pick up each individual envelope, cut it open, take its contents out and either scan them (both sides) or, somehow, make them visible to a wireless IP camera. One can construct two versions, one as a stand alone letter-box or one that is attached behind the door slot (opening) of the apartment.


I'm a teacher in the United States and have used the JD and the rover in my classroom. The kids love them! We would love it if you could include the power pack with the developer's kit so that we don't have to buy them separately. We were planning to print out some 3D parts (thank you for these!) and "mix and match" with student created parts... Also, it would be great if there were some downloadable voices for JD and other robots for purchase on your website.


I don't have an idea that will change the world, but I have two young boys 5 & 7 who have lots of ideas for robots. Most of their ideas are beyond the technical abilities of their dad. However, this is a great kit and this will further their interest and their skills. While we've already built a battlebot and other R/C controlled robots. This will bring coding into out home and introduce it to my boys. As for what they want to build. They saw your video on making the AT-AT walk and Wall-E move. So, with the developer kit we are going to modify an existing toy. But the real world changing project I'm working on is teaching my boys to imagine, make and bring to life their creations. Thanks. Scott


Hi, I would like a robot that interacts with people. I hope you like my idea, would be very good because if you are bored you can talk to the robot for me to your robot JD you would have to integrate the interaction


I would like to see object recognition to the geometry of Qubits Construction Toy. Qubits can easily provide a designed/built environment for the ezrobots. Question is, can the robots actually assemble the Qubits? Even just to position and not snapped together. Looks like it would work together. Qubits are lightweight - 2" x 6"

Qubits Toy

I am a magician. I want to do a card trick, using a robot, where the robot will catch the selected card, by reaching up and snatching one card in the air, when the entire deck gets thrown at the robot. The secret woul work the same way that a trick called "card sword " works.....


Possibility of uploading personality profiles. For example, have 10 basic personalities for different roles. One could be receptionist, assistant, clown, and so on. Each personality who performs big data and consumes API services with different sources and priorities.

Manu de Argentina

This is not a new idea but I want to build the inmoov robot. I did buy the inmoov board but it was too complicated to set up. Too much diy. Then I looked at the ez robot controller and it is a plug n play concept which is awesome


I would create a full human-sized robot to practice chess with, vacuum and cleanup my room, and much more!


I would create a robot to clean/sort my desk, so I could have more time do do homework and make robots!


integrating ezrobot with a segway minipro used for mobility base and power. EZ will provide wi-fi, object detection, camera w/ "follow-me"/tracking feature. Integration will allow for greater remote control range and also control of electronic test equipment being mounted on modified "knee-arm".


robots will be the future of companionship. There will be "love robots", social robots, and information and sensory robots. The application I am building withe EZ robot platform (JD robot) will be the next step of telepresence. It will allow me to remotely leave the robot in an environment and using a smart phone or other internet appliance, have the ability to communicate with the robot while it allows me to "multitask". This will be continued into allowing the robot to manage (based on previous knowledge and experiences), analyze (using cloud based analytics (such as Watson), and allow interaction (with other robotic devices (smart appliances, smart environments, smart cars, etc). Using facial recognition, biometrics, and a uniform interface with sensors (such as SImblee), and using a combination of BLE and WIFI (such as the ESP32 from Expressif), we can integrate these architectures to formulate the next generation of RoS (robotics operation system).


I am making a 6 ft robot out of Robotix parts. This will evenually act to assist my grandma around the house as well as for home protection!


I want to make a robot that could hid kids in understanding moral and also aid their academic in the sciences.


Build a life-size panther that acts as a home security robot. Playful interactions with home owners and children, but an aggressive posture with intruders.

Red Rik

a robot suit which we can wear that will be connected with our body it will help us fly we can have fun with it it will also be for children like a armor and also can be used for maintaining the health of its owner


I think a robot that helps with Lawn will be helpful even better if can be controller with a remote control and a camera.


I am currently starting on my second robot build, a lifesize humanoid robot 100% of my own design. It was inspired by my grandfather, who worked in robotics and technology, and that was an activity we always shared. I want this robot to have an artificial intelligence, facial and image recognition, as well as speech and human - like coordination and dexterity. And EZ Robot seems like the way to go! I already have a prototype for the hand made and it is fully functional, and mk 2 is ready for a quality brain and servos!


Make emotion for robot. 1.When low battery ,robot will slow action in safe mode like man when hungry. 2.when have 2 answer that are all absolute correct, robot will make decision by random that same as human.

Platform villa 201/84 bangna-trad km24 bangsaotong samutprakarn thailand

Hi there! I want to create a friendly, interactive robot with as much autonomy and personality as possible. I'm looking at the Revolution Complete Kit, as this kit will allow me to mix and match different parts. I also intend on adding as many sensors as possible with the hope of achieving maximum interaction and autonomy with its environment. Remote monitoring would allow me to let the robot "stand on its own"!

Dr. Richie

I would like to make a "Robot Butler". This robot will balance and walk upright. It will scan for items left on surfaces that match visual patterns of eating-utility (paper plates, empty-cups, plasticware, napkins), and upon command would gather them up and drop them into a known-location (or tagged) trash container. It could also pick up tagged items that can be delivered to flat table-surfaces in the same room, similar to somebody serving drinks or food to people. It would also answer calls and talk to the caller to ask to take a message, based on the owner's current activity.


I hope one day my son will be able to build the robot of his dreams. He loves robots, building, legos, all of the energy needed to really be great. But, kits like these, lego's mindstorm, koov, WeDo, are great for parents with $150-$600 to buy toys. I hope to build robots that help break that class divide that just seems to grow and grow. A fantastic idea; a mountain to climb.


Hi, I want a robot that follows me around, stops when I do, turns when I do until I tell it to stay put while carrying my toolbox. Can I build one using your platform? Or else could you point me in the right direction? Thank you.


Will be using the controller to run a full Scale astromech droid R2D2. I plan on using the droid for charity events within my community such as the John's Hopkins childrens hospital in Saint Pete Fl.


excuse me I want to make a robot that helps people to do exercises at home to give people a lot of needs please help me and accept the idea


I want a robot that cleans my whole house, such as wash clothes, fold clothes and put them away, wash dishes and put them away. prepare healthy meals, help my kids with homework, help my kids study, cut my grass, kill unwanted pest such as bugs/ rodents, inform the police for burglars and vandalism, give me updates on my bill's, schedules and workout coach.

Lady T

I am going to upgrade an old Omnibot 5402 with modern functionality. Since my girlfriend and I are not experienced programmers, and ez-robot offers so much, we plan on using ez-robot for everything. The Developer kit looks awesome and will get us on track to making our little robot a kinda pet, kinda butler personality. after reading Markz' reply, I also definitely him to be able to read recipes out for me.


I would like to develop the ezrobot to cooking stuffs.Ask the robot for recipes..


I am a robotic design engineer for a manufacturing integrator in St. Louis. I am building a robotic AT-AT to teach local students and about servo, stepper motor and linear actuator control - on the world's coolest platform. Hopefully more recent graduates will join me in manufacturing!


Hi there, I always dreamed of building a fully customizable and programmable robot. EZ JD robot is very similar to what I am thinking of. Yet, my robot idea is to make a bigger robot, fully covered so no wires can be seen outside its body. Also, I am thinking to make it more interactive and even capable of interacting with human emotions. I think robots should be able to do work instead of people such as controlling smart homes, caring objects. Finally, the most important expected behavior by a robot is to behave by itself and talk to people by itself anytime. I am going to buy EZ JD robot as a start to study and learn more about robotics.


Hi How are you? The controller looks awesome! I've been plotting away on a kondo KHR-3HV robot for years and its been a slow and painful process (mainly because i done speak Japanese). I've connected it a raspberry pi but it chew though battery fast and is not an easy connection. Id like to use the ezrobot controller to run the servos directly. Ultimate Goal to to make a gir robot (invader zim). Who wants a helpful robot companion when you can have a taco loving one :)


A robot who can track your schedule and wake you up when it notices you are going to be late to something


Would like to build one of your robots, but add a remote microphone, so can monitor audio and video remotely, and add navigational mapping, so robot can act as your remote security guard.


I am building an R2D2 life size so this should be great to control and expand it.


Nothing terribly original about this idea... at all. I would like to replace my supervisor with an identical humanoid, robotic likeness. While he/she seems to be efficient at inconsequential tasks, higher order thinking is absent. Further, although some leadership talent is visible and, perhaps, admirable, there still remains the need for them to do exactly as they're told. Can't think of a better application of this technology. One can only dream...


Hello, The last years I have been designing and developing several robotic platforms. These are projects that are made with 3D printing and some lasercutting (prototypes are already working on Arduino and pololu microboards.) I'm adapting my machines so they can run with EZB. I want to give them an easier user interface. - Buratino: 3d printed - 50x50cm humanoid robot with 23 axis of movement (full of heavy torque servos). (Arms - torso- head) Buratino will need motion tracking with EZB camera and speech recognition. - Prosthetic underarm: 3d printed - 25 cm - 6 axis of movement (fingers and rotation underarm) Part of a research project, operated by myo band. Runs on EZ builder. Will build next,updated prototype with an EZB4.. - Basilio: 3d printed - 45cm walking robot with 26 axis of movement, (arms, torso legs and head). Basilio has external potmeters on all joints, I will need to find a way to connect the position data of the potmeters to the movement of the servo. In that way the robot can remember in which position you place him (posing the joints by hand) and translate this to a motion frame. EZB can possibly do this, not sure.. it is running on Pololu maestro and RPI now and has trouble being controlled. Need to find a solution... Like to have it running on the EZ robot platform too. - Tappie: 3d printed robot covered with fabric upholstery - 45cm with 5 axis of movement (arms - eyeballs). Runs on EZB4. Tappie is being used in a project on a school. The children (8 -11) can show Tappie cards with QR codes and he responds by telling a short educational stories. This project has a large soundboard with custom made soundbites does motion tracking, speech recognition and QR tracking. The EZbuilder interface makes it possible for teachers to easily operate the robot while in the classroom. This robot has a more simple architecture and might also be suitable for a building workshop at a school in the future. I am still debugging some issues in the EZbuilder but am very happy with the way it performs! Will make a more advanced Tappie using the Ez robot platform. The described projects above I designed and printed myself, if you would like to see photos and little films of their performance I would be happy to send you some documentation. I have been building these things in my free time on a small budget, so any help is welcome!


Robosapien power up= can recharge, battle any robots, be a friend for companionship.


to have a video recorder and micro phone to hear and see what is going on and one that can go on water like a boat


A charging dock for Roli. Autonomous navigation that would map a room and when battery charge dropped to 20% Roli would proceed to charging dock.


A.i.wrighting devices or tracking system installed within my Smart intelligence brain autopilot downloading best way to fixs and repair for human on earth as well as Angel in heaven and as well as demons in hell find balance and separate law to were they need to be?


I wanna make a robot that can be a companion. I would print the chassis at my school on a 3d printer and make the body and head from cardboard and plastic. I would use the rgb eyes to give the robot expressions and the developers kit for the parts. My robot's name would be Harlow Ravi.


My daughter wants to program a robot to recognize her brother and tell him to go away whenever he goes into her room. Figuring out how to arm it with a nerf gun would probably be her second project.

Canadian mojo

I would want a iron man suit that really flies and has a on board computer so you could tell it to bring back up robots to help you save a person from a fire.


I would like to see a water resistant robot that can be place inside a fish tank and cleans the fish tank 24x7. I would also like to see a robot that can integrate the functionality similar to Amazon Echo or Google Home, but better privacy protection, ie. not listening until activated or called upon.


How about a Security Robot with Taser, Security can maintain a safe location to control the robot and in effect still protect the premises... Of course would be equipped with normal camera, sound, voice with a body possibly arms? the body would need design to avoid tipping over easy either by terrain but also any would be intruder. I feel it would allow security officer to avoid the dangerous first encounter, that is mystery as to if intruder is aggressive or extremely dangerous . There are times when the security camera's are not enough!


Hi, I would like to build Wall-E as my I/O electronic pet :) and next project will be (smart) ABB manufacturing robot or inteligent vacuum cleaner. But first I need to learn how it works and the features of the EZ Builder. I am thinking about AdventureBot as my first purchase. Thank you all in EZROBOT team, exellent job.


A quadruped robot with a camera that can climb stairs, play your voice, and connect to a server, so that you can interact with your pets from work


I think these robots can be used to study. Students can make a set of directions that have questions, and when the voice recognition hears the right answer it will dance! After students try this, they can think of other applications for voice recognition and try their own project!


Stair climbing 100% autonomous robotic vacuum that cleans animal mess, no one has done this yet. I will admit it's very tricky but i'm sure it can be done! : )


I've been trying to put together some ideas for a robot that would be next to your front door with a head - eyes - action features like a moving mouth - eyes that oscillate hooks up to our phone. I'm sue by now there have been several ideas. Yours? Mike


At-St. Design a different style of servo or run bevel gear 90 degree at the knee with standard servo. Make it look like the movie. Home security robot. Other idea was a worm gear at the knee spring loaded to absorb shock. Biggest setback is figuring out needed rotational speeds. Servo in the foot, cylinder servo for ankle, circular servos for knee and hip.


Hello, I'm looking to implement automated drone technology with your EZ-robot design to ultimately create a floating robot companion that can deliver small items to its user. additionally, I would like to program the robot to track its users geo location via a smart phone app so that the robot will know where to deliver the items it picks up. I believe that I can utilize your robot technology with a developing automated drone technology to build a robot companion that anybody would love. - Jared Fellows


I plan to use EZ robot to create a more exciting environment inside the vehicle. I will use the intelligent Computer Vision Software in combination with sensor input and create intelligent actuated outputs that will stimulate passengers in the vehicle.


We are researching and working in this area already, but robots have a big potential in education, and we are focussing in education for children with any kind of special education needs.


well am sure your had this idea before but i would love to see dragon , that has wings 4 legs tail and head main form, they come from legends from around world as ageless as time its self and then from myth to realistic forms in movies and book ,statues ,cartoons soft plush toys as dragon it has idea to fly and also idea to walk ,or run ,or jump , but as robots go it would need be light but strong when it lands so doesn't crash or sound a thump also as stands on 2 legs to help leap and fly of ground as power goes i would build each leg could hold recharge power i was thinking of how some phones can charge by placing on pad so you can make all 4 legs charge also me battery in main body me be for extra boost also with rotation of tail too to move as would like a snake but be part of tail also head of dragon and neck movement now i would love if had like claws that would work as real lizard dragon so theirs plenty out there to study as for recharging pads for feet and me be body i would to it as 4 or 5 pads that would be like portable frame that could be extended out or in to save space so be like this dragon when getting low would get to pads with right senor would make pads expand or collapse down then dragon would walk onto the pads and lye down then recharge done can com alive , then the pads can flip up or recline inwards to hide ,...that one way be other is 1 big pad thats in form of like wee or large dog basket . so dragon could would my pet .. like dog or cat but with idea to fly it playful like robot dog or robot cat or like the Dino robot,...leaping and jumping and gliding wings flapping so lots to make into working form ....


Build JD and program it to track my dog and give it various commands. Basically an intelligent playmate that he won't eat.


Hello, I am a student from Germany, who would like to study computer science. For my first robot I would like to build one that's not too big and can sit on my desk. I would want the robot to be a language assistant, so that when I do my homework and have questions I would not always have to use my phone. So basically I would like it to read out at example the information from wikipedia to a topic I am telling it. It also would be really useful if I could at the same time use the robot as a light source, so I would like to include a lamp in it. I don't know in what way I will be able to build this robot, but I will try.


Hi there, I see a lot of different models of EZ robot, love them all but why isn't there a complete and working Robot arm? I have multiple sets of EZ-Robot Developer and would love to build a working Robot arm that can do thinks like make a drawing and stuff like that, kind regards Marcel


My dad and I would like to build a diy octopod using your EZ-B v4/2 controller and 16 servos to mimic a daddy-long legs spider (Pholcus phalangioides), with the front legs acting as sensing legs. With 2 degrees of freedom per leg, we are thinking of using thin fibreglass rods for the legs connected to the servos on the body. A joystick remote, streaming video, and someday integrating LiDAR would be the great. Any hardware advice would be welcome.


As a developmental pediatrician, I am currently studying the use of interactive robots for improving social interactions and communication skills in developmentally disabled children. The versatility and ease of use of JD makes it the perfect tool to help children learn appropriate interactions by modelling behaviors. The programmable LED eyes, sound playback and programmable actions make it the perfect tool! I am excited to utilize this in my practice. Keep up the good work!


I am still a student but i want to make a robot which will cause a revolution. Me and my friends want to make a robot that can travel in space with much intelligent software to travel at the speed of light, capable of making its own decedents from the matter found on other planets and for mankind enable our living there and create a technology by which we can travel millions of kilometers with the blink of our eye.


Dear Sir/Madam Hi We are conducting research on cognitive systems and want to use your robot Humanoid JD for demonstration... Our group Intelligent Machines and Robotics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Campus has been working on cognitive architectures since 2006. It would be greate if you would allow us few discounts.... Regards Syed Tanweer Shah Bukhari PhD Scholar COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Lahore, Pakistan


I will build a robot to go to the first mission to mars and help the astronauts with their daily routines outside their capsules just in case if they can not get out. It will be in the human form.


I am planning on building a Robot withe the Developer Kit that is capable of elimunating evil baloons with a laser. Furthermore he will be able to move and navigate by itself an eventually to clear/pick up things in his way too!


A robot that can harness the energy from the sun via solar panels. Perhaps this can be achieved through some sort of add-on to one of the boards already available. I think this would be usefull for those attempting to make agricultural robots.

Jesse James

We could have robots that would fight wars for us and our troops could be back home controlling them with their phones. So people would not lose loved ones in war we could just send robots to fight them for us.


We are a surplier of hydraulic die cutting machine,and a leading manufacturer in hydraulic cutting machine,die cutting press,clicker press,leather embossing machine,serving for leather,foam,sponge,plastic blister packaging,EPE,EVA,sponge,car accessories industry,and so on. Welcome to our webside know more about us,give me a chance to have a pleasant cooperation with you.


modify the AR parrot drone 2.0 to scan the QR codes to ensure accurate drone deliveries


Hello .... ???????? I from the north region of Iraq .. I am 27 years old... I have an innovation in the physical science I have started  on a project from 2008, which is a robot innovation   the project is about innovating a robot, called The Soul Of Robot  I can create a system for Robot ,  I have studied and explored a new system for a robot, when this system is activated and sat up on my Soul of Robot project , then it can  explore the energy in the universe and obtain that energy  and I can create this system for sky ship. I can explain my project scientifically more in detail at the right time when its necessary I want to contact with some companies of Robotics... to continue my project.. My Gmail \ My phone \ 009647702221354


I am starting the build of a full size robot on a powerchair base. It will have an extendable torso, and two arms with 4 axes, and of course a head to give it a human like look. Its primary purpose is to roam the house and amuse my friends and family. The design will allow the robot to grasp items from the floor, and reach high enough to pick or place items on a countertop or table. Some day it will fetch me a beer from the fridge. Primary construction will be of 1/2" plywood, with an array of scrap automotive motors and sabertooth drivers to drive the axes. The brain will be the ez-bv4 module utilizing a serial connection to the drivers.


I would love to see the robot have a multi-step code programming that will have a function to choose what is best to do in that problem or situation that robot has to solve. (Ex.: Step 1 Code: //as.vex/* Step 2 Code: //as.hex/* Step 3 Code: //as.lex/* ) These examples is just an example that is give to support my idea on the multi-step code programming.

Richard Rick

Search and rescue I would love to create an robot, that would search for lost people inside an GPS grid. The search could have been done with heat sensors, ir sensors and software. When an object was found, it would send the GPS coordinates.


I want to use a robot in a mobile stem lab. I would the robot to be able to greet guests, give introductory remarks to upcoming lessons, that can take and show video, take and show stills.


My rad robot uses the Android /google store paranormal investigation apps but is still only radio controlled with remote video from a tiny wireless cam,radio control distance must remain close(out on the driveway in a van with robot exploring rooms in house) my idea is to try ez b as controller for longer wi-fi distance control and video.I looked at raspberry pi but Linux programming looks difficult and I want to use my cylon vocoder in my windows laptop.used in paranormal investigation groups and hoping to try that kinect camera ez robot app I just saw! Also to use at my cottage for night to scare away racoons,skunks with scairy rad-bot,LOL!---------

robo rad

hey, i want to make a fully controlled robot, that follows my movement. that going to be controlled by GSM shield, internet or Bluetooth so he just repeat what i do, I should be wearing gloves, shirt and leggings that are full of sensors it reads my EMG (electromyography) and convert it to the machine language and send it to the robot so the robot convert that line of data to movements same as my movements. if that kind of robots are already available, from were can i buy it? help me please it is my dream :(

LM robot

I am hoping to build a robot that can do weather readings. It needs to be mobile so it can take readings at various locations and stream the data back to a computer collection and analysis system.


My idea is a hedgehog robot that has a camera on it. When you touch it it moves away. It can be security for your house because it's small and unnoticeabble. You can control it with an iOS or android device. Lastly you have laser fights with other robot hedgehogs.


I plan to build security robot that will detect/track motion and will have an airsoft turret too!


I hope to build a robot that will assist with tasks in the home garden. Harvesting, weed monitoring / management as well as pests. I love the open license nature of these projects and hope to contribute to the effort.


Hello; My project of robotics consists in developing a robot for my son autistic, he love my first small robot (created with Makeblock + Raspberry pi). Eventually, I would like that my robot can work in autonomy with my son and that I can watch at any time via his camera and see if all go well with my smartphone. That he can warn me in case of fall or in case of danger, that he plays with him and sings him songs. My project is named Coldann, living in France I would have high enough postal charges to be paid and consequently I shall wish to realize a large order with all the necessary rooms for the development of my robot, if need for more information to contact me thank you. French: Bonjour, Mon projet de robotique consiste à développer un robot pour mon fils autiste, il adore mon premier petit robot ( créé avec Makeblock + Raspberry pi). À terme, j'aimerais que mon robot puisse fonctionner en autonomie avec mon fils et que je puisse à tout moment surveiller via sa caméra et voir si tous se passent bien avec mon smartphone. Qu'il puisse me prévenir en cas de chute ou de danger, qu'il joue avec lui et lui chante des chansons. Mon projet est nommé Coldann, vivant en France j'aurais des frais de port assez élevés à payer et par conséquent je souhaiterai réaliser une grosse commande avec toutes les pièces nécessaires pour le développement de mon robot, si besoin de plus d'information me contacter merci. Coldann


Robot Butler / robot waiter that automates the dining experience. Customers can order ahead and then a the robot can bring the guest to the seats. Food would come out according to the flow of the meal.


Hi, im searching a outdoor robot all terrain with caterpillar or with 4 big wheels (with 4 servo-motores), with camera (with IR lights) that can see on my computer or mobile phone on a app, and that can control it with a joystick/control command or by mobile/PC with any interface control/app. Communication by wifi/Wlan, long battery life (lipo) that can easily remove to change for a new battery already charged on a IMAX B6 for example. Not very big and not very small about 30cm of lengh. Speed velocity about 10 to 15cm by second. Need a kit that can be easily to mount it, with a budget no more than 300€. thank you


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I just wanna make a small robot . If anybody's hare to help me then it will be pleasure. Please help me


I would love to make a robot from overwatch his name is bastion. The main problem is his limbs and part need to be 3D printed. I don't have a 3D printer. It would help a lot if someone could help.


