Introducing EZ-Robot

EZ-Robot makes robots, well... easy! Get started with one of our three example robots or build your own! Customize and invent something new using EZ-Bit accessories.

The Revolution is Here!

Until now, robotics have been complicated. EZ-Robot has successfully made robotics easy and functional.

Simplicity Inspires Creativity

Build your Revolution Robot with Clip'n'Play Technology... There is no limit to your creativity!

Community of Inventors

At home or in the classroom, EZ-Robot Revolution is empowering you to change the world!

The World Is Ready...

You have a dream of what the future holds for robotics... We provide the tools to make that vision a reality.

A Word from DJ Sures, CEO

The world has been waiting for robotics to have a place in our life and home. At EZ-Robot, we understand how to make robots easy to use and fun. It's simple; our products are full featured consumer ready robots right out of science fiction... They walk, talk, listen and make decisions of their own.

It is not up to one person, like me, to determine how robots will interact with society. The community uses our forum to tell us what they expect from their EZ-Robot, and we make it happen. We focus on sharing and community feedback, which we take very seriously.

EZ-Robot is always adding new features to our product, which are inspired from people like you. It's our job to make it easy and useful. Simplicity inspires creativity. No longer worry about the complications of robotics. With EZ-Robot Revolution, let your creativity soar... Become an inventor.

Many of you may have ideas for inventions using robots to help with daily tasks or assisting in dangerous environments that are unsafe for humans. With EZ-Robot Revolution, you become an inventor, without needing to be a programmer or engineer. Turn your ideas into reality and join the EZ-Robot Revolution today!