EZ-Robot News

Use EZ-Bits to easily build any robot you can imagine

2 weeks ago

Learn how to customize AdventureBot to line-follow, see what community members have clipped together using EZ-Bits, and build your own robotic arm, and more.

Using EZ-Robot Products on the go!

4 weeks ago

LEARN how to make a mobile app & how to control your robot with mobile! BUILD a Darth Jader of your Own! PLAY a video of a community members prototype based on the mobile game they designed!

The Art of Robotics!

1 month ago

STEAM applications using EZ-Robot- see some unique examples from the community, and learn how to teach JD Humanoid to play the piano!

Who is Professor E?

1 month ago

Join staff reporter JD the robot as he interviews Professor E, learn more about The Robot Program, and see what's new in this week's newsletter!

The EZ-Robot Story!

1 month ago

Who we are currently, where we came from, and where we are going! See some never released content from the past!

EZ-Robot at ISTE 2018 Chicago!

1 month ago

EZ-Robot will be at ISTE 2018 in Chicago- "The Epicenter of EDTECH!" Come see us at Booth #2299 and explore STEAM learning with EZ-Robot!

The Robot Program 070 - Who is Professor E?

1 month ago

Join JD the Robot as he interviews Professor E from The Robot Program. Learn about who Professor E is, what she does in, and outside of, The Robot Program, and find out the answer to the question on everyone's mind - is she really a Professor?

Dance Dance Revolution Robots!

1 month ago

This week's newsletter is all about the dance! See some sweet robot moves and learn how to get your robot up and dancing!

Meet the Team at EZ-Robot!

2 months ago

Ever wonder about the people behind the robots- like who they are, what they do, or are they even a real person? Watch this video to meet the real people at EZ-Robot, and learn a bit about what we each do, and our thoughts on the future of robotics!

Newsletter: Robots in Motion- How Robots Get Around

2 months ago

Walk, roll, rove, scuttle...and drive? The ways robots get around.

It's Alive! Machine Learning with EZ-Robot!

2 months ago

Have you tried out our Microsoft Cognitive Services plug-ins? Get your robot to recognize emotions, identify images, and more! EZ-Robot Newsletter May 31, 2018

Emotion Recognition via JD Robot and Microsoft Azure

2 months ago

Nova makes use of JD Robot's camera by having it connect to Microsoft's Emotion API. It detects a person's face and does its best to estimate what mood they're in.

Personalize your Robot- Decorate, Mod, and Custom-build!

2 months ago

Make the Robot you always wanted! How to customize your robot's looks and actions, and some of our Community's best examples.

The Practical Applications of Robotics!

2 months ago

Kitty Toy "R2-Purr2", JD Candy-bar-tending, Panoramic Camera-bot, How to Program Movie Robot-Enactments and more! What would your robot do?

Beware of AI... Practice Safe Robot-ing

3 months ago

Artificial intelligence gets a bad rep sometimes. Mostly it is misunderstood. However, there are still valid concerns of how it is used.

May the 4th (Be with you)

3 months ago

Discover amazing DIY Star Wars robots and others built by the ez-robot community.

May the 4th (be with you)

3 months ago

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce Star Wars robots and discuss the use of robotics in Star Wars. Enjoy a very special May the Fourth (be with...

Beware of the robots on Friday 13th

4 months ago

Beware of the robots on Friday the 13th!