I want to build a robot that can shovel the snow , mow the grass , weed wake, and even water the grass if it could . All just by changing attachments on it but you could control from inside the house either using a PS4 controller build with a screen on it or your phone . Also the robot could be built to also do other things


A robot that could wrestle or fight with other robots, but is safe enough to use in your living room


My dogs are very important to me. I would love a small robot that could sense and follow their collars, and record them while I am away. I would also love a way to send messages to my robot, that would speak to them.


A robot that can help with light chores like dusting and picking up things then putting them where they belong.


I want JD to take a still photo of the room, me or family and save it. Then it can project the photo on the table or wall. I saw robi humanoid do this. I want my future JD to do the same and give Robi some competition. Thank you sincerely.


I want to make a robot for a house life I would call him IMO my robot well help the family in all it's activities he well control all of the house tools like the lights alarms even watch all the family health and place by GPS and I have been thinking in VR device to watch the kids at home from work


I recently watched a bucket truck and two city maintenance trucks, along with 6 workers, changing a street lamp in my city. Took them over two hours, and they blocked a lane of traffic in a very busy shopping district. Seemed like a tremendous waste of man power and equipment, when all that would be needed is a pole climbing bot with enough dexterity to open the lamp housing and replace the bulb. I'm thinking about building a prototype of some sort that could be scaled up to manage this task.

Better Tomorrow

A inflatable robot for medical assistance which helps people and is caring. It should be electromechanical and peace robot


Please do read and accept, it would really make my day. There is a new horror game called Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location, and I thought that it would be really cool if there were robots that look as if they were from the game. The characters are Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy, Ballora, Funtime Foxy, 3 Bidybabs, 4 MiniReenas, And on Freddy's hand is BonBon! Please do reply or email me I really wan ima a nerd I knowt this to happen!


a voice recognition robot that can respond to commands and facial and object tracking using a camera


I want to develop a robot which can be useful in managing the garbage on the streets in INDIA , collecting and gathering to a place where dustbin is located.The robot will be designed for a particular area to be clean the idea was to initate Swacch Bharat abhiyaan .And as per my analysis my robot can be best possible with this type of controller.


Elevator I would like to have my robot to help people learn electronics by making an elevator model, With doors that open and close, more than 3 levels ... etc.


I would like to have my robot to help people take no sleeping pills, and help elderly folks with all-day chores . Nock


A robot that has the capabilities to monitor my house for security, fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and other hazards. At the same time be able to monitor my house outside by linking to thermal cameras and determine if there are any emergencies or issue that need my attention. Also, to be able to data log and video log all status like temp, humidity, barometric pressure, compress video, and other information and review it real time on my device of choice i.e. Android Phone, tablet, pc, and laptops. The system should also be able to track my family devices with GPS and location software providing a high level of security and when they are not were they are suppose to be a warning is sent to all your systems. Then you can determine next steps or actions to take.


Making an Elevator of many levels. With a for a door that open and close at each level reached, just like a regular elevator. Will be very educational specially for students whose interested in electronics and mechanics.


A bi ped robot doing things that bi ped robots have been unable to do so far. And it will be a great pleasure to do with my kids.


Mixe jd with some car like robot and I have one question ? how to open ez software on laptop


I would like to use a couple of robots to track and play with cats. I plan to use it to entertain our 9 bengals and would like the robots to share a map of the house and know the location of fixed objects


Companion for special needs, elderly, disabled, etc ... that are not allowed pets (talk to, care for, etc ...) , need a little help with seeing, light chores, security, safety, etc ...


I purchased several of the JD Humanoid Robots for my classroom to encourage more girls to learn how to code. They just didn't seem interested in the "battle bots" but found the JD realisticly imitating human behaviour. They love them. I would just request that the EZ Robot site have some learning resources for teachers to use such as challenges at different levels of difficulties that students can achieve without me having to create these myself. I do love the tutorials that you provide and these are every simple for students to follow on their own to build the robots and also your great coding site. Thanks. Marg


Hello, I would like to design my own robot vacuum. For starters I'd like to develop a robot that can first map out a room, then navigate around it using my own algorithm and later recognise that room. Later on I'd like for the robot to be able to navigate across obstacles like stairs, recognise people's presence, notice changes in a room while still knowing it's the same room, move stuff around with his hand, scare away my cats etc.. I am 26, fluent in C# and am very interested in this stuff. Please help me choose the best parts or a kit to get me started properly. Thank you!


I would like for my 2 sons to have these robots so I can maybe work with them in building them. My youngest is a software Developer and wants to experiment with it. My oldest is a high-school teacher and wants to have it help teach music. None of us has had any experience with robots. Thanks, Bill


I would build a robot that could be with My co- workers so i can work from remote.


I want to create a robot that can follow me around and help me learn how to program better. I would love to have something that could do this and found that ez-b is the easiest way to make this a reality.


I want to create a robot that can follow me and help me in simple tasks while providing entertainment and something to do. I have found that the ez-b is really the only way to do that.


I think a robot more like a rover for mars to set things up for human life, education wise I would be a exploration robot you could use to test out here and learn about the treasures that lay in space


Robots need to be available to everyone to run manufacturing, clean, help with businesses, build homes, etc. I am working on a robotics solution that goes back to first principles. A $2k robot with the agility and strength of a 12 yo. When you consider the darpa robotics challenge robots cost $1m to $2m dollars and consume 15kw to run this would be a tremendous leap forward. Material lighter and stronger than bone, muscles lighter and stronger than human muscle, sensing and a nervous system faster than people. Bamboo is cheap and stronger / lighter than bone. Twisted polymer is stronger and lighter than muscle. The goal is to open source it and change the world.


I'm trying to finish my robot platform that will roam around my house and give me a remote platform to take care of my dogs when I'm away from home. I already have had it running with a ezb 3. I need to up grade to the newest board.


I would like a robot to communicate with my daughter when I'm not home: to help her with the homework, to entertain her with music and jokes, to call me on the phone when need. Therefore the robot needs to have GPS communication, internet connection via WIFI, connection to music streams, camera and pandora bot. It would be great to have also some IOT connection with sensors for air quality, the temperature to inform us (via GPS).


I Think That It would be fun and good to have a robot maybe either tracked or spider legged that had the ability to patrol a set area like a radius or a path and had facial recognition software with some kind of projectile shooting device, something along the lines of an airsoft gun maybe even gas powered. Thank You ~Ethan G

Ethan Greenall

I would like a robot that can communicate to any one and say any kind of word in the world even other languages like: African, Japanese or Chinese.


As a fan of the many "ghost hunter/paranormal" programs...I would build the ultimate autonomous ghost-hunter bot. Equipped with ano array of sensors etc. This both would allow for extended coverage of the investigation area.


I would like a robot that using a different array of sensor it could function on its own when the owner was not in control of it and can recognize different hazards such as walls, obstructions, humans, etc. and could have a mini vacuum like the Roomba to vacuum at different times when commanded. Things like that


My idea is to use a microphone and speaker to let the robot listen and respond to my commands


My robot idea is a robot security system for the entire household. It would have the owner's profiles and speech patterns so entering a key code would be optional.


To have the robot Sealcoat a driveway no human need by self brushing the material on to the pavement


My Roli Rover mod is going to avoid obstacles, answer my questions and move simple objects... like slippers or shoes. It will also replay MY voice to my dog to tell him to stop trying to eat it :)


OK SO, I have very simple idea which is useful to make our guest surprise. so the robot design is actual biped or humanoid robot i mean JD Humanoid robot which has camera for face tracking, now put that robot on our drawing room table so when guest are come in our home first our robot track their face ask there name and profession who they are in relation of its owner and then robot ask them about their work,about their children how life is going on and basic simple question which we normally ask to others in our day to day life.


Can you provide a human like robot developer kit? such as fingers, backbone, leg, head


I would like to make a robotic DSLR panoramic vr head that is easily folded up to make for easy travel. It would also be modular. The big annoyance I have with today's tech is that everything seems to be disposable rather than upgrading an old part. Also if something goes wrong with the electronics or mechanics, I would like to be able to remove that part, and clip a new one into place.


Hi I'm a french software engineer and i 'm very impressed by ez products. I plan to build a robot able to self locate and move in my house ( for example able to react to commands like "move to the center of the kitchen" and interfacing it with a VR headset .


A robot that can turn on the coffee maker timer and power switch, and alert me on twitter when the coffee is done brewing.


A robotic baby monitor. This would allow you to talk and see your child, to check if you need to go into their room and check on them. This would also have a learning algorithm that can alert you to the severity of the problem. This could be based on movement, heat, level and pitch of sound. It could also have the ability for the child to interact with the robot.


My son is autistic (and registered disabled), and struggles with communication BUT finds technology things easy to focus on (such as a games console) - I've never built a robot but I have a background in commercial programming. Autistic children (by definition) struggle with emotion, recognising emotion and communication - I think it would be possible to bridge that gap using something which goes through that same development and learning process in parallel to the child. My son doesn't acknowledge emotion in people, but he would (I think) demonstrate sufficient focus in something like a robot to learn emotions by way of lights and sound, and that may serve as a bridge to understanding the same emotions in people. If something like this could be done then we are members of an autistic group in our town and it would just be 'interesting' in whether something like this would have wider appeal - Not for profit - but as an aid to help others in a similar position.


Building a wifi surveillance bot to monitor house in side and out with a charge dock, mini johnny 5 and full size johhny 5 robot that will be fully fuctional thanks to your modules. I'm great add hardware, but lack the knowledge on the software front and these ez-b's will help.


Segway style robot that can avoid obstacles and follow me with a camera and still be interactive


I propose a robot able to translate a dog by the number of barks. For example when my dog ??is hungry he barks twice, or when he wants go to the garden barks three times, makes the EZROBOT open an automatic door via wif and much more...


A 2 legged robot that can kick soccer balls. This could be used to compare robot life to human life in seeing whom can kick the ball further.


Add an SPO2 sensor to the robot so that it can wirelessly take the Oxygen level of patients.

I would like to develop an interactive real robot aimed at younger children. Using sensors It will protect itself from the younger kids. For example if a child pulls an arm too hard the robot will ask it to stop and explain why not to pull its arm and how it knew its arm was being pulled. The robot would have various methods of control including voice commands, and have some type of interactive game.


I am doing a Masters in AI in Education. We know that children react well when they see interactive Robots as it helps keep their attention. I want to use a EZ-Robot to annotate the teaching signals and provide encouragement feedback when they answer.


I'm lazy in cooking, so I would like a robot that can cook many kinds of delicious food for me.


Would like to develop my inMoov to be able to use as a tele-presentation bot. MPU6050 Sensors would translate movement from the wearer to the bot in real time. The cameras from the eyes would relay information to the controller, while voice and gestures would be returned to the bot.


I am president and founder of Kitsap CREATE (Computers, Robotics, Electronics, Art, Technology Enthusiasts) I would like to embed your controller in an exisiting platform for our next show. The platform can be seen on my YouTube channel "Scruffman2001" called GardenBot. I'm currently using RoboRealm as the interface (bulky). Based on your controllers flexibility, i plan to re-purpose my GardenBot. your thoughts! Best, Doyle


I have a very energetic dog, and would like to create a robot to guide my dog around a walking path in my local neighborhood in an attempt to tire/entertain the dog (the dog wants walks multiple times daily) . The issues so far has not been the navigation or range of the robot on a "typical walk" as much as obstacle avoidance and controlling the dog when it encounters another person/dog.

junk sale

I currently teach high school and college robotics, starting out with Lego NXT Mindstorms. I would like to integrate the EZ-Robot JD Humanoid Revolution Robot into the program and have it interact with the NXT system to "Operate Autonomous machines" Students would design things like conveyor belt stamping machines or other equipment and the JD can "operate the equipment"...interacting with it. I would also attempt to have the JD "operate" NXT type moving robots...possibly sitting upon one and operating it.


Well bare in mind I am only 12 so this might seem far fetched but an entertainer robot/animatronic (sorry for spelling errors). Like maybe at a restaurant they can perform well that is if you can make them bigger... hey could take special requests like if it someones birthday and they could also double as the security at night and day. If a kid is deppresed their parents could talk to the robots if the kid looks up to them to incurge them to keep going and not give up.


An affordable heavy duty robot to inspect tight spaces under homes and in attics.


A servo driven human-like small robot that can copy the motion of my son who wears a black shirt with special color dot maker. That way, my son would have a dancing partner when he plays Just Dance on Xbox.


This may sound corny, but the idea is to help the first generation of kids that have never known robots to not exist, and be able to buy them for personal use, learn to build, design, develop, debug and bring their ideas to life.


Robot to inspect the shoreline during the international Coastal Clean Up held each fall that can identify heavy concentrations of trash that needs to be cleaned up and logs its location with the data updated to NOAA.

Mike F

I need to create a humanoid robot to help people in hospitals. So that patients get more benefits


A tiny spider robot that can climb onto your food, detect any bacteria on it and eliminate the bacteria.It would also be really cool if it could get rid of little bugs too.


My goal is to take Ezrobot to my class at school with 10 year old students. He will help me great the students every morning. Shaking hands or give a high five. Saying hi to everyone personally by mentioning their name and looking them in the eyes. He will tell us who is missing. I hope I can program all the mooves, face reckognition, remembering a namelist. Kind regards Carmen de Bruijckere Teaching in maths, physics and programming at Runbackaskolor in Stockholm, Sweden


An animatronic Creature to interact with people at festivals, and conventions. talking to customers and entertaining children and adults alike.




I'm thinking of making a "knowlege bot". A robot which would have a large database so it could answer almost any quistion you would ask it. Eventually, it could also read E-books and play chess or draughts on a speacially adapted board.


I think of a robot that can remind people that it's time for taking medicine . Because it happens many times that people forget to take medicine . It should also know exercise or yoga steps so that people can do them at there home easily.


A robot to help people with donwsidrom so that they can play sports and more


My robot idea is Clutch, a 3 armed stationary robot with a rotating base and 3 arms aligned in an equalatteral triangle position looking from the top view. My hope is to create the first arm using a Dev kit and 3 servos arm to start with. It will be able to sense the presence of and object within each claw and will as the name suggests clutch the object and hold it in place. Clutch would be able to hold up to 3 things and is able to hand back the item held via voice command. It would have commands used corresponding with Arm 1, 2, or 3. Even all three if it is supporting a bigger object. This robot would be very handy for an office helper, display holder, jewelry keeper, flashlight strobe, and all sorts of uses in household, office, or work environments. A rover chassis is most recommended if this robot is to be mobile since a rover will keep the robot level. Thank you for reading this idea, I will pursue creating Clutch overtime to help with my daily tasks.


i want to build a life size modular humanoid robot. with weapons modules , omni wheel base ,tread base a vr system to see whats going on and five fingered hands and last but not least a control suit system all powered by ez brain. thank you for listening Signed Droid 101

droid 101

I want a robot that can help me with the jobs I need to do like chores, homework, and even dance with me, I would love a robot that can clean up after my dogs for me. this robot will play with my brothers, even go to sleep with me... I could have a best fiend to do everything with me all the stuff I do not want to do.. the robots name would bee KAYLA. It will be me twin the own I never had.


Add self docking charger to Roli... similar to what a Roomba vacuum does. I understand this won't be simple as not only will Roli need to locate and dock with the charging station, Roli will also need to turn itself off while charging unless the current restriction on that can be lifted.


I want to create a robot that can move around and interact with our environment as a human could. It can open doors, it can pick things up and set them down, it can walk around, etc. I also want to infuse it with a chat bot so you can talk to it and it can respond to you with its own personality. Using voice commands you can ask it to get you something from another room, or give you an update on the weather, or order takeout from a restauranr. It would need sensors like some cameras so it can look around and recognize objects and people, some sonar sensors on the legs/base, and some touch sensors. I just want to make a robotic companion essentially.


I want to make a biped, that would be like a roaming sentry, you could set it out at night, and it could march around in your yard, scanning for intruders, and it would have some 410 gauge barrels machined, one on each shoulder, and they could have dragons breath specialty rounds loaded, in case their is a dangerous situation, and need for defense, or maybe just a mini flame thrower.

Rainbow Rogue

I would like to finally finish my biped Pete build after 3 years on hiatus. With the ez-robot platform the sky is the limit! Thank you so much for this platform you created and keeping robotics within reach of hobbyists and hopefully my projext will inspire others!


A robot can send echoes and recongize the object and tells the what is before us and how far ,and what is it .


I have an idea for building a robot with a mechanic hook. The hook is fixed on his head. The robot has got spider feet.


I would like to make a toy robot that is voice recognition and can dance. It's going to the hospital in st. Jude's


I am building on DJ Sures "RAD Project" to improve the RAD toy robot. Specifically, to assist a disabled person: me. I have a spinal injury, and though the surgeries are helping, I still have some difficulties. I'm also a programmer and robot nerd. I have two RAD bodies, and I'm going to compare the process of upgrading them. RAD 1.0 will get an Arduino brain, and R.A.D. 2.0 will get EZ Robot components. I'll share video if you find it useful. I also have an enormous extended family, and the kids are always fascinated when they can interact with a robot. That is why I chose EZ Robot: simple enough for the kids, with plenty for me to fiddle with! Now to come up with names for the robots...

Yarn Bomber

I'm creating version 4 of @MrRIMP (Robot-In-My-Pocket) for pediatricians to entertain sick kids. Video

@MrRIMP on Twitter

My first build will be a standard 1984 Omnibot rebuild (I have two on the way). To take it further, I would like to explore ways to integrate with my home automation system(s). As part of that, I am running openHAB, which gives the potential of integration through the LAN by various protocols such as http, mqtt, zwave, etc. This would open up many possibilities as all of the lighting, security, zones, motion etc. are tied in and could be used to trigger actions on the bot the other way to the home. I plan to research further to develop my ideas and hope to glean inspiration from all of the other contributors at ez-robot. Thanks for making a less painful on ramp into robotics as ROS is very interesting, but would certainly beat my patience as a beginner.


I have an idea for building a robot using everyday readily available parts that will enhance medical facilities by being able to do things automated and remotely.


Build a robot to help individuals with Alzheimer remember their everyday tasks. Such as doctor appointments, take medication, birthday’s, etc. Have the robot interact the person and stimulate the brain to help with the memory loss. Be able to have family members add reminders to the robot via their smart phone (coming over on this date, etc.).


What i want to make is a robot that has hands that can pick up and hold things for you, then i want it to be able to talk and follow me around like for eaxample," if i had grocerys in my hand i would want it to be any were i go so i can use it for what i made it for." when i get it working like i want it im going to then make one for my grand mother, to help here around the house.

Micah dennet huitt

Good Day, I would like to ask if its possible to create a robot that can serve in a coffee shop , we are trying to create a concept that will fit in a place of innovation and research, and had an idea of having a robot that can take orders by a tablet in front of the customer and a robot that can be standing and doing the coffee. Any innovative way you can help us with or have a better idea for us we would like to hear from the experts. thank you, Best regards,


How about a robot that can save a child who has fallen in a well or gaps in ground a rescue robout should enough strong like real steel robots And they can sence human,s thermal temperature for identifying living things than other non living objects


I'm working on artificial intelligence personality design for about a year now to build a robot that is more comfortable for humans. More like a real person. Such a robot needs a body to interact with and I'm thinking to get a JD as platform. Right now it's too expensive for me... so if you have one for me would be great!


I have played with robotics back in the ER-1 days with the desire of making K-9 from Doctor Who. I plan on using this platform to accomplish that and also integrate other systems to make it as autonomous as I can.


object recognition for drone - working on project -EzB4 is an awesome base for even some of the more complex robots. Thank you EZRobot!


A while back my daughter and I met DJ at his house before he was famous ;-) to pick up an EZ-Bv3 which we used to hack a Wall-E, and so began a great father daughter project with many fond memories. It's been a few years now, she's a few years older and I would like to really promote STEM learning at home. So it's not so much about what I can think about today but what she will create tomorrow.


We need a robot that you just drop into a bath tub and it starts cleaning it. The elderly would love it.

Coder Bob

I am currently building an full size 1:1 scale R2 D2 from Star Wars. This is nothing new, but i don't thing any one is using the EZ Robot system to control it. The Droid will be mostly 3D printed and i am planning on having it done around Desember if not earlier. The reason i want to use EZ Robot is because of the sensor and sound recognition. I don't like the idea of a Robot that i need to control, with EZ i can program it to follow commands by voice making it more "realistic" My R2 will be able to do more then just drive around, i will be adding arms, and other gadgets that are seen in the film. I will be filming the progress and post it on Youtube as i build it. Right now i am printing out the dome, and should be done printing in 2-3 days.


I like humanoid robots especially ones that help out. Like looking up thing for you, making things for you, and cleaning for you that would be the robot I would want to make.


I have a design for some form of a utility robot with tool compartments and various auxiliary outputs to plug in low voltage devices, capable of mapping rooms and executing voice commands. I plan on building the chassis from scratch.


Dear DJ and team, I started with EZrobot back in the V3 days. I've since messed around with Arduino, Pi and other platforms but I have to say my kids and I have had more fun with EZrobot! That being said, I see a very interesting opportunity for ASIC based machine learning in the EZrobot platform. In my day job I have investigated the CM1k neural network chip for pattern recognition. It takes a 256k vector input, parallel processes 1024 neurons and can report back a result in microseconds! It's about 300x faster than a normal CPU for this kind of work. And the API is fairly straight forward to boot. The creator of this chip is General Vision As far as I can tell, their neurons are the only ones available on the open market today. I've spoken to the inventor and their small team. They are a great bunch and are eager to make waves in the maker community. How cool would it be to have a CM1k on the EZ-B v5?!?!? There is also an option to have the chip running on the PC side (though I can see some limitations there) With cleverly designed EZ builder modules kids could start teaching their bots to do incredible things!


my robot idea is a hexapod with two 3-servo grippers and a rotating camera mounted on top. it would be useful for exploration.


I plan on making an autonomous floor mapping robot from my iCreate/EZ-B hack robot


JD Humanoid, could put the ultra-sonic sensors attached to the feet avoid obstacles


A snake robot - that eats rubbish in storm water drains. It has a waterproof camera on the head. If it "sees" a object that is "identified" as rubbish the snake will eat it. There will be different "species" of robot snake. One to eat glass rubbish. One to eat plastic. One to eat aluminium cans and tin cans. One for general waste compost. Natural snakes are known for their ability to fit seemingly impossible large food items inside their bodies and crush and decompose these items. A robot snake maybe a solution to waste management of drains. The robot snakes have a GPS inside and will navigate storm water pipes and return to a base for emptying.


Ein Roboter der Kaffee machen kann (Kaffemaschiene bedienen), ein Brot streichen kann und Haushaltssachen wie zum Beispiel wischen.


I am looking to turn a wallie toy into a moving autonomous bot. Movement tracking. MP3 player. Voice command. Room mapping. And also remote controls. What kit would you recommend. This will be my first bot and will be a learning platform. After I hope to build a large version of Johnny 5 . Thanks a bunch.


Hello. The undersigned have an idea regarding an educational robot. please introduce yourself, your purpose, what are your abilities?, the advantages for me?, how can I trust to your esteemed firm in connection with my idea?, is there any registration system in order to be confident for registration of this idea to my name and using the probable intellectual properties and the probable advantages? Thanking you in advance for your kind attention and looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest possible convenience. Sincerely Yours S. H. Hejazi


I plan to augment the capabilities of a HealthKit Hero Jr. robot from 1984. I will use the EZ-b v4 in addition to a RPi running ROS.


I have a telemetry suit controlled Cyborg Zombie. Functions as a mobile, real-time robot surrogate through which I can entertain people at a haunted house I work at! Currently, I'm stationed at a laptop which communicates with a laptop strapped to the zombie's butt, which in turn controls all the servo controllers, webcams, speakers, and such. The laptop is a pain to set up every time I bring the zombie out, having to boot up, start up a bunch of programs, establish WiFi, make sure the power system is keeping the weak battery alive, etc. But it looks like the EZ-B controller will streamline a great deal of this system! The only thing missing for my application is 2-way audio! I'll be ordering the EZ-B soon! Mango and I look forward to joining the community!


We should make a zombie robot. It should have different hands than the JD. One of its hands would be normal, like the JD's. The other would be different, it would have fingers that would have wires that connect to its brain, (just like all the robots). It would also have different moves such as: "Eat Someone's Head" or something like that. It should have a mouth that could open as well, (there will be a separate wire for the mouth). Also some of the Robot-Zombie's actions should have speaking in them. Because zombies tend to growl and moan a lot, so some actions should have growling and moaning. One eye should be red and the other should be blue. The mouth should glow and be green. Hope you like the idea!


Robots are made to go and do what humans either can not, or do not want to do. They are used in hundreds of ways from exploring Mars, to working tirelessly on a manufacturing line, to providing companionship. Not to mention they make great movie characters! Design of a robot hand and how the finger positions affect what the robot can do How people react to robots Building a robot that can make art Creating a robot that can explore underwater

mujahith robotics

Teachable and Trainable Robot The robot should have empty memory and uncontrollable actuators like a newborn baby. Then the trainer (may be the robot owner) can teach the robot just as he/she like. The robot will recognize the lessons and record them in his memory. Basically at the the first age stage, the robot can learn movement, motion, and voice recognition. The second age stage will improve to color recognition, size recognition, command recognition etc,. This type of robot doesn't need pre-programmed command and action sets but only learning firmware. After completing aging stages, the robot must act like a human of his age.


A small robot that separates the body from the robot's artificial general intelligence makes it easier to retain control of the entity as it transitions from its virtual world to the real world. As with human children, this gives it time to refine its ethical base in the new environment before giving it more autonomy and a more powerful body. Hopefully we can have a pleasant journey to the other side of the singularity. This will make the future both a robot-friendly and a human-friendly place.


You can make a snake that has a rattle that doubles as a sensor to recognize a "threat. " the head could have a camera. The snake would just be pure fun for kids


Any kind of dinosaur or animal themed robots would be super fun to me. Maybe a T-rex or Brachiosaurus.

Herp Derpington

I think you guys should make a space rover themed robot that can explore and grab objects thank you.


A robot that constantly monitors water samples in the ocean and in lakes and one that vacuums water to filter out plastic waste particles damaging world ecosystems and wild fish food supplies that many humans depend on world wide to be toxic free and plastic chemical free to survive.


I would have my robot climb windows by using suction cups on the legs, whic is not hard to do, and clean them with a sponge :) preety much like a roomba for windows


An attachment that can added to a lawn mower to have it automously mow the lawn using gps to track its position. --


PTSD Assistant: As a vet, I would like my robot to take telemetric health data from my Apple Watch or another like "health" device and react to my PTSD when I am close to having an anxiety attack. As an example, one trigger might be pulse rate that exceeds my normal range. The robot may remind me of various calming techniques that I have previously scripted. The robot could also help remind me to take medications and give me the correct medicine via RFID bottle tagging.


I want to build a mobile robot with a camera, microphone and speaker. Such that I could interact with my little son even though I am at company.


Lawn mower in the summer and snow remover in the winter. Will have to be pretty heavy and robust :)


I would like an affordable robot that could feed my dogs and interact with them. The robot would likely scare them at first but once they got used to the bot, I think they would like it. The bot could keep them company while I'm at work/school as well.


I am teaching myself robotics and will like to build a humanoid life size robot. I want a robot to sit down or walk with and talk. I want to take it with me to comic book conventions. I brought a small bi pedal kit and a hand kit. I want it be similar to C3-P0 from Star Wars. I am planning on using a series of rechargeable batteries and build a special charging station for it charge where I will have it stand against the wall or have it as a chair next to an outlet.


its not really a robot design but looking to design and make a electronic lock system with fingerprint control for my door


I want to build a Wall-E siilar to the one that DJ Sures made, but with more features like stabelizers and an autonimous mode.


An idea you could have would be a vacuum attach to a robot and it would come and assit you when you need a vacuum.


I need a robot to pick up dog poop! Then, start a dog poop cleaning service WITH ROBOTS! Why not start small with these amazing creations?!


I seriously want to MAKE a robot that would clean up the entire environment in all the countries and will have amazing features that will clean up efficiently and clean up the world!


My idea for the robot that I am building is a walking talking standing 5 foot tall robot that can avoid objects around the house for example walls.


i would like a JD Humanoid, but with leg of E.D.I. Mech Warrior (with possibility to use weel if necessary)


I would like to build a robot that can actually feel and respond to this. Using a wide range of sensors like object recognition and pressure pads in the robot hands, body and head. My robot will be able to shake a baby's hand gently and even pet your cat.


To build an assistive robot for the elderly. It listens to voice command like get me a bottle of water, the robot goes to the kitchen, pick up water, and deliver it


Why not take the spider robot and take the humanoid robot body and place it on the robot spiders body that way the robot could have legs plus I think you guys should print out robotic humanoid hands that way the robot could pick small objects like a pencil p.s. I'm Nicholas I still have a lot more ideas just shoot me a message


The agricultural sector is going to face enormous challenges in order to feed the 9.6 billion people that the FAO predicts are going to inhabit the planet by 2050: food production must increase by 70% by 2050 One way to address these issues and increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production is (Robotics &Drone technology) to make farms more “intelligent” and more connected through the so-called “precision agriculture” using cutting edge multirole robot that can perform automated cultivation from the sky and agricultural missions and environment measurements on the ground. pleas support our project at


this robot will say how to build a shed or other thing that you tell it too. this is mostly for the dads who don't want to read the instructions

soul slayer

I want to make a robot that has 4 sensors and is a cube. My robot will have 4 circles on each side of the cub. Those circles will have little but strong propellers in them. Those propellers would make the cube over and fly. I also want the capability to make it were you don't have to control it. And it will follow you and listen to your commands. The cube's inside would be where the brain or computer chip would be. I think the cube should be about 4-6 inches tall. And it could have 1 camera.


I'd like to explore robotic applications for the visually impaired, such as being an interface to read aloud ebooks, web pages, news feeds etc, tell time, weather conditions and conduct searches of the Internet. Additionally to provide some assist functions such as the ability to sort bank notes into their correct denominations, sort socks by color, be able to differentiate and identify different medications by their bottle types and so on. Having the ability to have JD to be able to charge himself using some form of dock and inductive charging would be awesome too!


A robot that can understand commands given by voice and move on its own without a controller. Could be shaped in a pet for families that are unable to get a real pet.


Make a front robot with facial recognition that can announce know parties at the front door!


First of all i thank ez-robot team for making a wonderful and excellent products especially ez-bv4 . I have made several projects using differnt boards and microcontrollers , but i was very much impressed and inspired by ez products. I made a blueprint to make a humanoid. So my next project idea is to make a bot that will serve food in hotels and in restaurants. So this is one off my idea and the next idea is it will help to defuse bombs in national defence . So for this i need to buy THE GREAT 'EZ-PRODUCT' (i.e)ez-b v4. Anyway thank you very much for ez team and keep it up and thanks for supporting me . THANK YOU (EZ)


Hi i have a older Robie Sr ( Omnibot 5402 ) that i got my uncle that passed away 2 years ago. I remember when i was younger always going to his place to play with it. I got the robot about 1 year ago and its not working and i wanted to make it alive, Am looking to add an EZ-b board and servos to make the arms work and add eyes so the robot can move and see. Right now i have the robot in parts to clean and paint it, my uncle was a smoker. one of the hands its broken and am going to get one made on a 3D printer. i will like to add voice recognition also. Am running on a budget and hoping to have this project up and coming soon and i will like to give you picture of the project. Thanks


Hi, I would like to build a life-sized robot which would be able to help soldiers at the border Need to have Perfect Artificial Intelligence with self-decision making Thanks, Abhishek


I want to build a robot that four legs and and going on all at the same time. It should have a head that is similar to JD and has e body built of servos.


I would like having a robot who can take care of my pet while I am not in my house!


I'm going to be starting my project. I'm going to make a steampunk computer desk. What I want from ex robots is this. I bought an old pop out camera. I want to install it on an antique arm desk light. Replace the light with the camera. Then I want two other antique arm desk lamp lights. What I want to do is have all three arms focusing on the face. When you move I want all three items following you giving you proper light and be commanded by voice. Give the desk a robot feature and response and make it look 18th century. Is that possible?


My idea is to make a humanoid bot on self balancing one wheel which fly, walk, do work and do what we will tell him


My idea is to make a samurai on self balancing wheel and samurai can do anything thing it can fly,walk, run, spin and do that thing which we will tell him and it will be voice controlled


I am interested in call and response - voice recognition of my questions - and Wikipedia voiced answers by my robot. I want my robot to be an "Answer Machine." It should know the time/temperature/date and be able to say so when asked. And it should follow me around like a good friend.


the robot should have the ability to switch on/ off lights, guard home , call, interact, click pictures/ take videos, help in education, be controlled from mobile by blutooth, etc

riyan sanghavi

Good home and business security starts at its perimeter. But typical security is all boring boxes and fixed, or it's biological and messy --read employee or live animal. And so my idea for a robot would be to have an animalistic one that prowled the yard. It could 'poop' mini cameras in specific and pre-determined spots and even retrieve them at a set or commanded time. A dog shape or a duck shape would be great choices. My favourite one is the duck. The wings could act as self righting mechs and also flapp vigorously when an intruder appears. Its mobility being easily afforded with sensor filled webbed feet. Night vision cameras for eyes that could extend and swivel would make it an evil enough looking creature and provide 360 degree vision. Its wings when open or closed, can broadcast text messages and from its mighty beak can roar whatever sounds its operator chooses. Alarm bells, a siren, a really loud duck shriek, a 'you are on private property' message, whatever you want. And it can chase the intruder intimately. A totally water-proof robot that I would call a 'robani'. A mix of robot with animal behaviours that sends real-time data back to you. The robani's own back-up security is all of its poop cameras already pooped. If one goes down there are others, and robani can always drop more. It's a visually responsive and mobile security that can actively pursue intruders, increasing the fright level. Spring actuated knee joints and feet claws would make this beast something an intruder would not want to be near. All robani's would also have a clear gaseous stinker out-let that blew vomitable fumes towards the bad person. For in-house check option, it could enter a property via a cat-flap or similar, and follow a basic line-strip. A re-charging station at the back door where it takes itself when its batteries are low. Whilst on recharge, it's still transmitting but at a slower frame rate. Any attacks on the robani itself, are recorded by the poop near-by and the stations own monitoring eye. Another good animal choice would be a robotic grass snake.


I would like to try a few bots... : - a Wall-e (wheels) - Omnibot 5402 (wheels) - spherical one type like bb-8 - Rotundus spherical rubber outdoor

ben 2.0

A remote control front door greeter. for business or school. rfid or compervision could retain the names of people its introduced to.


I am working on a Autonomous Lawnmower that will do my work for me, or at least allow me to mow the lawn from the comfort of my porch. First will be the R/C version, then I will move forward with the autonomous version utilizing ezrobot!


I have more time now, so i would like to assemble a general function home bot. This bot would be able to have sensors added as needed as well as actuators. I have old software, and subroutines i would like to update and implement into current code and hardware technology . I have a lot of old code for alpha,beta and gamma class robots as well as many extensions of these functions. It would be interesting to see how the improvement of computer technology and sensors as well as programming language affect the operation of these algorithms. I am also very excited about the processing of real time video!


I want to built a robot that will act as a companion. Nothing complicated. It reads out phone notifications to the elderly or infirm. Sarves as an alarm clock. Gives weather notifications and news headlines from RSS feeds. Gives reminders to take medication and can alert a family member if the "owner" doesn't respond that medication has been taken. A basic PA and companion.


I want to creat a robot , which can talk with me intelligently, so that I will not feel lonely when I am alone.

Kevin Smiths

I'm going to build snake-like swimming robots that will find sunken treasure under the sea, especially along the galleon trade route starting here in Manila, Philippines swimming and scouting all the way back to Spain. It'll return images of the treasure and send pictures and coordinates to my ship. We'll sail there and then launch several more robots to rummage and collect the loots! They'll put the goods in a basket and I'll raise it and be rich!

Big Daddy

I've been tasked with building a mini Mars rover for a scientist at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. He would like it to drop off an experiment, detect metal objects, take near Infrared images of plants, and keep eyes on the team during EVA's. It needs to be able to survive outside for the entire mission duration, be operated by a team member from inside the habitat module, and also be operated by a team member 1000 miles away in another habitat module located at the University of North Dakota. This is going to be an amazing project and I believe EZ-Robot will be the best way to achieve these goals in the 10 short months that I have to get it done in. I look forward to working with this amazing product!


You can make the robot to tutor kids, make them smarter, you can also make them help troops in the battle field. You can even say hi when you move your hand, you make them teachers if you give them a robotic brain filled with knowledge. You can even make them human size you can even sell them to the human sized models to the police and you can program them to keep prisoners in line. Here are some robot ideas!


The idea I’ve had for a while now is a security bot. Have it sit in a protected shelter under my deck connected to a solar powered charging station. When a motion sensor on the property gets triggered, the bot goes to investigate. It shines a bright light on the area, takes pictures/video of anything that’s moving (uploading the images wirelessly somewhere)…presents a voice challenge and attempts to do a facial match against an approved list of individuals. If the face match isn’t successful it can ask for a verbal security code or something and try to do a voice or verbal message match. If it can’t match an individual to an approved list, it can call my cell and I can take over the talking and see the video stream on my phone. For protection of itself, it would be heavy, sturdy (could take a moderate beating with a stick), possibly fast enough to get away, maybe armed with some sort of non-lethal deterrent, like if it gets picked up or tipped over it can release pepper spray or make a really loud noise or something…maybe shoot flames not that last one. It would have a GPS tracker built in to assist in recovery if needed. It could be programmed to perform periodic patrols and always be able to return to its shelter on its own for protection and charging. As time went on, any problems that came up would be addressed to make them less likely to happen again…any parts that didn’t last would be replaced with parts that needed less maintenance or could self-maintain. Eventually, you could have a robot that lasted for years without any human intervention.


Upgrade six so it can be used as a drone and make it a tag along friend who could land on your shoulder you could either use the legs as the props and have them spin around the center or use the legs as safety protrusions and use a double prop type with co-axial tech w/ gyroscope. Special battery power you design in the shape of your center pod only with the battery fitting into a triangular, flat, and curved mold that attaches under the dome leaving extra room for your newly designed motor. I know it can be done, since I took the time checking out what is hot in the industry and not. I don't know of a lot of companies that are making they're own shaped, specially designed batteries. You're next step up would be to have your friend who is already using your voice commands, but now your voice commands go to six and six sends them on to other bots or friends. Thanks for your time and sorry if it's been already done Mark


To make a bb8 robot that can talk to my mother when she is bored at home as she home alone most of the time and also help her in the kitchen by pulling out a dispenser with cutlery and also be rc controlled for my brother to play with

Mohamed aku

remote controlled lawnmower so I can mow my parents lawn from my house. I will take a battery powered mower, add your electronics and control a mower over IP with safety ... I hope


Would be good to have a package/kit for building an "astromech" (without crossing any intellectual property lines obviously!) for R2 and BB8 builders :)


I want to use virtual reality to control a robot. I want to give directions and perform easy tasks.


My robot idea is to make a large, precise arm to connect to a person's shoulder and allow them to manipulate objects with it.


I want to develop a robot which will stuck up with a human body and make old aged peoples to move here and their.This will fill them very nice as they are free from others help.


I want to create a robot who can clean the floor,do some washing,and do some cooking.This kind of robot must have a good market!

vinter smiths

i wand a microfone in the robot so you can use the robot without a mobile or a computer


My idea is that one robot will change the world and our environment by helping home less people get homes and have job so no one will be home less.If no one is home less they will have jobs and if they have jobs the more money and the more money they have they pay more taxs the better the roads,nature,and buildings get.That helps the whole world.My robot will do that by detecting home less people and by and by making money then send it by his wireless transporter to the homeless people. get that helps the whole world.My robot will do that by

I would extend the ez with parts that enable it to show basic awareness of its surroundings. Ideas could be temperatre sensor, CO2 sendor (when the air in a room is ''good'' or ''bad'' and give alarms when there is too many ppm CO2, such as from a heater or fire), water-sensor so that it would stop in front of a poodle, noise sensor to know when it is loud or quite (good in shools :D), light sensor and a basic built-in clock.


Hi, I have been nominated to be super attendant of a new 4-H project this year, robotics. I accepted and have been searching the net for robots kids can make and display. I was also requested to build an interactive robot to I interact with fair patrons. With hours of searching I found Ez robots webpage. This "brain" module was exactly what I was looking for to control this bot. My idea is to build a 5ft robot on tracks that has friendly face and personality. I want arms to function with simple grippers. I would like to come as close to Johnny 5s personality without being confused as a copy cat. In the 4-H building im thinking of wowing people by having the robot recognize the 4h members faces and say hi or some sort of communication to them thats mimics AI. I also thouth about having the robot look at projects and be able to tell strangers or play some sort of recording either video or audio about the project and its member. I also am looking to make a "dog" type bot thats low lying, runs on tracks, has a wagging tail, eyebrows to show expression, and can chase a red ball. This all seems like a lot and it is but most is smoke and mirrors. Im excited to get kids interested in electronics and robotics.


My robot idea is a mobile security cam. His job is to wander around outside and be eyes and ears on the ground. If somebody walks in the yard, or starts messing with the car out front, he will intervene, or at least record some video and send me an alert. If he gets stolen or bashed, that could be a problem. So long as he sounds an alarm, what else can you do? Nobody has any legitimate reason to interfere with him. Or maybe I'd set him up on the front yard on a post adjacent to the sidewalk, scarecrow-style, and he can wish people good day! And crack jokes or something. And perform sentry duties.


I get a lot of people asking me where I got my robot bear from. I always tell them I made him with the EZ Robot kit, and an old Teddy Ruxpin. Perhaps you could produce your own teddy bear kit that people could put together with the robot kit. You could make a bear that is all plastic like your other robots. He should be very appealing on his own even without fur. However, if the person purchasing the bear kit wants to get creative, they can add fur, clay, paint, what ever they want later on their own. The bear could have eyes and a mouth like the teddy ruxpin, and possibly get up and walk around like your humanoid robot. He could talk, sing, interact with you, all kinds of things. :)


A robot that can interact with you and act as a family member. It will involve many servos.


A robot with high intelligence allowing to almost be like a companion. I would imagine a robot that would consult with the user and determine what should be said or done to make a person feel better. That would be an amazing robot.


I want to build a companion robot that will help people with depression and people who are lonely.


A robot using cheap distance sensors to autonomously navigate tight spaces as a prototype for bigger and better things!


A robot that would carry the Amazon Echo around with it and follow the follow or designated person by look/shape. Therefore, I only need buy 1 or 2 of these devices and have the robot follow me. The only issues is that I have several 3 flight steps the robot would have to negotiate....

Big E

I think a construction and demolish robot with a crane a dozer and a drill would be cool


I am part of the BB-8 builders club. I am looking to incorporate two of these in the in the head for lights, sounds, and rotation. The second will be in the sphere for rotational control and gyros for balance.


I am currently trying to figure out which robot is best for my third grade class.


Would like to build a small robot that could patrol the office environment after the office hours, identifying the people entering into the Network room, observing temperatures changes and notifying to the certain team. Complete Network Center or Office surveillance automation. -Chennu


Something that could help patrol houses or even streets. It would greatly help civilians and police or maybe even the military. Maybe they'd have a program that recognizes the faces of convicted criminals.


I think it would be great to have a robot-controlled bus waiting station. I take the bus to and from school every day, and sometimes it gets SO cold. I would include a heater and AC, a map with bus taking information, smoke detector with an alarm that would go off if anyone smoked inside the station, and more seats (with heating and cooling functions separate for each one).


Well, I would like to have a robot with the ability to teach English or any other language.


TO build a full sized working BB8 Robot, it will move around using the board, i will 3D print the body and make the robot move faster


make like a rag doll mode, that's were you would move the robot one move at a time then save it to your program. some robot programming have this for different robots. this would make programming much easier. this is why i think this is a good, easy, not weird add to the ez-robot company.


I'd like to expand on my dad's R2D2 so that it is tall enough to offer snacks-- or hey, maybe just build a C3PO to accompany it... After handing out the beers all night, of course my robot friends will give mandatory breathalyzers to "the guys" on their way out-- with just a hint of stern sass. Perhaps R2 could hand out chips and salsa while beeping la cucaracha. I hope no one has already thought of this brilliant plan.


my robot should be able to check physical and mental health of people , if anyone wants to maintain a diet this will help you to do so


Personal assistant to remind of appointments. Tell me good morning and good night. Have general conversations and interact with it's surroundings verbally.


I need a robotic arm to get me candy. But the robotic arm will be smart and not give me too much candy each day. It should also high 5 and wave hello


Thing from the Addams Family. Five legged, looks like a hand, can autonomously roam, has visual sensor for object or person tracking so it can follow you, microphone so it can respond to verbal commands. Just imagine how epic it would be around Halloween in your office.


I would like my robot to have a flashlight for night vision and be able to turn it on from the app and not get up.... I would also like a hand with more than 2 fingers and make it able to pick things up that are soft and hard without crushing them...


This is my idea for now: 1. Robot can detect automatically any cockroach that enter your house. This robot should small with alarm buzz and camera. The source of this energy should be came from battery or maybe from solar source. And should be run at least one week. This robot is design not moving. But it can be detect any cockroach movement so i know my house have some cockroach inside. 2. Robot can detect automatically any key chain lost. Of course every key chain should attach some small sensor or signal sender. So the robot can catch the signal. This robot only using in home appliance. 3. Robot can detect automatically any weather or earthquake symptom. This robot can tell us, "This is earthquake symptom" or "today will be rain" 4. Air robot watcher (this is my dream robot). Actually i need robot that can help any other people. Especially their luggage. Sometimes people got raid by the bad people in their home. I want the robot can detect that belonging and report it directly to local police station. How to detect their belonging? Every home should give some like yellow line. That luggage should put in that yellow line. If that luggage outside the yellow line, The sensor response and send the signal to the robot. And robot will intercept that person or bad guy. And of course report directly to local police station. That robot should waterproof and heavy duty of course. 5. I want also the simple robot to turn of the lamp in my bed room. Sometimes when i was tired from read the book, i forgot to turn off the lamp. I want that robot do by itself to turn off the lamp after a couple of minute. The robot should fly and waterproof and also heavy duty and further improvement. - DarknessZero


I think it would interesting to add some kind of suction cup part in place of hands that can stick to walls and such. Also if it was programmable to release and suction, would be a cool feature. This way the robot would be able to climb walls and get different vantage points for better use of camera. It would add a lot more unique uses for the robot.


Hello, Very simply, Im making sort of a wheeled centipede. Im building it from misc PVC parts (standard dimensions) and using small and cheap eBay-China electronics. Plus the EZ-B4 of course... The centipede is module-based. Basically only one kind of building block dressed in different kinds of outer plastic (or all the same for that matter). The basic part is a simple slow moving, high torque 2wd that you can mount in series of how many you would like (guess ports on EZ-B is the only limiting factor) for a 4wd, 6wd, 8wd, 10wd or 30wd if you like. Linked together, two or more 2wds makes part of a "spine" that kan be moved Left / right, and up (to arch the centipede for fun, to make a large wheel from a 10wd, or to climb obstacles no other crawler / robot would manage). The more 2wds you connect together, the longer the centipede. So. An "all-terrain" centipede that can roll back on itself into a larger wheel by arching its spine or navigate stairs, rocks and your friend. Mine is going to be slow and strong. 10-15cm pr secound, some 15kg/cm torque pr wheel / 30-isg kg/cm pr 2wd / module (Im sure you could use limitless servos for the wheels, mine has geared 12v motors). Since this is just a hobby project, Ive just made concept drawings for my own use. They are more "DaVinci" inspirational than actual anything, but they are based on 108mm wheels, 16mm ID PVC fittings, and on my drawing the spine is animated by wire and by one servo before front joint, and the right / left is pure wire transmissions. Also Some parts in the drawing are related to my metal detecting-integration, that probably isnt of much use to you. I have a drawing out at Flickr. "Module" would be the little 2wd down in the right corner:


I would like to build a robot with magnetic feet that I can use to inspect the duct work in my house. One of the most energy draining appliances in the common home is the HVAC system. If the duct work has holes or other large gaps, then the HVAC must work even harder (i.e., be even more inefficient) to achieve the temperatures desired by the occupants. My house is old, and the duct work is leaky (as measured by a flow balance of the system). I would like to make a robot that can be used to explore this part of my house to determine what I should do next. After looking through your website I'm thinking a combination of the hexapod structure with the modified feet of the Galapagos and a camera on a tilt/pan setup.


Use your spider Droid as a brain to control a larger robot. I was planning on buying a bunch of parts from your site and building a robot as tall as me and using your spider robot as the program control

Silent Chong

I want a robot that can learn the "codes" from you infrared remote control For example the codes from your television,robot vacuum cleaner, cd player etc. Now you can generate this infrared codes with speech recognition. This could help you when you are lazy or it could help disabled people.


I would like to have a robot who acts like an alarm, it would control rooms, front and backdoor by walking around the house. If it noticed movement it would message the owner and start filming the envirement (to get the source of movement on camera). The cost saved for placing an alarm system could be invested in a robot, who can be put to use for other stuff when the owner is home. In addition it could act as a smoke detector to look for fire.


I'm working on getting my original revolution six to run as quadruped with two servos on each of the four legs. I removed two of the legs in order to create a neck like appendage to attach the camera to. Ideally i would include two more double joint arms with grippers that are synchronized to grab larger objects that you couldn't grab with just one. It would be a more heavy duty version of the robot o that it could handle larger heavier things such as the tv remote, cell phone. maybe even other robots or robot pieces. i think my robot would be super cool cause I personally think that the EZ-Robot brand really has a limited amount of robots with an actual use (besides giving me hours of fun building and playing with), EZ-Robot also has almost no quadruped robots on the market i think it could definitely be a cool robot.


I'd like to make a robot that can care for my cat when i am away- Feed him, water him, etc. Also shoo him away from things that he isnt supposed to touch or jump on & to immediately tattle on him when it happens. Lol


live 360 video streamer robot for vr is my robot idea which can also be used with drones


For my robot idea, Imagine you wake up in the morning and you are hungry. Your robot can make you breakfast. He could also play a game with you, for example Minecraft. He can be your babysitter when your parents aren't home. He can help you with your homework when it's tough. I can also send him to do errands for me and my family. He can do all my technical work.

Cool kid

hi yes I believe the rugged large wheel platform with a semi electric/Diesel with Robotics will make farming faster than a tractor ,,,I need patents to achieve this and will work with any new ideas,, I have a solid investor we only need to be sure of our ideas,, I will keep at it until I hopefully find it sincerely Patrick.


The Robot multi tool, It is a Rover which has different slots for different tools which follow you around with a camera which has self recognizing ability, So when it sees you it will automatically follow you to where you are working. This will help a whole bunch when you find out you need a specific tool and you have to go to the garage and grab a screwdriver and bring it back to your work area


Create a walking hand that implements the functionality as the character Thing from the Addams Family. Never created a robot as yet so this may be premature..


Going to make an astromech droid that can interact and have a personality with humans.


Three idea at the moment are BAGMAN My first robot I am building idea is bagman, a small toolbox shaped working robot , basically a small robot that can follow behavior, carry your tools around, hold tools for you. hold a flashlight work light , and display the information for DIY maker tasks do media voice commands with blue tooth head set. It aim it to make it self useful,if a bit amusing at times. . (A simple two wheel drive system running old romba motors with caster) seeks main socket to to charge use object recognition and charge awareness. (bonus point if it remember to can turn the socket switch on and make happy sounds;) TOOL ANT ANT based that is Tool using robot , that 3d prints out of recycle plastic junk . The ant robot can use it tools at base by picking them up with it jaw and power them thought charge point in it or even take them out with it for task using it own power. For printing a it hot end extrude tool like a large pen , running the tools and powering from power connectors on the jaw contact pads next to data lines and sensors. a hardwired switch in tool grip,ensure power safety. other tool could be a modified dremel tool, flash light for telpresentce work. special senor package ect... to print simple rapid prototyping parts it use a dance like behavior , using six leg gait ability to go up and down in the XYZ axis..holding the extruder might make for clever printing and manipulation solution. I think of this concept is interesting as the print head tool can also be rotated and move in interesting ways ,and it could also .walk on the bed where it print to make larger prints, The base also has charge points at the build area where the robot can use charge points on its legs, to power the long printing dance.. recycling behavior It can sorts different materials using vision, object recognition, magnetic, and other sourcing solutions, as a recycling robot...for dirty and dangerous area , Delivering it to its home base nest. The robot can use glyph recognition to know which hopper to deliver too according to material . A glyph and gps ir signal marker could also be used as please recycle in this messed up area.. (radius based). And slow turn mess in to useful stuff. IT base nest that makes filament for rapid prototyping printing grinding and extruding collective plastics..and additive mistrals. These will be shredded and turned into filament and mix powders. the base nest could run on solar .;) SOCIAL BOT A friendly social bot use ultra hal assistant engine chat bot as it not internet dependent and can run other pregames and application ( i know it very well worked with on mine it for 6 year on and off. ) to act as personal assent ,remind assentent, an life coach .


I would like to see the JD Humanoid robot be able to monitor the elderly for vital statistics through various sensors. If there is any concern to the persons health at risk it would immediately notify an ambulance and then any family members.

Mr. Idea

I would like to a robot that could teach you to play different musical instruments.


Pour mon idée, je pensais a un robot qui, avec des chenilles pour une plus grande mobilité avait un bras comme celui que possède l'humanoïde. Il pourra saisir des objets, les déplacer . il faudrait qu'il ai une sorte d'intelligence, comme par exemple reconnaitre des objet (tournevis...)


I want to create a domestic help robot . This would allow me to leave a message for a specific person through facial recognition it could deliver this ... He should be able to make me listen to my music, give me information about my agenda ... through a voice interface like jarvis from Iron man ... It should also have the possibility , through its knowledge of the environment , to find a person who is hiding in the house.(Kid's game)


I want to make a robot which will help me do smart grocery shopping. I am throwing away so many things from the fridge and something is always missing from it... It will be so nice to have someone who learns what you eat and in which quantities, knows your schedule and makes you recommendation based on all this info on what do buy. Someone you can talk to about all these boring problems and doesn't mind that, who actually listens and gives you a very accurate advice, suggests interesting personalized cooking ideas and warns you when it recognizes the chocolate wrapping. You cannot get angry on a robot and even if you do, he doesn't mind...


I am building a BB-8 replica droid using ez robot controllers. I plan to have it interact with people. Possibly install GPS and be able to set waypoints and map out pre planned courses for it to follow.


I wish to build a single axis BB-8 rolling robot using 3d printed part (having 3 Replicator 2X and 5 delta printer) and a hard plastic shell. The ezrobot wifi module will be put in the head with camera and will add on 9DFO IMU sensor for self balancing and drive the stepper motor. The controller also will control the LED and speaker.


I am building a full scale BB-8 from Star Wars. I'm printing the shell with a Makerbot Replicator 2X and a Form1+. I'm starting to look into robotics to control the movement for torso and head as well as audio and lights. I want to eventually have a Kinect sensor sense objects so that it can do "goto" and "follow me" commands.


Found info on building. Bb8 from star wars but u want to incorporate a video and voice control. Maybe have him follow someone. Plus activate him through Wi-Fi to patrol my home when I'm not there. Would love to have wireless charging too. I don't know if your equipment can do any of this


A robot that can automate 3D printers and can keep the printer clean and running smooth.


I think that a transformers-type robot would be cool (from the movie Transformer) I didn't check to see if anyone had this idea so someone else may have thought of it first


I know a guy who is in a wheelchair, suffering from MS I believe. Limited use of his arms, and with pretty low arm-strength. He LOVES pizza, can can only have it on the days when he has an attendant working, because he lacks the arm strength to open the oven door. I want to give him an app on his phone with one big, red button labeled "Open Sesame" that he can mash on when the pizza smells done. I have access to a seriously-equipped makerspace for any 3D printing and stepper motors, etc needed and I just learned of your product at last night's monthly meeting: believe it will save me a massive amount of very annoying coding! Just waiting to get my discount coupon, so I can place a starter order! Larry


making robot that can teach because if a student tries to copy it can identify easily low amount of salary is required put and forget about the class it is so strict that it sees all the people at once cheeper and efficient method it can record many things so we can get proof about a student when he copy in exam etc..


building robot with hard metal that cannot be melted easier that can jump because if a place is get fire that robot can help the people by saving many life


Hello, One of my favorite toys as a kid was called Super Star. It was a an electric airplane made by Mattel. The Super Star used simple cams that rotated to adjust it's flight path. It was able to do basic stunts depending on what cam was loaded into the aircraft. I guess you can say it was an early version of a drone that could fly autonomously. It would be great to build an electric plane that kids could pre-program to do basic stunts and task. The control unit would be modular to keep cost down. You could re-use it if the aircraft became damaged. Best, Modmartino


The idea is a intelligent and entertaining robot which will accompany you in your social and day by day activities. The robot will be constantly learning new things as if it were a child. You can teach the robot new things through showing and explaining. You can also ask him to do more serious things like calculations or search facts on the internet when you are doing homework He wil be an entertaining robot so you can play games with him( board games for example.) play chess when you are alone or with friends. He will know your friends and interact with them. When your friend has the same robot they become friends too. And there are many more things. All the little things this robot can do for you added up will enhance your life. This robot is meant to be your 1# buddy.


I have been working very hard to create a working K9 (Doctor Who). I have made several bodies and run a few with remote control cars, but I want to do better. I want to create a more true to show K9 who can talk and roam around where I direct him. I think EZ Robot is my answer.


Hello, I'm working on building a life-size BB-8 from Force Awakens. I was going to use ezrobot to control servos and LEDs. I could not find much written about controlling LEDs using ezrobot. I assume it's possible. Is there a tutorial or information on it somewhere? Many thanks, Bob

Science Bob

A fitness robot that could assist you by measuring food servings and calories and show you nutrition facts. The robot could be programmed to speak to you and encourage you to eat healthier and at the same time show you the possible consequences of unhealthy eating habits.


a robot that can have face recognition without a computer or pc connected through wired or wireless. It would Just be able to focus on the task at hand then staying online! The robot would see other faces unidentified and attach any faces that go near the owner face. It will use sound and darts/ maybe pepper spray to protect against attach on missions maybe can also have utilities like r2d2 has saw.arm. to help you with stuff.

no one

Mack the robot biger and give the robots name each robat has a name and give him commands and Mack him say his name where he's from how he got hear and the child would have a body thank you.


I would love a 'quadruped' mix and match set up that can be made into animals such as dogs, horses, dragons (with optional various wings of course) and other fantasy creatures. Various head feet, horns, tails and other body shapes for the above critters would be a great addition. I would love to see what the builders here could do with more variety. Boofy


I'm going to build a wheel-based robot, program it for voice control and tracking, then expand from there. I was thinking functioning arms, a way to go up/down stairs and probably increase it's size. I just received my EZ Developer's kit this Christmas, and my imagination is kicking into high gear.


Building robots which can clean the world is better because if a man cleans a garbage he will get many diseases if a robot does it many lives can be saved


I would like to have robot that count the number of heads in a classroom. For example it will help teachers to mark the student attendance. If there is a company board meeting it'll easily take the number people attended to the meeting and so on.


My idea is like a lot of the ideas I see on here that are already being worked on. I would like a robot that is mobile with the ability to be autonomous and be able to manipulate objects reliably. This robot would be able to assist with minor tasks and also entertain. I am excited about the work that is being done within the community on this site. I really like what Dj has done with EZROBOT and his involvement with the community. I can't wait to start working on a project.


I want a guard robot and helper robot. A robot that can be outside and be fine and it has a rover body with extender-cube and it attaches to the humaniod body and has a humaniod arm and a elastic shooter arm so it can piuck stuff up and throw it or keep it and shoot things like hard,strong rubber band that could hurt or shoot a rubber band down the hallway to enter-tain your cats and it could open up a box of oreos or open a drawer, just things that you would want to do, but dont have time for like getting ready for school and brushing you teeth but need some cereal, things like that or a wolf it trying to attack your dog or cat,etc and it shoots a heavy duty rubber band at 600 fps and then whips a stone at it and you animals are saved. Things that will help you out from the city to the woods.


I think a tutor robot would be really useful. A robot that could help kids out with homework and studying. Also maybe help prepare younger kids like toddlers for school.


I just want to make a robot to help a friend walk a dog. He is an aging man and everytime I see him in my neighborhood walking his dog he is out of breath. I work a lot and have three kids, so I can't help him much, but a robot might be able to.


I want to design and build a robot on a wheel chassis. Similar johny 5 or wall-e. With servors to permit simple arm and head movements to give it character and theatrical expression of emotion in its movement. Programmed with autonomous movement via motion and bumb sensors as well as enough voice command prompts to give the illusion of basic AI. Perhaps a servo in the hand to grasp small light weight items. The concept of curiousand playful pet


Build a robot that is able to learn new tasks like reading and writing or cleaning the house not only the floor. Then complete the action without programming.


I would like to recreate R2-D2. I would have it move with an remote control attached to my elbow and wrist. The robot would have a voice activation that would make it talk. I would have three continuous servos in the legs and at the bottom on the structure and have 130 servos in the legs connecting to the body of the robot. I would have a built in camera in the head. I would also have a extendable arm in the main body of the robot. Thank you for your time


I have an idea to build my very own JARVIS (from Iron Man), that will guard my home and stream video in case of an unwanted movement. He can detect familiar faces and has Admin has a runtime ability add more faces to friendlies list. He will work as an alarm, read me news and will warn me of weather conditions when i am leaving for work. He can search results from google and when needed, run them through AlchemyApi. Thats just to begin with..


The sentry bot from fallout 4. He would patrol the house at night and interface with Insteon or to control lights and appliances. He would also stream live video of any movement he finds.


I think a robotic hand would prove uselful for those who are handicapped. A hand with 5 individual prehensile digits would be even more preferable. What would be really neat though, is if motions and gestures could be programmed onto it and activated when reacting to electrodes that could possibly be placed on the outside of the skin.


My idea is to resurrect an old robot Robonova. He has 24 servos and an area on his back for controller. The software you have on your site will be a welcomed part of the resurrected bipod. The WIFI will also be a big improvement from the old RS 232 communications. Making the robot run may help some of our community that have the same bot with the old problems like I have. Thanks Rick Roush


I'm building a version of the Six with a rotating dome with built in pan and tilt for the camera as well as ultrasonic distance measurement. I envision something like R2D2 but with 6 legs.


A robot that can Dive under at least 50 feet of water. (With a camera!) So basically, a robotic submarine. Powerful LEDs wshoul be equipped.


My daughter wants to build a robot that will play with, and entertain her pet rabbit. I hope it can clean the rabbit cage too!


More parts including more clip 'n' play parts that are more custom like different head designs,actual hands and many more useful parts. This will give your robot a more detailed and sturdy construction and style

Exo Coder14

We all need a robot that can help kids to learn simple things (math, new words) and etc. The robot needs to be able to write and read things and able to interact with kids. the required program should be available to download and install, so that it can handle more tasks if needed. something like a pad, what you need is just a new app. the platform will be able to attract more programmer and user.


A multi-lingual robot playmate to help children develop language skills in several languages as they engage with the robot.

lead guild 1

making a Brain wave sensor to control robot hands, limbs, finger etc. for disabled persons who want to bring back their normal life as a human.


I want to make a set of robots for use in search and rescue operations ranging from city environments to wilderness scenarios.


Robots that can help with chores around the house. Such as picking up a room before the robot vacuum comes through.


I am going to create a set of 2-DOF robot eyes for the inmoov. The eyes will hold EZ cameras.


To create a robot to look after the elderly or disabled - it would interact and monitor them if they fell or were stuck it could be trained to come when a keyword was called . often if they fall - they can not reach a monitor, or emergency cable maybe cant not reach their phone - but they could call out to EZ BOT to alert someone? Link this to email or text alert - EZ - helper bot could even allow direct pics to be sent of the situation or direct communication.


Robots that can be programmed together like a hive mind, thus allowing them to work together to complete many complex tasks.


A small-sized robot that has brushes on the front of it that fits inside the Central heating system of a house to clean out all of the ducts.


A robot that could scoop a litter box and dump it into a separate trash can. I know my wife would be very happy with that.


How about a robot composed of a mimetic poly-alloy? Then it could turn into all sorts of cool things! Wait a second, that sounds familiar...


As I was talking to my 5 year old and play in the afternoon, I told her that I needed to go and make her dinner. She said, "Mommy, I have one more thing i want for Christmas. I want a robot to help you and make your dinner so you can spend more time with me." That would be need to have a robot to help around the house and make dinner :)


Just something you can talk to. A lot of children have trouble speaking to people nowadays, and I think speaking to a robot would be super cool! (For them I mean!)


Have a robot not only serves as entertainment, but also use as home security. If robot is alarmed, it would call the police. If you have indoor animals for example a small dog or cat, it will identify it and will not call the police. It will recognize owners, family and friends.


A robot based off of Baymax from Big Hero 6 - obviously not as advanced, but still useful. Probably more of a general companion than a specifically healthcare one, but still has sensors for things such as heart and breathing rate, temperature, etc. along with being able to retrieve stored items in space within the robot itself (ex. medicine, bandages, etc.) upon request.


To make the robot able to build things such as Lego's. You can program it to put things together or scan instructions.


Create a robot that helps around your house and or apartment or even your office. This robot (Easy) cleans your unwanted trash just sitting there on your floor, he is voice controlled by programming him with a mini Siri though a little different. This robot is not only your friend but your house/apartment helper.


If there was A robot that I could build it will be a robot that could help with medical attention.Which means tempature,cooking,babysitting last but not least night watch.It could also do scan the room for mold leaky pipes and see if termites eat wood.


Create a robot using the JD platform integrated with various off the shelf medical sensors to detect temperature, pulse and other bio signs for possible use with assisted living and teaching aids. -Don


A robot that can be deployed in a temporary space to both function as an environmental monitor (temp, humidity, leak detection, air quality, gas detection, etc.) and also do certain security tasks (watchman duties). For example, if a company rents a temporary space and needs immediate and specific monitoring without having to install monitoring equipment. The watchman mode could also be used to do simple tasks remotely; such as making sure a piece of equipment was turned off or just a remote view to see if everything is ok. The possibilities are endless...


A voice command music player. Instead of constantly having to download MP3 files into the robot, why not have the robot search the web anywhere from video files to MP3 files to find the users music preference via voice command. The robot can also save those searches into a playlist.


A robot that can interact with pets in meaningful ways is a great goal. This might impact HW, but surely define some specific behaviors where the robot can begin slowly with interactions and develop some sort of "trust" with our dogs and cats. Learned behaviors could evolve and eventually the robot could entertain and play with our critters. Thanks! ~Mike


To build a robot companion which can understand and sing along to music played by instruments


Hi, I like to make balance robot with one wehal, looking to buy gyro with EZ robot full diy set. Thank you,


A robot that can intelligently clean your pool and scrub the stair that lead into the pool, at the same time test the water chemical levels.


A robot for inspection of under house crawl spaces that are hard to get to,to inspect for pipe damage and for bug or rodent infestations


I would like to see the peg feet have a touch sensor (switch). This would allow the spider to navigate over uneven terrain. It would also be nice if JD's feet had touch sensors to make it possible for him to work with uneven terrain. As I have assembled various robots with EZ servos, I have often needed a gender changer. It would be nice if male to male and female to female changers were available. - but something very thin - not think like the cube. Having hands with touch and proximity sensors would also allow more interesting programs, as I have done with my Arlo Roobt (The robot you've always wanted - videos on YouTube). I got my camera in the developers kit and it does not have the plastic housing that makes it connect easily to other parts. It would be great if the housing could be purchased separately. As you can see by the above comments, I am working on modifying various EZ robots to have more sensors in their limbs. This makes it possible to create robot's with far more capability.

Robot Basic

I think having the ability to ask the robot questions and get answers like SIRI would be a useful tool for the user.


I want a robot that's an expert at home surveillance. Although I think my kids would prefer one that can help with their homework. :)


I would like to have fluid conversations with my robot and for the robot to roam around and map its environment


I would love my robot to be able to assist in everyday tasks such as making bacon and eggs for breakfast, curling my hair, putting make up on, typing what I ask so I can multitask.


To make an automatic dog toy launcher for our family pets. It would be great if we could have it recognize the different toys that each of our dogs like Hoping to accomplish that with the recognition software


I would build a robot as a Drone that shoots Nerf harmless arrows! You could then have fun battles between friends.


I think having one that would shoot darts would be cool. Take a robot like Rollie and add a dart cannon to him and make him like a tank.


I've seen the video of rolli robot. He's got some good mobiltiy and potential. What I imagine is one with the same mobility but with the ability to shoot pinkpong balls and battle other robots. The rolli robot would be able to roll to any area and then pop open and shoot the balls at a target of its choice. Little sensors could be stuck to the robots involved in the battle to determine target points, which could then be used to determine the rules and winner of the battle.

Lord Duck

I love Holiday Displays, and incorporating robotics into them, allows them to be more realistic. With that said have you designed a life size skull/head with moving jaw that can be 3D printed? Example like Bucky Skull! The real movement of the jaw can be done with simple Arduino UNO and Servo. Can your EZ-Robot do this direct to the servo? Does the EZ-Robot have an Audio Out Plug to hook up to the Arduino UNO to allow for this jaw movement? So that is the Needed Functions with solutions... The biggest need is a Life Size Skull figure with moving Jaw.. That you can then put a Mask, Hair, Etc. on to complete the realistic look...


If i had a choice to make any robot, i would make one that could be your personal health care companion. it could tell you when u r feeling sick, how to prevent disease, what medicine is needed and maybe even have a built-in software in it that could buy the medicines for you online.


Hi There, i have been thinking and reading through all shorts of current technologies that available. It may sound crazy but does anyone every thinking of building a real life "Gundam" robot? what i mean is not the "Real" Full size but a smaller size such as the MG size or PG size of Gundam robots and the controlling concepts are through wireless remote control. with the current arcade system that we seen build in japan it is a kind of concepts that it may work. No doubt if such kind of robot is build will rock the world. But still there are alot of challenge that hardware and software engineer will face. For now will only become and ideas. What it will require: 1) Gundam design armor (i think builder will know what i mean base on the Gundam Series. Although is an anime but it give alot of ideas) 2) skeleton of the robots 3) control system and software design For other improvement will need to see how current technologies will guide use through. Shun


I would like to develop a robot competition league designed around the ez-robot platform that utilizes non-lethal (non-destructive) weapons, ecm, defensive, and performance enhancing modules (based on a total load-out points system) to autonomously battle opposing robots. I believe the platform is the perfect versatile and extendable system, through 3d printed parts, available in the market. In addition, the price point allows for a large segment of US households to be able to enter with a small initial investment. Receiving any level of pricing discount would aid in this goal. Thank you in advance


My robot idea is essentially a highly automated display for a portion of a lego train display. I have built most of the mechanical parts of my display but am seeking a way to automate it. The Lego robot controller is too limited and too expensive. My vision is a series of missile launchers that will be concealed underground. Doors will open and the missiles will rise and rotate and elevate. There will be an air raid siren and also warning lights. This could be triggered manually, based on some time for inactivity or respond to new activity (a person approaching) or a lego train passing. Some logical combination of these triggers could be used. We have found that the best displays have the most activity in terms of trains and animated functions. Animated functions for most of us (in my club) have been limited to simple motors. This would really amp up the coolness factor.... Thanks for reading.


An awesome idea would be a fighting robot. Sure, they probably have one, but not one that destroys the other. So they can listen to you if you say "punch" or "kick" and they will do that. Maybe parts could fall off so that they know who wins. Kids would go crazy for that.

Penguin master

Although this isn't a new idea, adding the ability to fly would be incredible for these robots! Also, animal-shaped robots may get kids more interested in this technology.

Bob Lee Swagger

They need to make robotic reptiles. My kids would go crazy for a robotic frog or lizard


Enable visual tracking. The tracking features would correlate with GPS capabilities to allow better spatial relationships and ability to leverage and communicate geocentric information. I can be contacted for further discussion on this topic. Keep making progress guy ! Thanks, Ken McColl


Im using the kits to let 7th and 8th graders design the own robots and design the parts on a 3d printer. So, its not my idea, im letting the imagination of our kids create the robot, with hour help.


I want to build a robot with less budget.I am expecting parts for my robot from ez robot please provide me the needed parts with less price.

Tejareddy vuppula

The goal is to build my own rolling BB-8 droid as inspired by the new Star Wars movie! This seems to be the start of an expensive but FUN hobby. :)


We've made some remote controlled football playing robots but we'd like to make some autonomous robots that can play competitively or co-operatively. We would like to use a robot to demonstrate the principles behind a self driving car and another that can work with cloud based data analytics software to improve its performance over time. Final one is a bit less serious but to celebrate the upcoming release of a certain film we would like to make some robots with lasers on, fill the room with smoke and have them make light sabre noises while fighting.

Ed Greig

My son and I are going to rebuild my old RAD robot(before he designs a 3d printable body) he wants to integrate the DIY kit and a nexus 5 phone into it and some sensors for his final senior high school project. So far he just knows he wants to do it and make it cool enough to submit it with his application to MIT.


I own a company and work a great deal with 3D Printing. While software solutions provide organizations, such as schools, the ability to set up print lists that can run during the night, if there isn't anyone there to take a print off the bed when done, the next job can't start. A robot capability that would detect when a 3D print job completes, removes the print, and waits for the next print to finish. This would create a fully automated 3D Print environment to maximize the use of time.


fair un robot du type humanoïde et vair vehicule a chenille avec camera sonars et récepteur gps bluetooth


What if you created one that could lift different recyclables and teach it to deposit it in the right bin? Or, create one that can pick up and launch balls at different objects! OR, create one that lays low, is all terrain, and can capture video that you can remotely record, similar to a small tank-like machine? I have so many ideas for you guys! Too bad I can't afford these...

Sophmore at TCHS

one motor to power all the movements in the body using cables and small servo's with a nas ai.

mike w

To learn a little about robotics and maybe eventually build a robot for long distance surveillance. Nick


I would like to make a robust BB8 Droid using the inverted pendulum, the EZ controller, and some sensors, leds, and servos.


To use for teaching adults / young adults with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. My idea is that the robot would be interactive and would teach the student to memorise key facts, whether it be for mathematics or learning key programming words off by heart. I would like to experiment to see if the robot could also receive information from a device such as a smart phone or a tablet. THat is the user can respond directly to a robot's question by entering information onto a screen.


I’ve seen certain toy robots that have a “leash” function. Basically, a wireless device that the bot can be trained to follow. Ones I’ve played with in the past use IR technology. It would be nice if a similar function was available to the bot through the user’s smartphone since most people will have it with them anyways. Thanks.


Hello DJ Is there a way we could program "Google Voice" into the speech engine so a student or anyone for that matter can ask the Robot a question and receive an answer? I realize most of these systems like Google Voice, Cortana and Siris are cloud based but could this be accomplished to add a higher level of AI to your Robot line? Just a thought. Thank You Hector L. Bombino Whittier, Ca.


Hello. My name is Hassan I am a 14 year old boy. I think that adding more servos for your JD humanoid robot and increase it's size will be a great idea.


Wel I know this is asking alot from a robotic device. It would not jjst be a robot that does parlor tricks or take place of actual parenting. In fact, it would encourage better parenting and more interactions with ones child, fro as young as a new born to the development of when the child is off to the first day of school. As well, so on from there. Almost like a pet, this would have to be fully contolable from the parents side. It would and could learn with your child, and teach it only parent approved lessions, from the ABC's to friendly dreminders such as "Did You remeber to put our toys away" to "Mmmm dinners ready, lets wash our hands and go eat!" almost like it was a companion, however these messages are being sent and directed from the parents controler. It would have pre-programed memory or able to make special notes of things the child likes "oh hey, its5pm. Dora the explorer is on TV. Lets ask mom if we can watch it?" And possibly even add on "or would you rather stay here and..." giving the child the option of the other choice. It could play music, or even have the face of the robot act as a monitor, or even relay messages that the parent has pre-recorded for the kid. Such as a warning about a household concern or even have dad sing his favorite lullaby when he is having difficulty sleeping. This robot would be aimed mostly at preschoolers, and would have small cellular capabilities such as GPS and have "emergency response" in case the child was to be in harms way. For example, if the child sperates from the robot a amber warning would alert the parents and local police and have photo capabilities of location and who the child interacted witb last. As well, a stealth mode where the robot is looking like a childs toy, but thru parental monitoring danger has been detected and authorities or emergency response has been alerted, yet is silent on the end of the child. Not allerting the perpetrator allowing the element of surprize. A whole slew of safety controls and monitoring ablities on the parental side of the the parental side to help keep your child safe and as well control over what your child learns with his new friend. Yes I know it seems like I am asking for a babysitter with a one time cost factor. Thats not the idea at all. It would be limited to functions and would only be able to suggest and remind of certian lessions the parent instilled on the robotic companion. As well provide a companion and act as a source of interactive entertainment for the child. What can I say, Im an expecting father, and I want my son to have the coolest toys I didnt get when I was his age... I had a "See and Say Farm" when I was a kid. It rarely had batteries. Lol


Im a twelve year old boy and I really want a hexa robot for Christmas and I love the show and abc called battle bots and it gave me this idea. A battle bot You could have sensers on servo operated hammers so if you hit another battle bot there sensor detects it and they lose a life. Both robots have two life's and you could mont the hammer ends on anything. You could have a spinning arm with hammers on both sides or you could have one on the frond of a ram any thing! And they would also be compadable with all robots with another sensor. Thanks for considering of my idea hope it comes true. From Peter


Hi, I'm Noah. I'm 12. And my robot idea is a maid. Something that can cook, clean, protect your house, help with homework, turn off lights, and wake up family members. It'd be a maid that you only had to pay for once. And you don't even have to charge it, it would drive over to the included charging base and charge itself. Thanks for hearing my idea.


Hello DJ, My name is Adrian Wu, I'm a fashion designer based out of Toronto. You can google me for more info. I'm emailing you because my interest in moving forward the wearable technology movement. I would like to make clothing out of the technology you have created. I truly believe the simplicity and user friendly benefits of EzRobots is the key to its success. I started a company called which is starting with an anti-bacterial scarf I designed. I'm currently working on prototypes for Fleecer to be more useful and working with various companies like Solarfilm. I'd like to order enough flexible motors to make a sheet of fabric. I know it sounds crazy but I need this as soon as possible. I'm speaking at a conference at Queens University In Ottawa and I'd like to unveil a few prototypes at my talk. Let me know what you think. I look forward to meeting you soon, whether it's if I come to Calgary or you're ever in Toronto. I'm really interested in a long term collaboration. I also have a great interest in Williams project with Alan. Talk soon. Adrianian.

I think you could give a camera a read function like text to speech or speech to text so you could put a piece of paper in front of it and it would recognize it. also, you could assign a certain word as a function name or program the robot to say the word once its recognized


Actually it is an PC idea. I am a Dutch Engineer and would like to make a animated PC-Case. In this PC case i would like to mount the hardware parts on robot arms so it will display all parts like they are floating free in an enclosed computer case. On top i would like to place a JD head and on the sides arms that interact with audience (waving back, nodding, handing out business cards, etc.)


Hiya DJ!:-) After much thought; NAO, ROBI, DarWin, JD or Pepper my choice was quite clear, JD the robot. The reason of choice that it's capable of many things & much more than the others..... Ordered JD a few days ago, he's scheduled for delivery today! Will be upgrading JD with a breathable skin and a Robi or Nao head, this will benefit his uses with kids in a class that have extream hypersensitivity & ADHA. Have been watching & reading all I can on the JD info along with checking out the software, in this case will be more prepared for the hands on once he gets here... Had a simple upgrade idea for JD for the future; here it is... JD's CoOl Voice Control (EZ-CVC) Create programs, moves, apps ect for JD on the computer and have those codes programs ect activated via voice command and save them to a mini Memory Card of some sort.... Once your hard work is all completed simply place the EZ-CVC card into JD and say commands; Activate EZ-CVC, once you say the initial start command JD will beep 3 times then simply say any title of the programs ect you have created then JD will preform the programs, once the program is completed JD will bow..... Just a simple complex idea that would be super cool and kids, teens, students & adults would be able to sit back and enjoy the hard work they have put into JD.... Have a couple other ideas such as; 2. Come walk with me, JD will walk with you and follow you with a simple voice activation; Walk With Me 3. A much bigger idea but doubt it's possible at the momet without a big team creating the program for JD; "Smart Phone Connect" A JD version of Apples Siri Have a great day! Drew Northern MI 1-231-313-7267


I think it would be a great idea if you had a robot that would have servos that go vertically and it would pick up things and set them down wherever you programmed it to put it.


make a robot that has the feelings of human . that do things done by human and also do the things that cannot be done by human. that saves the coyntry. that drives car , play with us , go school with us means a fully humanoid robot


I would like to create a robot that will be used to aid people with vision impairment. My robot would be programmed to do small tasks around the home that a blind person would find difficult to do. Speak recognition would be an important part in the communication process between robot and user. Some of the tasks that I would like to experiment with are listed as follows: 1. A robot that can clean and vacuum floors on a users voice command. 2. A robot that can use a camera to see objects or identify dangers in the home and warn the user. 3. A robot that can monitor the house when a vision impaired person is home alone. Robots are a wonderful tool for enjoyment, but they also have unlimited possibility in the health care sector and with the Ezrobot system we maybe able to see such technology helping others in the not too distant future.


A robot that can aid in organizing my desk while I am gone so that my desk is neat when I get home. It could have a camera on it to have live feed go to a smartphone so you can see the progress it has made.


come up with a shell that could cover the JD robot's servos one that would be light and 3D printable.


A humanoid robot that is inexpensive and easy for kids to build/understand. I want it to be able to do the simple things like walk, and then if they want to add to it they can do so on their own.


A water bot with propulsion that stays floating next to me in the water, holds my drink and doesn't let it spill.


JD with an Android phone as the head. Android phones include all the sensors and radios inside JD, plus more. Using OTG host, you can even barrow power from the battery.


Here in Mississippi, there are Legos robotics competitions and clubs sponsored by Ole Miss University, and First robot (or something like that) sponsored by Mississippi State University. I recommend EZ-Robort, which is way more versatile and easier to teach and use, start robotics competitions and clubs in Mississippi and be sponsored by Delta State University, Cleveland, MS where my wife is tenured and senior faculty in the CIS Department. Then, local Mississippi Delta schools which don't have the money to buy those more expensive and difficult kits can get in on the STEM robotics wave/crave.....Cheers Coach Webster


A robot platform with an iPad built into it, which would allow it to be much more expressive and interactive.


Simply have it monitor your house with sound and motion, visual and have it connected to wifi server to see on an app what your bot sees, plus if there is a problem, it can signal you on your app so you can look. Also a great way to watch pets. I think I will teach JD when he arrives to give the dogs a treat. Would be great if it could take pics and record video and have that saved on an SD card. Wouldn't need to change manufacturing, just have the car reader as a plug in to the board like the sensors we can add. Just a thought. Call it Sentry Bot. Pete


I have built a JD robots using 3D printed parts. I want to control JD using my Android device mounted in a VR headset. I need to be able to stream the camera image side by side and have EZ-app running in the backroung, using the phone's motion sensors to control JD's movements. The goal is a telepresence bot control through virtual reality interface.


A robot platform optimized to video record competitive activities. A tracked robot on an archery or pistol range would safely record individual competitors for safety and learning/training.


I plan to order 20 JD Humanoid robots for my 4th and 5th graders to use. The students will create their own game for the robots to play and the best game will be played by all of our robots. They will program the Humanoid from their iPads. We also have a 3D printer that we would like to work with as we build the robots.


Hi there, I have a great idea and i really don't need any discount on any of your robot or the money and i'll only tell only when somebody will get in touch with me on the contact email id. Don't miss the chance!


I would like to purchase a JD humanoid for my daughters 11th Birthday. Four years ago she went to a summer LEGO robotics camp where she was not only the youngest, but the only girl. She enjoys programming the most... I enjoy the engineering and building aspect. Her idea is a robot that automatically weeds large farming areas. Weeds are becoming more resistant to herbicides, which is hurting our farmers. She would like to build and program a "simple" solar-powered robot to automatically identify weeds, pull them up, and take them away. This may help make the world more robot-friendly. Thank you for EZ-Robot, we look forward to using this awesome platform for her to learn more!


I would like to build a robot that would help to tutor my daughter in different subjects!


I'm a Senior in high school, and my school has very little focus on technical classes. I am doing an independent study in which I am creating a robot. I plan on creating a hexapod robot. I will use this to show the other kids, and faculty at my school the cool and attainable things students can do with technology. I intend on making the robot from scratch and will need to control at least 18 servos (for the legs), and possibly a couple more. The body will be 3D printed. It will also have a gyro and ultrasonic sensor for autonomous movement.


I am trying to make a panther sized robot ( about 3 feet high, 4 feet long and 1 1/2 foot wide). I would like it to be a fast robot, since it is for my schools pep-rally's, I am thinking wheels, but I would still like the legs to move. I would like to be able to be a little weather proof, since it will send some time outside, and also be able to take on grassy terrain. Lastly, i would like it to be not too heavy for easy transportation.


i am working on a suit with an exosqueletton build from construction toys, with a robot included into my suit i will be an avatar-cyborg that come from another galaxie to communicate and share with children of the earth, so she teach to children what is the real power in life, be more sensitive you can of your environment, and the cyborg will teach electronic and robotic to children with easy modular component and controller, like ez board and arduino, and raspberry pi, ez board is the perfect brain for my cyborg, my suit is very beautifull, full of light and mecanism, sound effect voice effect, and a guitar hero include in the suit as well to use it as a synth to use many kind of sounds. i will aslo have plasma tour in my back, a system of colored vapor etc, i aslo have a wonderfull helmet, and an nano little flying bug with camera that, also i will have many sensors that activate the mecanism of the robot i want to hack to use as an exo-squeletton, so that character go where children are to help them to recognize abuse and violent behavior and learn that anger is toxic. i hope to cooperate with ez robot community to help me in my project, i am a fifty ears old woman who have many experiences and i am an autoditacte since always, so now i am a computer tech and 2d and 3d creation and animation, even game making plateform, i know very much things, and since several years i learn about electronic, and i buy all my electronic lab at this point with ez boad. ez builder seam very interesting and full of functionnality. please to meet you ez-robot community


My idea is to take the band launcher lose the wheels ad arms and gripper, modify legs.and continue to go from there


How about a walking humanoid but with grippers on its head and 3 feet connected to a spinning servo on each side and a gyroscope on the neck and (if possible) a way for it to follow you so it can take your stuff and be sort of like a minion who can go up stairs. That way if you need to take the grocerys to your apartment and you have a lot, it can grab a bag on its head and take it up the stairs for you. You could even connect it to your phone and give it a microphone so it can do things like hand free text. So its basically a 3rd/4th arm.


I'm hoping to build a speaking, face recognizing, animatronic butler with artificial intelligence. It will serve food and beverages, tell the time and the current temperature, and ask and respond to most questions.


I would like to use your hardware to create a robot (I'm thinking Wall-e) to try to get people at my high school to get more interested in robotics. Something commonly known by many people like wall-e robotized I'm hoping will get people interested and show them what's possible.


I want to build a full size wall-e robot to interact with children at the children's hospital. They love R2-D2, so wall-e is the next project


More robots that are beginner stage. We are trying to help our soon to be 7 year old with his love of ez-robots but we can't afford $400 versions of them and although we hope to help him make his favorite Wall-E we are terrified we will mess it up. We are planning on getting the smaller ones but that may not be enough for him! He is already planning on moving to Canada so he can work for EZ robot when he grows up. DJ is his hero!

Future Ez Robot builders Mom

A robot that has an auto charging module so it can plug itself into the plug and special vacuum hands so it can climb on a wall.Another god idea is to make a module like a tank so the robot can store in it garbage that it will be able to collect with vacuum feets or grab them (the bigger ones) with its hand,then it can go and throw them into a bin that it will reach with extending feets


Do a quadraped robot that is dog like and make a dog like head bit for it. Makes an awesome pet toy or just for a hobbyist or university learning purposes.


Hi I would like de transform my roli in turttle. So to do that, i have to buy new part of the robot. Christophe


How about a robot that can be like siri so he or she can cominicate with you when you need edvice


A robot that fights fires and rescues people with a car and jetpack would be awesome


A few ideas: - i am trying to combine JD with the Rover base, and add all sensors, i think that will be quite cool looking robot and more useful than JD and Rolly robot separately. - i would like to see some software examples of actually using the gyro and accelerometer sensor for the JD robot to make him more stable, while standing and moving, not just to make him stand up from the ground when he falls. - a robot submarine :) - and for the future wish, i would like to see a humanoid robot with an actual artificial intelligence, capable of understanding and communicating with humans


To have a propeller attachment so it could fly around. I think that would be really cool


I have an I Dea for a robot that can go up stairs and get someone's favorite drink I am 14 and I am top in my class for robotics the way that it would go up the stairs is having 3 weeks like you would if you divided a pie the axes would be hoke up in the middle and there would be rods for the wheels so as the axel spins the tires and the robot can go up and down stairs


I would like to make a robot that recognizes when the vegetables in my garden are ripe and what quantity (i.e. how many ripe cherry tomatoes). Ultimately, I would like for it to pick the vegetables and deliver them to the back door. Let me start with detection.... I can't Wait!........EZ Robot looks like it can get me there!


I would like to have a robot that could play sports ank cook food. Also I would like a robot that can do common house chores like clean your room or sweep the floor.


I would like a robot that can do common house chores like make your bed and sweep the floor.


Have an attachment that adds propellers so it could fly around and get more places


Do you like caterpillars? You should make a robot that Slivers around on the table or floor.


A lizard terrain robot that can go anywhere including going upside down and on walls


A robot that would monitor energy usage in your home and suggest ways to cut down on consumption.


I would think a robot that can fix your iphone in 10 or 20 mins will be really cool or a robot that can instantly charge your phone without a plug just batteries


I'm thinking of a robot that only has 6 arms on the side of its body and has no feet. And can walk using its arm strength by lifting its self up. And for a name for this robot I'll say lifter because the robot can lift himself up. So if you like this idea you can use it to create more robots.


I want to see a robot that can play a wide range of different sports including- soccer and basketball. I have seen many different soccer robots but I have never seen one that could play basketball. It could be somewhat hard to make, because it would need many different sensors, that can tell where the ball is and how far away the basketball is and then make the required movements to go over to it. There would also need to be one on the ring so that it knows where to aim. Soccer would also need similar requirements to be able to complete its tasks. Also keeping the price reasonably low would be great, because robots like these can be very expensive so some different things may have to be done so that the robot is not too pricey. The robots could be done in different colours, so that if you are playing with two or more, you can easily differentiate between them.


I would really like to see a robot created that can communicate and talk with people. Maybe by recognising sentences, it could then respond with pre-programmed responses.


I want to find away to make the robots fight, with the motion and depth sensors, it shouldn't be hard. Find away to create little weapons (safe weapons like little plastic swords and shields)

C Dawg McGee

My plan is simple, take an existing robotic platform i.e. Roborover, or omnibot and turn it into a fully functioning robot. I'm looking to add full functioning arms in place of current arms, reutilize the drive train, and retrofit the head with cameras & distance sensors. My children and myself think this would be a fun robot project. After we complete the build our plans get a bit murky. They want to go full ai, I'm a bit more grounded and just want to see how many features I can cram into the platform. Our limitations are in budget & time. The older of the two that would assist in the project has a lot on his plate already with sports, school, & scouts. The younger one has cheer & school. So we would get two good evenings a week, if we were lucky. The budget, well family of 5 single salary. I was figuring on picking up a used robot on eBay in need of fixing, and going for your developer kit. This should keep costs down to the 200-250 range. I hope this gives you a picture of what my idea is.


I had an idea that there could be a create your own robot so you can basically pick they theme, then do an outline of the robot, pick the parts and finally buy them and have them 3D printed and shipped to your house.


I and some of my Friends are planning to make an automated as well as gesture controlled robot which can be used as a guide or teacher in villages to teach students and motivate them towards different career fields. Or it may be used in military or health areas also.


I have a disability that effects my mobility and want to use a robot to help me open up my brain capacity. I have a little Chihuahua that I would like to play with, using a robot. I want the robot to move around with him, track his movements and kick the ball for him. I also want the robot to pick objects up and pass them to the dog. That's not all! I would like a robot to be able to show me who is at my front door, live chat with them and open the door electriconically. Seeing as I need help getting my socks on etc. It would be great to have a robot to open a draw, select a particular colour of socks and help me put them on. Then, get my trousers and help with them also. With the hand movement and being able to grip, the robot could be used to track a path to the kitchen, recognise the fridge and open the door. Then it could select an item such as a can of drink and bring it to me. Also, open the microwave and place a heat pack inside. Then, via video camera and wifi or Bluetooth, let me take control to press the timer buttons and get the heat pack out and bring it to me. The possibilities for helping around the home are endless, I could communicate with hand gestures via video link, so I could pick up objects such as fruit and bring them to me. Then, as like Siri or Cortana, I could ask the robot questions and it could become my robot companion. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Kind Regards, Brett Peggs


This is a father daughter project( Riley is 8). She wants to build a robot modeled after one of her favorite online games " Five Nights At Freddy's". The main characters in the game are animatronic figures : a bear, fox ,chicken etc.. She wants to build something that will interact with her and her friends. We have already been looking at suitable stuffed animals to fit the electronics into,along with being big enough for some animation ..we were looking at your developers kit to get started it seems to be an awesome unit with a ton of features. !

Rileys Dad

I live in Brazil. Working with public schools and students from lower social income. I would like to buy low-cost kits to attend about 50 schools. This is a social work. What do you guys suggest me? Thanks Marcos Oliveira


I fully understand the complications of making a humanoid robot, and know that it's even harder to make one that can think, feel, and see. But maybe if you guys could figure out a way to program your own thoughts and personality into a humanoid robot, it could change the world. instead of using a remote, you maybe could build a microcontroller to control the senses(feel see hear, Etc.) you could use all kinds of sensors for that. and maybe make it about the size of a child/teen human, but instead of big expensive servos, use hydrolics. Thats one of my robot ideas, and im not under or over estimating you guys, but i think you could do it.

Logan Cooper Elliott

A robot to tell you when to change the cat litter without having to go and take a look would be great.


It's amazing so many people have different ideas. I would like a robot who help me in trading stocks or comodities. It should be able to connect with my trading account and give me live updates or the video on my personal device esp when I m at work or busy. With certain AI it should be able to give me suggestion and even execute trade ( as far as the parameters set are Met) . The whole purpose of this robot would be to continuos monitor the live market and alaram me in case of some significant event where there is lot of volatility in the market and execute or close the trade transaction. - Anish


If you had a robot that would interface with a GoPro camera that was 3 feet tall ( or so). It would allow for school porjects or business applications. It would also be interesting to see "shells" that you could attach to your robots to make them look less DIY and more professional.


A robot that connects a charger to an electric car whether it's in the garage or driveway.


el robot es uno artefacto que le damos ordenes para realizar un debido proceso o trabajo por lo cual deseo que ez-robot mejore mas sus sensores y aumento otros para llegar a un desarrollo mas gigantesco del cual ya lo a logrado y optimizar el software.


My idea is to use ez-robot diy kit to make an rc car with a camera and some sensors and LEDs and with all high-tech features.

Viswa Teja

I am a movie buff, and hence my project. I am building a fully articulated and servo controlled T800 terminator robot. (Display only, not looking to wipe out mankind or I am going to use this interface for eye and head movement.


Hi, I am currently working on building an InMoov robot. I am using a Ultimaker 2 to print the ABS parts. So far I have about 30% of the parts printed. I have been keeping the Ultimaker printing about 18 hours a day, and expect to have all the parts completed by the end of August. I hope to be able to put the Ezrobot controller to good use. Looking forward to keeping you all updated on my progress. Blaine


I have an idea for a robot that most of the parts are 3D printed so it would be easy to to fix/upgrade or give it your own personal twist.

Whopper Mods

I want to connect the calender on my computer to the robot so that I can have the robot tell me that I have a event at a certain time and alerts me of when I am late . A developer EZB that is a very good shape and is not such a awkward shape to incorporate into small robots A customizable EZB so we could have robots that have more HD servoes or less of other sensors or cameras.


I want to build a 40cm boxing/fighting robot from scratch with carbon fiber structural frame and PLA 3D-printed exterior. The robot will use EZ-B v4 as controller unit with modified power system to accommodate power requirement of 17 to 10 high voltage high torque servos.


I'm planning a companion bot. Something that can perform simple tasks on a schedule or by having me send commands from a smartphone. Starting by the basics, I want it to have mobility, even if slow, and a claw, then expand that over time. The final idea is to have something halfway between a pet and a human. :)


I travel for work but have pets. I have a pet sitter that comes once a day while I'm away but if something happens right after she leaves it could be 24 hours before anything is done about it. I'd like a robot that could keep tabs on them by having the ability to find them (tracker attached to collar) and check on them when I request it. Robot could also give them food and water if need be by triggering and automatic dispenser. As I am gone for days at a time the robot would need a way of self charging, like a roomba, when its battery is low.


My Idea is a cross of a Quad Copter and a Helicopter. Named as a Quad-Hybrid. Good concepts of both of the above mentioned can be used to make a more stable, user friendly and eco friendly device. With more research on this concept, can really the replace the use of Drones (Quadcopters) and Helicopters!


I think a robot should have lots of tasks, but if I had to pick one it would have to be a robot nurse. I imagine a robot working in a hospital helping sick people and doctors. You could help save lives with this robot.


I want to make a robot that will walk around parties and use facial recognition to say hello to my specifc friends. It would then tell jokes and play music while dancing. I also want to teach it how to climb stairs autonomously as well as avoid general obstacles. I will make use of the accelerometer control to teach the robot how to get back up when it falls down.


I want to interface the ez-robot system into an INMOOV android to build a anamectronic Holloween display. I am currently using simple cams and motors. This should let take it over the edge.


My idea is a robot that can read. It would help blind people and could also be a great study-buddy. Instead of looking back and forth multiple times to write down a long math equation the robot would read it for you. Even if it could only read one font and one size there could be some type of program that automatically converts everything for you, and any mistakes you can edit before you save it. I think this could really help a lot of people. I'm sure there are many more real world applications that I haven't thought of for this robot.


I have four kids. No more than one of them is capable of getting their dirty clothes to the hamper. With sufficient image recognition training, could I build a bot that can navigate their bedrooms, scan the floor for socks, t-shirts and other garments that didn't make it into the bin, and finish the job for them? I'm not even asking it DO the laundry--just help me eliminate some of the clutter around here!


my idea is to build a exoskeleton suit to help my father get around until he had surgery on his knees and hip idea # 2 a manipulation suit to control humanoid robots idea # 3 a more powerful version of the first idea

Droid 1o1

It would be cool if there was a robot that would act like an actor and can direct it self based on the script too.Then it can have a whole bunch of robots acting. But all the movie would need is a writer and a producer.


I want my robot to patrol my rural yard. Survival is first: solar power, northern-michigan-winter-survivability, GPS, etc. Second priority is surveillance. Living in the woods, there are all sorts of animals that may wander through my yard and garden. Video, audio, and remote control abilities will give me the chance to see (and maybe yell at) them whether I am on the couch, in bed, or across town! The "bells and whistles" will probably be, literally, bells and whistles. Lights, music, and human interaction/entertainment will be the third, "bonus" priority when (if) everything else gets up and running.


robot which help me in studying by guiding me as a teacher always remember me what to do and how to do which manage my time help me solving tough mathematics and computer programming problems by going through my study resources and avoid others fro intruting me


It is a Minecraft TM robot that could do sounds and special effects. It would also be good to make a combat and spy robot


im thinking off henry the hover. shorten the pipe and attatch the hover foot to the front of henry and find somewere to hide the ez-b v4 he would talk play music and dance as well as hover the floor im thinking about makeing this or no jonny 5 from short cercuit


Few ideas come to mind. 1) Arm Pet. Robot that wraps it self (like others mentioned here before like a snake) around your arm or shoulder. Should be able to stream audio, capture video / images and ability to have sensors. Heart monitor etc. If the robot is not on the arm, Should be able to roll or navigate to its owner / partner. 2) Keychain robot. Locates you via phone app. So they keychain w/ keys can crawl to you or roll out. Would require a smaller brain size (Ez-Robot platform) 3) Phone robot. Plug in your iPhone or Android into the robot. Robot will now take your phone to a charger and continue to charge your phone. Until you call to a robot to bring your phone. 4) Projector Movie Robot / Video Conference. With a built in projector to watch movies or communicate. However this robot is able to tell if image is out of focus. Should walk or drive to a position in the room for a perfect distance from the projection screen / wall. Must be able to take commands to pause, play etc. Thank you for your consideration, Greg Shabanov.


How about a robot that walks like a centipede or a millipede. It could be about 14 inches in length and minx the movements of a millipede or centipede.


I would like to build a robot to help with household chores like doing dishes and sorting laundry.


Snake... He can do the robotic worm. Webcam. Creep out your siblings by putting it in their bed when they're gone and when they're asleep, you power up.


well to start this off i think this kit looks amazing and for the price it looks like some amazing kit. my ideal robot idea would be to have a household robot or a "buddy" that you can communicate with and hold a conversation with, it would be able to do a google search just by talking to it and would know who i am and only respond to my commands. i think that with this voice recognition and the face detection already on this robot i think it is achievable. the kit is so good for how much it is and like i say i think you could make a really good communicative robot with this kit. my only question is it seems as though it cant run its own programs just standalone it looks like you have to have a pc connected via wifi or some other means. which to me is something that lets it down. as i said i am unsure if this is the case, but wit the leds in the eyes, the voice recognition and face recognition.... well you got yourself the starts of a humanoid robot that you can fully interact with and talk to which i think is something very special that other robotics kits on the market do not offer especially not at this price! i am very much considering buying one for myself!


I want to use an interactive robot head to create a "study buddy" for university students who enroll in remedial math courses. The head would need 1. to be expressive (affective) 2. to support facial recognition 3. to support character (hand written) recognition 4. to support voice recognition and synthesization 5. to support backend high speed connection with a workstation pc running all supporting software This study buddy would replace current lowend textbook publisher supplied learning -support software, based on multiple choice questions. I envision one bot buddy for each student workstation in a lab, or students could have a personalized bot at home or dorm that would need to connect to a remote server. There is more to the design architecture that I'd rather not disclose. I am closing in on the completion of the design and implementation of the backend and the network/server interface. My focus now is on finding a reasonably inexpensive frontend bot to provide humanoid interface with the student. Do you have a product that would fit my needs? (Can we keep this inquiry confidential?)


Carl's (7 year old) robot idea. My robot would turn on the tv, set up video games and play them with me on my team. Carol's (Carl's mom) robot idea - My robot would connect to all the travel information, find the best deals, give me the top ten based on what I have said I was looking for and then book it for me once I select the top one. It would be really cool if it traveled with me and carried my suitcases too :-)


I want to make a robot that is mounted to my window shade. When my alarm clock is going to go off on my phone, the robot will activate over the internet and open the shades.


I want students to be excited about things they create. If they are able to 3D print some of the robot and program it to do what they want it to do, they will be so excited. Our drama teacher also has a dream to write a movie with a robot character.


I'm working on a robot to star in a series of safety messages at work. "Lexster" started life as a R.A.D. 1.0 bot and will be used to do dumb things that real people do every day, but don't realize just how dumb AND dangerous the activity is.


Hey. I'm a boy there are 15 years old and just chose the science way of my life. My hobby is to program robots and I think it's interesting. It could be nice with a robot who has an iron detector. So if you for example lost your keys then the robot could find it. It should probably be a small robot. There are probably a lot of iron around the robot but then it's good with the camera and light if it's dark. Then there could be a little map where you can see how far the iron thing are from the robot. Hope it's a good idea because I really wanna get a code were I can save money. I already used a lot of money on robots and just wanna save a bit. Thank you ;)


i would like to buy robot who can help me in the kitchen as my buddy to interactive talk and help my daily work more easier. please guide which product i should buy to build my dream, to build a robot. my question is, what kind of product should i buy? to build the robot tall 60 cm with complete 1. face (have eyes can recognize face and voice, and can interactive talk like pandora bot) 2. hand can grab things as i seen on ur ezrobot breakfast humanoid 3. foot can walk can i combine your ez-robot part with bioloid? or can not. thanks


If JD had the options of hands with moveable digits that would be an awesome piece of kit. That being said I am still going to order 4 JDs anyway :)


I'm 10 years old and I want to make a robot that is like a person. Like the robot from Chappie the movie, a robot that I can talk to, that can say what I hold in my hand, who can see. I would like to make a robot man who can help humans and can think like a person and who cares about people and is bullet proof. I would want a robot that I can play with and can talk. This will be my real robot bro who thinks, acts, sees, talks, walks, like a human. Basically, I would like to create a live robot. My plan is to buy at least one kit, and then add to that kit with additional kids so that I can create my own live robot. My dad has told me that he is going to get me the kits and I am hoping that I will get a coupon to save some money on the few kits that I'm going to get. I have been programming on blocks world for the last year. I have created many different robots, such as fish, cars, planes, boats, and other unbelievably cool stuff that you can think of. I am excited to now take what I have learned on blocks world and create actual robots that can carry out the instructions that I program. Thank you for creating this I am excited to now take what I have learned on blocks world and create actual robots that can carry out the instructions that I program. Thank you for creating this Tool for me to continue my programming. By the way, I am going to use my dad's email address.

Tasmanian Devil 11

The perfect Robot for me would be all the ideas I've read. i believe every idea is a perfect idea. i would like a robot that could play games with me.


I have purchased JD robot and only comes with two wire wraps in your store you should sell the wire wraps because I would like more thank you


Utilizing EZ-AI and EZ-Builder as well as chatbot and web services to connect resources on the internet, I want to try and create a senior care medical robot. Build a multiple pill box dispenser that is controlled by servos and will be configured for medication taking schedules that can be configured through the pharmacy, home health nurse utilizing a cloud web administration portal for members. The bot will also remotely connect to fit devices that can specifically check the heart rate and blood pressure and track with a standard deviation set by the physician profile such as through the web administration portal for members. The bot can call for emergency if user is non-responsive and the also based on the fit device measurements. The bot can have conversations with the user by pulling information from trending sites, news feeds and other resources such as Wikipedia to entertain and inform the user while monitoring their. I really think this is possible and please do not steal my idea - or maybe the project is already in the works!


I plan on using the control module as the central brain for an advanced bipedal Battlebot, in concert with a pair of MYO gesture control armbands. The intent is to replicate human motion at human-like speed in an 8 foot, 600 lb suit of animated armor... Here's hoping :D

Wayward Mechanism

I need a robot guard to protect my mancave. I own a 3d printer and plan to print most of the parts. I also am into anime and plan to create some companion animatronic female anime dolls to keep company with my robot guard.


An animatronic 'companion' for costumes that doubles as a temperature and power monitor for large electronic enabled armored costumes, preventing heat and fire related accidents


what about a transformer, like a transforming robot. it uses a lot of servos, but it will be good as we see in the movie transformers.


What I plan to do is, by using a combination of input sensors (accelerometers, flex sensors and such) on gloves, control a small group of reactive characters for some upcoming children's plays. I would also like to use a similar concept to control an InMoov style robot, but have its reactions based on an actors input (sensor covered body suit). Working on the idea of an overhead track system that would carry such a device forward/backward based on shifts in forward/backward movements of a performer. In short, hypothetically driving a 7-8 foot tall robot reacting real time to the movements of an actor/performer. Shoulders would be driven by 4 separate servo's (4dof) (arm up/down, arm rotate, shoulder forward/back, and shoulder lift like a shrug) 2 (2dof) at the elbow for lift and rotating the forearm/hand, (2 dof) for wrist (up/down, left/right), and 5 (each finger) for hand. Still working out details on what to incorporate from robots like InMoov and what to just hardware up on.


I would like to see a pair of segmented robotic arms attached at the base without a torso. The two arms could act as legs and walk upright or as a pair of arms and climb up structures or aver obstacles hand over hand. This would be great for search and rescue or reconnaissance.

Robotic Havoc

I have always had a love for robots and collect early Tomy Robots. I would love to have a butler type robot, who could carry drinks, grab things off the floor, chase the cats and answer my commands kind of like robbie the robot, but much smaller. When I save up enough to get the LD Humanoid robot, i plan to slowly replace all the white plastic with colored 3d printed parts. I would love for him to walk around the main floor of our place, bug the cats, do roll overs etc. Being able to easily change and modify your robot designs open up a whole new world to myself and having it easy to control makes it so much better I WILL be buying one soon, just have to put together the $ :) Thank You


if i had a custom robot, i would have a a robot that looks like a box but then unfolds into a tool i could use


A robot with 4 wheels that can be driven around but can also jump over obstacles.


If I could get a custom robot, I would have a tank robot, with tank treads, a rubber band gun, and a camer, so you could attack someone from afar!


I have a friend with a handicapped daughter that is wheelchair bound. She has to use an electric chair. They asked me if I had an idea on how to help her pick something she has dropped, up off the ground. She has trouble using one of those gripper things. So I bought a 3d printer and found a suitable robotic hand/arm to print. I have ideas on how to make this arm foldable when transporting. What i need is to be able to control 2 to 4 dc motors and 6 servos. now, if she is having problems, I need for her father/mother to be able to help using wifi. Having a camera for them to be able to see or communicate would be helpful. I have not been able to find anything else in a compact unit that can do this. Your help would be much appreciated. Also I am following your female robot download on a 3d printing website, not sure if I am allowed to mention names here. But I am sure you know which one I am talking about. Thank you for any help you can provide.


My robot idea is that robots should have a jump spring and a mechanic to stick to the wall of a flat surface (Glass, concrete, wood) Also, a robot that can make scrambled eggs (if possible). Maybe even a robot that can fly and walk. So it can fly down the stairs, start walking at the bottom and go to the door, fly up and open it (if unlocked), go outside, close door, and turn back into the car mode. The flying would be like a helicopter with retractable blades so it can go into the body when you are driving! Thank you for reading my suggestions! Hopefully some of them can come true! -AJ Kaz


A robot that, with a voice command, will use an arm to open a refridgerator and reach to a specified location to retrive a drink or something of the sort (bring me a drink, reaches to area one; bring me [a pizza], reaches to area two-- possibly multiple areas programmed), lower it down, place it on a tray and/or drink holder. Once the arm has set the item down, the arm will close the fridge door. Then the robot, with a digital blueprint of the building programmed and the controller wearing a trackable device, will bring the desired items to its controller.

ace winnebago

Hello, i want to buy your EZ-B v4 Developer Kit for build a InMoov robot, my question is... What i need for built it one like your image ? : Can you provide me a full list of body parts that i need to buy? Thanks and congratulation for your hard work ! A. Meyer


Autonomous metal detector rover with a digging arm. Have multiple to scan sections of a beach.


I want an AI robot. That will work as a moving camera, a round my home. I would like one to be my friend, as well. looks like you have the plate form to start with. The mind is the limit it seems. Ex-teacher physics.


First, I absolutely love your company. I've been looking for someone like you for awhile. Anyway, my idea is to make a robot that is similar to a helicopter, where it has both wings, propellers, etc., and wheels. It also should be able to follow the orders of a person by voice command.


If I could have a robot do anything it would be a robot that you can have conversations with about your day, partner, work and life in general. It would be non-intimidating and very curious, asking unique questions which would be analyzed behind the scenes. Based upon the information captured in conversation, the robot would be able to suggest activities you should do, foods you should eat and people you should see to keep you as happy and healthy as possible. If it could integrate in with your shopping lists, calendar events and to-do lists it would be a truly great user experience and helpful tool.


A robot that can clean up rooms when the user defines target 'boxes' by size of object and area to be cleaned up. Robot senses the size (3 dimensional) and places them in appropriate boxes.


I'm going to build a machine to help my old mother with her cleaning chores and provide company and entertainment for her.

Bill Nibbles

I wouldn't know where to start but a robot that could interact with Autistic children, play games with them, use text to speech to tell them stories and help teach social skills would be a fun robot to build.


Make a helmet that can sense the vibration in the brain and can transfers them into thoughts that can control your robot so you just have to think of your robot getting you water and it will


Humanoide con GPS,WIFII dirido por teléfono inteligente y con piloto automático de rastreo y seguimiento incluid, visión nocturna e imprimible en 3D.


Used for disabled as mobile wheelchair with extra arms for getting things...voice control if possible.


I feel a true robot should operate autonomously, not be a remote controlled toy. I would like to see video projection would greatly enhance it's usefulness. It could display time, date and surrounding environmental information while influencing thermostats through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices. I could be use to help hearing impaired to see the the response to commands. and have a R2D2 display. Ideally when 3D projection is readily available and cost competitive.


I am very excited and ready to purchase one of your Roli Rover units , but I would like to get the Humanoid head instead of the camera head that come with the unit . Maybe since the Roli Rover is such a model that can do so many tasked you should offer a option list for this one model , more of a smorgasbord option with heads and a few other options . I think your approach to these Robots is wonderful and am looking forward to getting started on some photographic projects with a Roli Rover right away . Thank you , Jim Heric 541 935 9503

sadi heric

Moduler robot where you can build a bigger and child size one from printed and ready parts. This will be competitor with bigger names in robot with better and affordable price. Thank you for the great work!


Originally I downloaded your ez-builder program becuase it looked cool. So I wanted to program a drone to follow color, but I looked into the parrot drones and there around 400 dollars so I decided it'd be cheaper to buy the WiFi connecter and the syma drone. Which would already be only 115. But I could also use the connecter for other projects I have in mind.


An animal robot that acts like an animal an can climb trees (for a squirrel) or do tricks (for a dog) and that reacts to JD like a normal animal would act to a human

Ragina Falangie

My idea is either a tobot that can interact with your animals or something that can actually understand what your saying


I'm from Slovakia . I want to build a robot that will climb will be everywhere (on trees ,on wall and on chimney ). I already design but need parts. Thank you .


A robot which you can program to do things around the house like get somthing for you or clean somthing. Also it should be able to go up and down the stairs. This would be really useful for old or sick people.


I want a robot with a big red power off button. That I can train with movements, and with voice. So something built in to it like Google voice. So I can say for example. (Hey "goobot" follow me and watch this. Im going to show you and tell you how to clean the kitchen. This is how you turn on the water and what running water sounds like. Make sure you shut it off when your done. This is where all the dirty dishes are. etc. If you hear me say shut off the water or stop making all noise that means completly stop doing everything until I say resume. or something. Also I would like it to learn all words and be able to delete a certain word if i hear it say it. For example a curse word like fu*k that I usually say multiple times a day. And be able to set reminders. Alarms. Etc. And then maybe be able to have a mode button like motivation mode. So if I need to go work out at 5 am and Im taking to long or something it well just sit there and say insulting sentences. Like "why are you acting like a pussy" or quit being a little bitch" FYI. these are just examples that would work for me personally. Pretty much thats it. And the whole time it needs to know that the red button is bad so if I say hey im gonna hit the red button if you dont quit being stupid, it somehow is programmed to know thats bad. Anyway just an idea.


I am thinking of ways the Fire Department could use this and we have been looking for something like this. I would like to be able to have a robot in a suitcase that we can build in minutes for any type of situation. If it is a hazmat situation we can add the detection devices to it, if it is a search and rescue we can add the light and cameras, if its to see if something is structurally sound we can add weight to it and test the structure


I live in the USA,my mom lives in Mexico,today she was able to control a servo motor from her computer trough mine ,using a Parallax microstamp and a little bit of code i wrote.. idea is to be with her trough a robot platform that she can use to explore around my house ,or even go to the store with me ,i know is going to be a fun experience having a robot following me ,but is going to be... her.....Welcome Future !!!!!!


Will this controller can simultaneously control several motors? I want to make robots like the URL, you can do to control it?


A robot that could lift patients from an ambulance gurney and place them comfortably in a hospital bed or surgery table.


To create an interesting method for learning and experimenting with machine learning.


I basically live in a bush/rainforest environment (I live in Australia) and I would love the robot to be able to explore the forest floor and hopefully even be able to climb a bit.


A robot that can aid the elderly at night when nursing care goes home and to help dementia suffers to remember simple things while also keeping track of vital signs, plus alert the proper medical staff if something is wrong besides general companionship.


A robot that can walk around at night and turn on a flashy LED strip when specific noises are detected to chase of pigs rooting in the garden.


Small robots that can travel through small, difficult and hazardous spaces for disasters where building collapse is an issues e.g. earthquakes. This then allows early identification of potential rescues.


A robot that could make a plane and can help disabled people that can't walk that would be a.great robot


The robots should be able to use inductive charging to recharge, that would eliminate the power port and also make it easier for them to recharge themselves....You could set a condition that if it's battery drops below a certain level it would find it's dock and recharge.....the inductive part (LOL not so sure about the technical aspects) could be in the feet or underside the robot would basically just have to stand or sit in the right spot, no need to line up jacks or anything like that!!


A robot that is able to both vacuume and do the dishes at the same time that would be an ideal robot


I train my dogs for Agility competition. I would like to design a robot that would dispense a treat after my dog finished a required training operation correctly. For instance, I send my dog over a hurdle and through weave poles. The robot could be at the finished part of the weave poles and dispense a treat when it recognizes my dog.

Drummer boy

I want tv robot on track platform, that follows me around the apt and change channels with voice commands.


I am a type 1(insulin dependent) diabetic and have been so since age 11. As a result, I have had numerous near-death experiences due to hypoglycemia(low blood-sugar). Had I ever been alone during one of these episodes I wouldn't be writing this. I have what's called hypoglycemic unawareness, whereby I no longer exhibit any symptoms such as shakiness, weakness or odd behavior. Due to technological enhancements in diabetes I currently use a programmable insulin pump and device that subcutaneously measures changes in blood glucose. This device can be set to alert me audibly and tactically whenever my blood glucose reaches a critical level. Both of these devices communicate independently of each other in the 2.4Ghz range. I am starting on a robot which will receive each of these signals then take appropriate action. The most crucial action would be the ability to give me an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of a fluid called glucagon which almost instantaneously raises my blood glucose. This is usually done by another person because at this point I'm unconscious. The injection site is not critical. It can be given through clothing if necessary. I could wear a small transmitter which would guide the robot to me then using imaging recognition technologies(probably) have it locate an arm or leg to administer the glucagon. This would be the most invasive measure required. It could optionally allow the two devices to interchange data and act accordingly. From simply alerting me to a change in blood glucose or to tell the pump to change it's dosing. They already train dogs to perform some of these measures. I love technology so this seems like a perfect project for me. I am on disability and cannot afford many of the gadgets offered here. I currently use Arduino products and am just getting into the more interesting microcomputer products such as Raspberry, Banana and Orange pi-like boards.


I would make a humanoid robot that will talk with me and do stuff for me. He would recognise my face when he sees it.


I'm an software engineer. I don't have any robotics building experience but I want to get my 7 year old son start early on robotics. I'm evaluating EZ-Robot and Lego Mindstorms. I have two questions. #1 What's major advantage of EZ-Robot over Lego kit from 7 yr old educational purpose prospective? #2 If I choose EZ-Robot (your stuff is super cool, I watched a lot of your video clips), what kit should I start with? I lean toward the idea of DIY kit but not sure if it's too much for 7 year old (programming), or maybe a JD kit is a safe bet? Thanks a lot in advance for helping me out. -Best, Iceteeth


a flying robot with a move able rubber bands launchers ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


wanna create a smart rdd2 copy from star wars and take it with me at comic faire


a laser tag robot it will shutdown for a couple seconds and ther are senser that the other robot has to hit and you control the robot with a controller. I haven't used a ezrobot but i have seen it and my name is ezra so thats a cool feature. hope you like my idea.


I'm thinking of JD with gyro. So he can have better precision and balancing. In addition, I think JD should have another pair of servo between its body and its two legs so each leg can rotate left and right while its curled up making a step backward or forward. Another design could be a T-Rex or any dinosaur feature-like design. Also I'd like to have a robot that's ROV under water. It's a very good starting point for marine biologist and marine engineers designing underwater explorer. I'm also thinking of JD with a toy gun that can aim on targets, make precision and shoot using the user's command. In addition, there should also be a projectile launcher robot or something that does that. It should be able to measure the distance from itself to the target using laser-sensor, make calculations based on kinematic equations and forces and launch the target accordingly.


A tiny robot that Can clean fish tanks or small ponds. It gets rid of algae. The robot would be submarine based but have filters. It is pretty much a swimming filter.


Thinking a submline robot makes us have next dream. I believe deep sea has a lot of mistelius and give us exciting experience.


I propose a robot that patrols backyards and automatically cleans up after pet dogs. That would truly change the world.


I propose a robot that would help in assisting school teachers in paper corrections. Everyone knows that exams are necessary but if there is an answer key for an exam and someone has to sit and correct all the answers that is very tedious. Instead we can have a robot correct the papers by scanning the students paper and writing the total and points assigned for the question. He can read through his camera and interpret the results in his micro controller while doing math to assign the total which will reduce calculation errors. He can also upload the scores to the course learning website that the school uses. May be he can even go in and teach the students. I think this would be a brilliant and beneficial innovation


I want a robot that has a carmra so it knows me. I want it to be smart and know math. My robot will be loving and caring for people. And I want it to listen to me too.


We would like to use the robot to read aloud and act out a story for younger students (Kindergarten). We would upload an audio file of a selected book, then program the robot to make certain movements during the playing of the story.


Build an Robot Butler, who can answer the door, greet friends, and have a simple conversation, maybe about the weather. A friend of the family able to help with simple tasks. Make a robot of the future a reality today. Have the robot be able to make and bring a smile.

Andy Roid

If a robot could clean my cat's litter box, that would make my world a much, much better place!


I would like to incorporate drones options into your easy bits. It would be great to offering a flying robot


I believe that robots should be both appealing and functional performing some form of work. My robot idea is to make a personal assistant that incorporates facial recognition, is able to access contacts, calendar, to-do lists, reminders, etc. In addition, my robot would also be able to support two hundred plus pounds acting as cane and a carrier for laundry, dishes, etc.


I would like to build a robot that could turn my tv/stereo on. Something gamers would like. It would notify me if I had messages/game invites on my psn/xbox account. And could send replies by voice command. Oh, and it should have an air soft cannon on it

manny phresh

A robot that can walk, jump, climb, and more. A bot that is for explorering and can do athletic things like moving things, climbing and more.thank you


i want to build a robot that would check the weather daily and suggest what clothe i should wear and what items (umbrella, sweater ) i should take to work.


Use multiple bv4's and unlocked rooted cell phone to build large interactive bot. The smartphone has quadcore, gps, bluetooth, wifi, cameras, mp3 player storage, and the ability to run apps. With the right interface this could be powerful and good environmentally. Recycling the phones. What do you say can it work?


My robot idea is to build a humanoid robot (head, torso, arms and legs) and to make him interactive so he could receive input from a tablet device. The robot would be used for educational purposes to teach primarily children skills I used to learn by rote when I was younger (e.g. times tables, spelling commonly used large words to extend one's vocabulary) and other skills which could be stored in the child's sub-conscious mind. Apart from building a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot on the weekend, I do not have any other experience in building robots although I teach Computer Programming (from beginners to advanced levels) at Wintec in Hamilton, New Zealand. I see that the Robot would be able to take children through their times tables, spelling etc. whilst "mum" was busy doing what she does when the children get home from school. The robot would become the child's buddy (as in have a name, greet the child and have a conversation with the child too). I also see that the Robot could be programmed to teach memory games etc. and if it was successful, be used in rehabilitation centres where people have suffered some type of trauma to their brains (injury, stroke etc.) I have to be honest and say that I don't have a lot of discretionary funding so any subsidy or heavily discounted offer to enable me to buy all of the parts required, would be hugely appreciated. Regards Lesley Gousmett Hamilton, NZ


I want to use the shape recognition to make a garden helping robot. I hope it can help the shape recognition technology evolve


A robot that is formed as a human and reacts like one if someone says hi to it, it will reply and say "Hi", i think this inovation wouls so totally change the world.

Double (Lies)

Hi, EZ-Robot: I like your camera and Robot controller which totally weigh less than 50g. I would like to use it as a wireless camera. my ground control software will receive and process the video stream via wireless communication. I plan to program in Visual C++ as I have used it for other applications. May I know whether your camera and controller can work as a wireless camera and provide API SDK for application? I appreciate it if you have a demo example in VC++. Thanks a lot. Best Regards Yun Ben




a robot that can look at an image and transfer it with whatever paint texture you want on a canvas or whatever you want it on and alter the color with what mood your is with finger sensors. Thanks, I C U CREEPIN


I want to build my mate, my friend. I wil make him talk and do all things that a friend does like take selfies and all other stuffs. We will work together. Help each other. He will just like a human being, a living teddy to me. I will share everything.


Multipurpose Networked Robots with Robotics Operating System The concept is about developing a group of networked robots which is a multipurpose robot of particular configuration and degrees of freedom, in which various tasks can be saved as software task files and which can be transmitted along the network to a similar configuration robot in a different location. The concept of networked robots require a user friendly design in which user can alter the shape and position of various parts according to the task or work . The development of software task file for each work can be done from different location and which can be transmitted over a network to different robots. The networked robots can also be used to control another robot in hazardous situations like military applications, mining etc. The development of software robotics task files or programs while each robot in a network learns a new task or work which can be saved as a software task file. Thus whenever similar sensor input information matching situation arises the robot can recall the same task file. Thus each master can make a number of software task files and which can be saved in each robot and whenever another robot need the same task file which can be downloaded from the network. The concept leads to the development of personal robots which users can easily personalize according to masters home or in industry according to the need . The personal robots which can be designed according to the need of the master. This concept of the robot is to develop a hardware according to the a number of or industry activities with a particular operating system (Robo OS). The next main concept of robot is to learn while doing a particular task. By repeating similar tasks when ever similar situations arises. Development of a robot application development environment in which user can buy a certain configuration robots for helping them in day to day activities and install various software task files to do various type of useful work. Only with the help of multiple sensors a robot can solve real world problems. The robot should sense using the sensors and send this information for computing and according to this computation result it should move the motors and solve the specific task. Intended to develop a robot which is connected to a network of similar robots which is multipurpose and can do various types of tasks assigned to it. The main concept of proposed robot is multipurpose and it must be able to download software for specific task through a network. The generation of a particular species of robots with artificial chromosomes . The main concept is a fully independent locomotive robot which is able to take a maximum information about the real world through multiple sensors and it should work according to the input information from sensor. The next main concept is the robot should be able to learn from the real world, means for initial training of this robot by making a positive and negative response system ,which must be a software which should remember the task or response of the robot to various real world situations. By starting robot brain development centers in various part of the world we can get various real world problem solving software. The next task is to make hardware for this robots like sensors , motors, actuators for initial robot development. By making a unique robot processor and operating system which we can install multiple task software is the main concept of this robot.


I have one existing robot I want to upgrade with the uses 2 of EZ B4 board s and 1 camera to give my full scale R2D2 more interactive / autonomies futures. You can see a picture of my r2D2 and I on my profile page. Or: Then I'm going to purchase 1 more EZ B4 board and cam to build a set of 1/2 scale droids like C3po and R2d2 for my computer shop. I will call these droids " Droid-lings as they will be 1/2 scale. There function will be to entertain customers in my computer shop until I can work with them. See I'm the only employee in my computer shop and some times it takes me a second or two to get from the work area to the front where the customers come in. So my plan is to have the Droid-lings great the customers and welcome them to the shop and keep them occupied until I can get there. So now that my income tax money is in, I'm looking to buy 3 EZ-B4 boards and 2 cameras. So if I could get a price break that would be gratefully appreciated.

Slee The Sloth

I found your web site and im interested but i have no desire to controll the robot. I would like to start with a mobile rotation wheel base, an ajustable head with three lowcost but effective cameras, two microphones and a small speaker. I would also like to impliment wifi and spend the rest of my budget on as muc processing power and memory for an adaptable ai program. Try to make papero on a budget.

I want to attach a propeller to my robot so I can make a quad copter that can do stuff like tricks and video recordings . And I could attach a claw griper using JD's hand or 3 of Six's legs. I also think that JD and Roli should get hands with at most 3 to 4 fingers so they can do interesting things with objects besides pick them up. I also want the camera to have no lag on it so if it turns it doesn't blur and the robots to have fluid motion so it looks more life like.


I think you should supply a affordable 3d printer so others may print the EZ bits 2 . A robot that can define different materials like wood from water 3. Water proof robots for out door use.


I want a robot that can drive around and do security at home, listen to voice commands through my phone, hold a streaming video device like an old cell phone for video conferencing, have a seemingly endless # of trivial pursuit questions for game night, interface with my smart devices at home (like lights and Nest), be my alarm that drives away from the bed in the morning and only goes off when I get out of bed and catch it, read out text messages and other notifications, be a friendly toy for my niece and nephew, scout hard to see areas for where the mice are getting into our house!, play with my cat, let me check on my office remotely with streaming video, charge wirelessly.


I would like to create a robot which would be able to recognize and protect plants which the stray cats tend to destroy. If it could detect motion near those plants, it would go towards it and scare the cat to somewhere else to play. I'd like the robot to function as if it were a pet wandering around just as much as playing the scarecrow role.


I wanna make a agriculture robot. The robot function for harvest field rice. I wanna make a robot can different What a rice What field so robot will harvest all of rice field with automatic. I need your ez developer robot kit. Cause i want to using a ez board controller and camera for My Agriculture robot.


drive my car so i can be productive in traffic make unreal food while i nap! play with the dog, pick up after him entertain guests!


A dusting drone or quadcopter, especially to reach high light fixtures. Or a window washing/gutter cleaning copter.


walk my dog, do my homework, do my chores. play with me and my friends after school :)


Advanced interaction where a person can hold a conversation with the robot and get real answers! The macine would start off at infant level but quickly learn and grow as it stores information about its environment. The robot could help those with mental and physical heath problems, the elderly, and basically anyone who finds it difficult to interact with humans and their surrounding environment. A robotic friend who would make it easier to cope in situations where a person through no fault in their own has become isolated and lonely.


I would like to design a robot to help with herd management (goats/sheep/etc) on the farm. Something that could travel with the herd, like following embedded RFID chips or bluetooth beacons attached to ear tags, and report back on sicknesses, births, animals in distress, etc. I'm thinking some of the camera recognition bits could be programmed to detect several of these situations with the help of an auditory monitoring setup. Also, there could be a herd defense mechanism to detect and deter predators with sight/sound. Coupled with strong wifi access point(s) around the farm, and some sort of autonomous charging when they animals and robot return to the barn for the evening, I think this could be viable. I'm working with an electric wheelchair base that handles off road terrain fairly decent (I'm considering changing to some form of 4x4 or 6x6 chassis with more ground clearance however), and has the battery stamina to last for the day, but right now I have the older v3 board and am looking to upgrade to the v4.


i really do believe that it would be cool to have a rover type robot that is controlled be voice and would be able to complete tasks given to it also please make EZ-Builder for rover 2.0 thanks

The awesome EZ

I would love to see the robots that have emotions the robots that would do more then just work but care for others like the people that are looking for a friend but are to scared to asked or help the elderly or disabled.


What ever happened to Aibo? That is what I would like to know. We need more robot companion pets that can do more than walk and bark, but also walk up stairs and emulate pet personalities and emotions.


My robot would be big and have a can of lots of different drinks inside of it. when I say for example "cherry juice please." it will go to where it hears the voice and deliver the drink.

Minecraft Joshua

I'd like to use the Robot as a tour guide, that could take visitors round our lab and answer their questions.


I would like for the ez robot software to have a complete data status board in the file menu that would tell the status of not only what the ezb tells with the volts, watts and battery status but the status of the servos, regulator and fuse panel status. Also I would love to see robo communication where all robots powered bye ez robot can communicate with each other as well as communicate with their creator and an magnetic electric charging system so that it doesn't require a battery to keep the system operating and a way to add cleverbot technology with data recording of any and all information to send to the cloud to analyze and add to its data bank and be able to learn and teach its self new communication methods. And finally emotional detection system when to help it fell and detect when some one is expressing sadness, madness or happyness and find solutions to better the mood of its self and its owner. Sincerely tyler looney

J.I.R Kintobor

I need a video remote control robot snowblower (powerful enough) for under $5000. can it be done ? I will buy today.


I would like to create a robot that could detect any kind of explosive device, and disarm it, autonomously, so that our citizens, police and soldiers will be safe.


I am going to try to implement a robot that will inspect city sewers and storm sewers.


The cliché sound of whirling servos and stiff movements need to be the primary focus on the next generation of robotics. Advances in conductive nylon materials that can constrict or expand by electrical impulses could lead to quieter, more lifelike robotics with smooth motion. Then we simply use nylon technology to replicate our own human muscular system. So, what’s my idea? Building meccas (to steal a term from AI) that move as quietly as we do.


Electromagnetic gloves would be some pretty sweet gear to wear and easily reach stuff without having to move much. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a robot project entirely. It's something to consider making in the future. :)


Open to any idea that doesn't involve troubleshooting arduino scripts. Just looking for a simple "plug and play" multi servo controller platform


I am a professional painter. I want to create a robot that can spray paint either utilizing a stand alone sprayer or being incorporated with it. I need it to spray out ceilings and walls in a new construction setting. I would also like to create another one that can paint doors and trim by running them through an internal spray booth perhaps similar to how they paint autos in the factory.


I think it would be an amazing idea to have in depth coding to the robot, so it can do more things instead of you always having to tell them what to do. Other than that this is an amazing idea.


I am a greater than 60 yr old who needs more help. My robot would give/watch my medication, dance with me, talk to me, sing to me, teach me, show me the world and bring together my friends, and crud all my data. If this could happen? Then I could make my own coffee. ;)


Not necessarily a robot idea but was wondering how much load the servos you are using could take. Coult they be used to pull throttle and gear cables on a diesel motor. Want to look at an electric (mobile) setup for a boat to do away with manual shifter. Could always call app "Robo-Bot" (Boat)


Currently working on a proof of concept for utilizing remote controlled small craft in offshore oil spill operations and specifically for use in Arctic type applications where the harsh environment creates even more risk for personnel on deck that can be replaced or at least minimized by remote control systems.


A spaceship that is able to fly to space and do tasks in the space that it is able to fly to


I'd like a robot that could cook me breakfast. It would make scrambled eggs, bacon and hot chocolate.


it is like a pick and place type robot. it should have the capacity to lift 250g object with multidirection movement


I have discovered from my experience with aging parents that this age group are notorious about keeping their meds strait and taking them on time. I would like to see a product that would nag them with alarms and possibly visual aids as to what and when to take them. Kinda a personal assistant for elderly. The ezrobot platform could also give the kids a way to check on their parents remotely as well. I haven't thought this through yet...just a concept.


An autonomous Omnibot that is similar in function to the medical robots at UCSF. I was impressed with their guidance system that effortlessly moved throughout the the hospital floors. This included object avoidance, spacial orientation, and seeking out human interaction via inferred.


i hope to create rotate camera using motion sensor..what items i need to build it ?


How about a robot that draws big drawings (sketches) on beach. That will bo cool. Another idea is to build a karaoke robot with a big screen :)


You should make a robot that throws the ball for your dogs and can also use it for baseball pitching.


Haven't you ever needed to feed you dog or cat but you didn't or couldn't leave your spot. Well if you made a robot that can serve out the dog/cat food to the dogs/cats. It will save you time so you could do other things.


My school has a bioloid robot, but for vision if I purchase a camera or the head of JD will it work? Also having grippers put on the bioloid like the JD grippers, so please let me know Mike.


I really want to explore what the vision can really do. I think it would be great if its highly accurate, then if so, that opens the doors for the robot to inspect assembly parts. So he could be our next poka yoke on an assembly line. Thanks, Keith


Make up a police robot to defend people.It will be activated by voice or a touch screen panel.


Use Roli parts to build a chariot for JD. I just met DJ tonight in person, great guy and great demo.


I am working on the SLAM problem (Simultaneous Location and Mapping). I would like to have my robot perceive of the world in such a way that it can map it and localize itself on it using its camera. I have some ideas here, and they are software related (Artificial Intelligence). This is a complex and only partially solved problem by the robot / AI community.


I am working on a lawn bot made from a power wheelchair. I have been stuck on a controller... the product will part robot part green thumb... I have a layout that will allow it to tow a trailer push a electronic snow thrower /reelmower as well as hold a gas lawn mower... the only thing that would hold me from useing the controler for ez robot is my not uses 24-40 volts for most things... PS I have local makerspace behind this project as well... V


Sería interesante que haya un robot que tome la forma de un cubo de basura. Si se lo llama con un control remoto, un control por voz, o lo que sea, el viene y se puede tirar la basura ahí. También, este robot puede ser configurado de manera que recuerde cual es su punto fijo, es decir donde se encuentra el cubo de basura hasta que uno lo llama. En cuanto a la manera de cargarlo, puede ser mediante un panel de luz solar (algo común en los sistemas de hoy en día) o directamente ser cargado con un cargador. Saludos cordiales. -Lucio


I would build a robot that would assist around the house picking up , notifying me of event going on in the house when I am away, and interacting with other hardware in the house through IoT automation. This would bring a whole new meaning to smart home and enable true home automation that is not just for gadget geek, but open to the masses. Traditionally, smart home hub and devices tend to intimidate the average consumer but with robots you can place a lively face and voice on automation which will ultimately help customers embrace and accept this groundbreaking technology.


My idea is to make C1-10P (Chopper) alike to R2-D2. He is the only grumpy astromechine I know I'm hoping to use E-Z robot parts


well it's still in the idea stage but with everyone's help it will be awsome. it's name is speed warrior mk 1


M.i robot will be a live telly present robot for adults to children to be there with there kids send a hug home even sing your baby to sleep while being represented by a lovable inanimate shape the cube for instance feet that pertrude through the bottom And two arms that are also self righting tools 4/6/8 servos embedded sensors or just as many sensors as possible eg light sound ir distance orientation and a raspberry or ez jd type robot brain simply a non human look as in a cube or sphear or egg shaped there r to many ideas for me too say but simple is the key wobbling movement left and right servos forward and backward and two arms the same a led or LEDs for comunication and speach or Siri type interface and semi autonomus behaviour with simple reaction to distended depth light sound with all the know how of the jd brain I think this is possible I think this unusual yet loveable robot that would be at home playng music dancing or reading RSS feeds at work or being an annoying alarm clock or just a friendly communication device I have too many ideas to write as I am heavely dyslexic and have trouble typing or writing I have a few drawings of idea and can create more as drawing not a problem but I see the robot as a dislysic freindly tool that will take speach dictation spelling surgestions through speach and learn visually i have also owned lots of robot eg robonova / robosapiens 123 isobot rq humanoid robot they are all good but but none had the full pakage like the easy jd does I think the ez jd is my kind of robot sorry to go on but very passionate about this


I want to build a larger version of jd by bassically combining two servos to work together for each part of the limb. I want him to be able to reach the counter tops, and possibly add a linear servo for an extension on the arms. And maybe put extension blocks on his legs to make him taller! This is gonna be fun


I want to make an autonimous robot that's purpose is to "survive". It finds sunny spots to charge itself via solar panel. It looks and listens for people and hides basically like an insect. I think it would be cool to see how long it could "survive" on its own.


I'll be building a robot for robots. My first robot will pick up your Roomba or iRobot and carry it up sets of stairs/into other places and then get it to begin again. This way you don't have to buy multiple units.

Tim Brian

My ideal robot would be large enough to carry groceries, laundry, etc. pick stuff up off the ground, has AI, be autonomous, a companion, has a built in video display, return itself to a recharging station and cost less than $2000.


Lawn grass cutter - A robot that can "see" the garden boundaries and stay within them. It has an adjustable height for the grass and can cut the grass as it goes along. It needs a rotary blade to do the cutting. The grass can be cut and left on the ground to be blown up later. Alternatively the robot could also collect the grass but now things may get a bit heavy :)


A robotic sleeping baby guardian - Like a remote camera and sound monitor but could also monitor temperature of room and/or the baby, breathing, and or oxygen levels even humidity. Can play soothing music or recorded mommy sounds or voice over from an remote app, project images sound alert and even call 911 if alerts are not responded too. A mobile model or attachment could also track the child.


Hi! I want to "upgrade" JD so he gets more human like and a bit taller. I would like to ad 6 servos to his "lower" body/legs so he will be more moveable. Why not build a lower body part (a box like the "Humanoid Body" -part) and install servos so the legs can rotate, move outwards, rotate the upper body & (this might be the tricky one) why not have a servo to bend the joint between the bodyparts forward like you makes a crunch. This would make JD to a "complete" humanoide and more useful & flexible! Maybe the arms need an extension block to give JD a better reach after this "upgrade", but not to much so he looks like a monkey like now :) The hands (gripper) would be only a bit lower then the hips to give him a more "human" look. (I'm building an full size "R2D2" and the humanoid "InMoov" and this little fellow is a nice supplement to my collection.) Thanx for a really nice and fun little bott :)


I would like to make a robot that has many sensors will have camera and patrolling at home means you can be connected via internet to see online images, audio, and I can have controll.


Make up a robot which is a combo between Jd and Six so he can move fast with little mistakes and also be able to interact with objects.


I want to build a robot that helps dispense pills. I know a lot of elderly who often forget to take their pills, or take too many because they can not remember if they took them already. When someone gets new pills you pour them in to the container, the robot would have a scanner on it and would be able to read the label and figure out how many pills should b despense each day and how often. It would them dispense the right amount of pills through out the day. even going so far as to walk/roll over to the person and offer them their pills. Because it can read the amount of pills to be dispensed it would also be able to let the person know when they were going to need to get refills, maybe even message the pharmacy to arrange refills by its self. And because the elderly are often lonely I would like to make the robot have a soft fur patch so they can sit with it and stroke it and have it pur and respond. Studies have shown that having something to stoke can often lower stress and help with depression.


I really want to make a pet type of robot That can do tricks and talk. But not just a pet, A friend.


A pet robot that talks to you. It can be your best friend and stuff. Also, It will be cute and awesome.


a robot that could fly and lift strong things and run fast and talk and could swim and help u around the house like clean


A robot that can care for elder people suffering of Dementia, like the one in the movie "Robot and Frank" (very nice movie, you should see it) would be great. I'm now busy building six to get started. I only bought the EZ-b4 controller since I live in Europe and costs after tax, customs fees and shipping already raised the bill quite high. So I would be very pleased with a some saving on buying the cameramodule and mybe some other parts (and even be more pleased with a european distributor ;-). I printed all the parts at my local Fablab, where I volunteer and give workshops. It is printed very nice with black and silver PLA. When it is ready I will post some pictures at the forum. What would be a really good addition to your allready great functions is a simple way to let the ez robots react on low voltage and go to a wireless batteryloading station, like my vaccuumbot does, and load itself. I think this would be to hard to make but it would be easy if is implemented in the ez builder software. Apart from that I think I'm going to use my six, apart for fun, as a surveillance robot in my own mini fablab at home, so it can take an eye on my 3d printers and help me with tinkering. Expect my Peachy printer this year from Canada I backed on kickstarter and I backed an AI project, JEASA, also from Canada (it would be awesome to let it work together with EZb!), So I guess my place will be taken over by the Canadians! (Well, since a lot of Dutch went to Canada, I suspect they will sent things back in the end, won't they?)

Dave A

I would like to develop or to see a robot created to detect mines and I believe it can be a low cost robot, if compared to the ones already designed for military purposes. The robot would be lighter, more portable and could have an autonomy allowing the human who supervises the landmine scanning to perform other tasks and/or finish the landmine scanning in less time. I see the robot composed by an air drone and a mini airship and the servos, board and part of the software can be from ezrobot.

Henry G

My idea about SIX . I will add some pesticides mekansm to robot and use it on the field .


My 9 year old son wants to build a robot that would capture rain through the top of his head, have it travel to the cavity of the robot chest where the rain water would then be filtered and then travel out of one or both arms, could be hot and cold, but only room temperature water is need for his project. The arms then could dispense the water into a drinking cup. He would like to build his robot and would like it to have some type of track wheels in order to move out into the rain, collect the water, then filter for consumption. To me it sounds fairly simple but robots are new to me as well. If you can help we would be very thankful. Steven


Color recognition robot. That can easily pick the box of (8cm*8cm*8cm) different color. And put them on a platform of different color(10cm*10cm).


Large companies are at this present time working on artificial intelligence for robots connected to the internet. Google is working on a voice recognition search engine that actually answers your questions instead of giving you places you can look up the answers. They are also building a Knowledge Graph using their search engine bots. These bots are cataloging pictures and information of everything. They are also storing data on how to use the the items they are categorizing. When I say using an item i mean it will tell robot what they are looking at an how to turn it on, pickup and use that object. This will allow robots to not only see things but know what they are and how to use them. They would be able to look at a room and know how to walk through it without the use of sensors much like a human. You could tell a robot to go cook dinner and it would be able to. You could tell it to go get something and it would. This is all great but what does that tell us about robots. First we have to realize that the robots we are building do not have big brains. With ez-robot we use wireless networks to access our computers which have larger brains. With the easy software and EZ-Script, EZ-Robot could be developed to interact with online massive Google artificial intelligence computers. The secrete is the interface. Google wants to provide this information to our robots to make them smart. All we have to do is build the our robots to interface with Google. Right now there is no standard to bring search engines into computers. once this is done the robots we dream of are just around the corner. We already have the mechanical items needed such as motors, servos, etc. We have the simplest robot software available in EZ-Robot all we need is the brain.


I want to build a robot to fetch me tools when working in my garage and to put them away when I am finished.


I'm going to combine a powered swivel sweeper, an AC-13, an EZ-B, and an ultrasonic sensor to make automated floor cleaner.


A Robot that could help change our world. After my mother had a recent stay in hospital it got me thinking about this very question "How could robots change the world". My idea, a bedside/mobile robotic unit with some important functions to care for a patents needs during their stay in hospital. A "Medibot" if you will. 1. Communication between family and patent. I managed to get to visit my mother almost every day, although some of them days it was not convenient to visit due to tests being done, or my work commitments. My sisters couldn't get to visit as much as they wanted to due to their own commitments. So, one of the functions would be to have an incorporated telepresence system so the patent and their family can be in easy reach of each other via audio/video communication. A convenient way to see and hear each other and good way to remind someone to bring the grapes with them. A patient making a call would be done by voice recognition or touch screen interface depending on the patients current abilities. Also a nice was to communicate if the patient is in an isolation room. 2. Assistance. Medical staff are wonderful, but they are very busy people, doing multiple tasks looking after many patients at any one time. When pressing the bedside assistance button, a patient doesn't always get an immediate response. A Medibot could find a nurse a tell them that a patient needs assistance, stating what the patient needs are, even displaying the patients current medical stats, and the nurse can then prioritise weather the call is urgent enough for immediate assistance. It could also remind staff if a patients medication is required at a specific time. 3. On-board medical equipment. I always found that the staff looking after my mother had to wheel around or wait for equipment to run medical observations. Sometimes the equipments batteries would be flat and staff would have to go off and find another monitor that worked. A Medibot would have an on-board defibrillator, blood pressure monitor and EKG monitor, and the robot would ensure that it always had sufficient power to run the equipment by self charging via a docking station when needed. 4. Vending machine. Now I don't mean a mobile sweet shop here. A Medibot would have a small refrigerated storage module to dispense cool, clean, fresh drinking water. I always found that the water jugs supplied always leaked, wasn't fresh after been sitting out for a while, and left over water was disposed of which I felt was a waste. The Medibot would dispense, pass the cup to a patient with a manipulator arm, and autonomously refill its water storage module when needed. It could also store chilled healthy food such as fruit or yogurts. Again, if a patient is offed a yogurt and it is not eaten in an hour or so, it would be thrown out. More unnecessary waist. 5. Entertainment. This to me is just as important as everything else I have mentioned. Hospital can be a lonely and boring places to stay in, especially for long periods. A Medibot would have an on-board TV and radio, built in web browser, it could play games with the patient, and it could also hold a conversation using an artificial intelligent program. This final option is probably not everybody's cup of tea as some adults may not be comfortable talking to a machine, but I believe some children would like this. Lots of kids like robots, FACT. So a child interacting with a robot would give them much needed company, entertain them, help take their mind of their medical condition, and ultimately put a smile on their face, and that can only be a good thing. Conclusion. A Medibot would not be intended to replace medical staff, but rather assist them so staff can get on with more important tasks and unburden them with doing less important jobs. Medical staff would be less overwhelmed doing multiple tasks leading to more care and less mistakes, and patients would get better care over all. A implementation of such a robot could be one per bed, one per bay, or what ever is required per ward. They could be called to a bed using a bedside call button by a patient and instantly attend to a patients non critical needs. Also, as I mentioned earlier, a Medibot would be ideal to work in isolation wards and could be easily sterilised afterwards. So that's my vision of how robots could change the would, at least count towards changing our world for the better. Steve G. :)

Steve G

I picked up the Dev Kit right before x-mas.. went through the training, everything we smooth.. until the end.. that's when I started think what's next? Why not add on to the Dev training that shows/trains you on how to make a quick bot... that's what I'm doing, I've seen a few post around asking for the same, what's next.. So this is what I recommend.. Project Name: Dev Servo Bot Parts needed to print, Buy.. Hexapod Body Extension Cube Lever Servo - 180 Degrees Continuous Rotation Servo Hexapod Foot (modified - Shorten) Contruction Lever Servo - 180 Degrees to build arms on each side.. or add a Camera or Sensor! EZ-B v4 Camera,Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Use 2 wheels on Continuous Rotation Servo. connect them to Hexpad Body connect Hexapod Foot (modified - Shorten) to the front of the Hexapod Body to hold up front


I want to build a beautiful looking robot that can actually perform household tasks. Ive got the design, the printers and the programming experience. I lack the hardware experience. I'm hoping these kits can help me generate a fair proof of concept using my design and these components. but I'm not sure they are strong enough for what I need them for. I was going to buy a pepper and just gut him and use his parts for my robot, but he doesn't come out unitl February, and I'm impatient.


I mentor high school students to become future Engineers. One of the students years is making his own quad copter drone to track an R/C car. Sort of a scaled down surveillance camera. Your diy kits are the best building blocks to focus on the overall project and not get bogged down in the piecing together of random parts.


I want to build a robot to chase my cat. He loves being chased by my r/c car under my control. I would love to automate the process.


I bought a head from robotics squared and I want to animate it. Also the articulated neck assembly.


A robot that is an All-Around Helper. It can help my clean with a pull behind vacuum/steam cleaner; filter the air; put stuff away; throw things away; and sort laundry by color and size. It can also entertain me by playing music, talking to me, play games ( like hide-and-go-seek: it can hide, count to a designated number, and also find me), it can also do household chores, such as feed and water pets and plants. Also, be able to "guard" my house, by using the camera to detect, record, and send any motion that has happened while I was out of the house. It can also just keep me company. And for the paranormal lovers, it can have emf sensors, and other sensors used for paranormal activity.


A robot that will be able to entertain my cats by moving around and by flipping and hiding a string. It would also throw objects like ping pong balls for the cats to chase.


My robot idea is a robot that assists disabled, or physically/mentally incapable people by doing jobs they can't do, such as vacuuming, carrying things, to something as simple as changing the TV channel. It gives these people a chance to live on there own without the need of constant help/supervision. The Bot will have arms to move/open things, a camera for navigation and face recognition(don't want to take the box to the wrong person!), as well as a strong sturdy base to carry stuff on. A relative of mine suffered an amputation at an old age and currently needs help 3 times a day, with almost constant supervision. This bot could help her get back and functioning like she used to!

Cardboard Hacker

My idea is a RoboDog that you can program to get your drink, Feed the pets or do household chores and play music of your choice with the ability to dance.

DubDub 44

I see a lot of people (from kids to grown-ups) who want to solder but find it difficult to master. After all, I myself have not been particularly great at this art (or is it science?). It occurred to me it would be great if I build a hobby/home robot that could be taught to master soldering. It would greatly help those wanting to build electronic parts from various components (including for microcontrollers). Obviously, vision would be a very significant aspect, as well as the coordinated motion of a multi-jointed dual-arm robot. I expect this to be a difficult project (need to develop simulation of robot kinematics and dynamics I expect), but the end product will be very cool I am sure and very worthwhile.


flip my pages of my music book and clean my messes and play music i say to it and can do recordings and be programed to play games as soccer and chess and would tell me my passwords and the robot is password protected and can tell me things i type in for example i type, my address and i ask my robot what is my address and it says it


can help me do my homework and clean my room and tells me reminders i type into the robot also tells me tips on how to do things i ask to the robot and can play air hockey, monopoly, chess and lots more and can play music i command it to do, and can hold my book or tell me what page im on or tell me what episode im watching on tv


Robot to surveillance airports and scan faces and connected to the police department data base, so airports and shopping malls can be more secures and protected


Home Healthcare Robotic Assistant Background synopsis-This is something I have been talking about with my grandmother and grandfather. He and she developed a memory issue where taking medication , being on a schedule and testing their blood sugar on time has become problematic. I have been experimenting with options to help my grandparents like a tablet with alarm reminders for medications and I can send messages to remind my grandmother to eat or test her blood sugar. I realize a robotic companion could do many of these things in between my classes and job. My idea summary- An elderly and special needs robot to monitor basic vitals, record them, dispense daily meds ect. I will explain more details.... 1. Tracks medication schedule and administers presorted medications that have been sorted by a home health provider or family member. 1 or 2 weeks of medication presorted on hand for one or two patients. (Elderly couple) 2. Schedule and remind user to test blood sugar and also record the results. 3.wireless bluetooth or wifi wrist band- patient where's a wireless band the robot monitors , heart monitor and blood O2 monitor. ( both light sensor readable) A "press and hold" dial 911 button on the wrist. , the robot daily the authorities and the speakerphone comes on for them to communicate with the elderly. The robot starts the first 5 to 10 seconds of the call reporting a elderly emergency and the home address before turning speakerphone on. -or- alternatively there can be a thump sensor on the robot the elderly places to check heart rate and Oz Sensor. 4. Remote view/ monitor and record feature the robot should have a screen that can display a remote present feed that a family member or Healthcare provider can use to communicate with the elderly. The elderly or special needs may mentally checkout and not pick up the phone , this allows the family member to quickly check on their loved one even if they cannot answer the phone , this is excellent for checking on "false alarms" or when the elderly patients do not hear the phone ring. Life assistance feature- -wake up elderly -Remind them to eat at a ideal interval -remind them to contact Dr when needed -Read messages out loud from a twitter feed or similar option. Record phone voice mail and remind -patients of missed calls as they may not remember to check or make calls back. -other scheduled events like hair appointments , remind the elderly to get ready or take a shower. Mobile? No need the robot does not need to be mobile , just have a avatar in each main room. A two axis neck , Web cam and ez robot camera on the main unit. Realistically a main unit in the living area , then one satellite on the husband and wife's nite stand is a great start. Up to 5 because that is how many ezb can connect to one instance of ez builder. The "robot" can switch from one room to another rooms avatar based on what room the person is in. A motion detector can be used to trigger room to room movement. if anyone has PRACTICAL ideas to add let me know. Take in mind experimentation is with live people and must take care not to interfere with life quality or they will not appreciate or welcome the Healthcare assistance. My email:


I already adapted a baby monitoring camera to a rock crawler R/C car to use in an old highs chool to inspect steam and water pipes in the tunnels throughout the building. I was tired of crawling through the dirty and dark tunnels to look for leaks. I would like to remove the radio control receiver and replace it with the EZ WIFI controller, and be able to perform periodic inspections remotely at any time. The combined servo controller and camera server seem like the perfect solution. I am thinking about adding a temperature sensor to inspect the function of steam traps also (temperature going in should be much higher than temperature coming out, or the trap is stuck open wasting steam energy). A humidity sensor will also give me an indication that there might be a water leak somewhere. The distance sensor can help me avoid obsticles while navigating the tunnels from a remote location. I think your products will give me a great solution!


Roof drain inspection and cleanup: I live in a house under a large pine tree that sheds a lot of needles at points in time. The foam roof has both flat and slightly sloping surfaces. I am 73 with ailing knees so going up and down a ladder to check the state of the drains is not fun and is becoming a bit dangerous for me. I have been thinking about a robot that I could put up on the roof either directly or by way of a lift. The robot would navigate around some pipes on the roof or even climb over one of the pipes. I plan to add a camera to the bot and at least one remote controlled arm for cleaning around the drain and possibly lift and clean the drain caps (currently wire baskets).


Robot that learns and comply with commands automatically without being told. Aka machine learning...


Use robot to visit etruscan (or any type of) tomb with remote control and video (Infrared). Problem is wifi can not be used easily because of walls and corridors. Terrains are usually not with very hard surface. So this is not a problem. Very useful for people with some handicap...


My proposal for EZRobot is to configure it as robotic arm to explain young kids Trigonometry. I truly believe that using EZROBOT for explaining its forward/reverse kinematics would teach them in a very effective way this important -an sometimes difficult- Math topic. EZROBOT-Math-Enabler would show kids that Math is not so boring and in fact is really fun and would definitively prepare them for major endeavors in Robotics. There may be other proposals out there for robotic arms. I think all of them are valid and just want to emphasize mine is for Kids Education in a major STEM topic. Sincerely jD


I would like to build a low cost smart phone controlled robot so I will be able to watch after my dog when I go to work.


EZ-B Flying Autonomous drone with camera, sonar, and gps modules for guidance. Also charging from either near field or solar cells to keep it in the site longer.


i have a 5 1/2 foot rental robot and was wondering if your software and hardware could make it Autonomous robot maybe to avoid stuff in its path i can send pics if you like to see it if you could help me with parts i would advertise for you by putting your logo on my robot when its out on rental thanks


Hey there, I'm mainly writing you this because I would LOVE a discount. But you know why? It's because I'm a stand up comedian beginning my own project; a Teddy Ruxpin robot that I want to hook up to twitter. On stage, any time someone denies climate change, it speaks the tweet in an evil voice. He's going to be called "Evil Teddy Ruxpin" Depending on the Wifi situation I may have to fake the results but based on real tweets; Anyway; I've posted in your forum and I'm getting loads of advice so anticipate ordering some kit soon :) James.


I have an idea to make a robot to take fruits from trees without hurt those trees. It will looks like a mechanic monkey mixed with a spider. with it's sensors it can decide what fruit is good enought to take and keep the green ones on the tree. The size of this robot varies according to the size of the tree.


Using an electric wheelchair base, with a sabertooth motor control, to create an outdoor security bot.


I'm a mom buying this for my 12 year old son for Christmas. I only hope since I can't get in touch with you that I'll get it for Christmas.


I would like a robot that could act as my secretary/personal assistant! Someone to tell me what appointments I had in the day, what time it was, and what my goals were as well!


I want to build a cleaning robot. It wash floors, clean tubs, windows, toilets, etc. I feel there is to many dancing robots and not enough useful ones.


Like the one I'm working on now, my 'Laundry Bot' which will help bring a load of laundry to and from. This is helpful for those with back or other mobility issues. May even be used for groceries or other items hard to lift around. It will be simple remote control along with sensors for safety. Making it voice activated would also be nice touch.


i want to build a pet-like robot for people who are not ready to take care of real pets


I would like to build a robot that helps people with a hearing disability. It should not only detect sounds but also show the direction from where the sound is coming. So it would be nice if there was a sound sensor for your kit with directional capabilities. Then my robot could do video tracking and point in the direction of the sound. (Doorbel , phone , something dropping , pets and so on...)


I want to build a robot that can preform basic tasks such as reading out loud, writing, helping with school work, and even helping out in the kitchen. I feel that robots capable of doing these things would cause more people to accept the idea of domestic robots.


I am working on a robotic arm that, with voice command, will find a specified object, pick it up and do what ever the command is. For example, a person with limited mobility might need a drink of water, how great would it be to have the robotic arm locate the glass water, pick it up and hold it out for the person to the water from a straw and them put it back. Yes, there are robotic arms out there that can do this, but at $50,000 not many people can afford them. My robotic arm was 3D printed from open source files and with the electronics and EZBv4 it has cost about about $300 (so far). There are also several kits for these arm. I think that coming up with EZ-Robot programs to carry out tasks that these arms are capable of doing is my main goal. That programming could then run any robotic arm.


My idea is to build a new small humanoid robot that my grandkids can relate to. I will use EZ Robot lever servos and rotation servos.

Steve S

A robot that can be assistive in remote health care with wheels on tracks for quicker movement and a head on an elevator sort of that allows the user to remotely sense the temperature and color of a pacient over the side of a bed and then a hand that can select from numbered bays to give the person a specific medicine. More over, it can do this all over either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


when I think of robot I think of it as, an object that can reduce human effort. I would like to make some sort of drone that could help fire fighters. Maybe something that can lift a custom made fire extinguisher, which can be controlled away from the fire. This will allow fire fighters to extinguish fire in hard to reach places and it can protect anyone stuck in a building with fire. We could place a Wi-Fi camera to control the drone and guide it in the right direction. This robot could reduce the risk of injury and make lives much simpler. That's basically what I think of when it comes to making a robot.