EZ-Robot News

Get Creative and Win $500!

2 days ago

Take on the latest challenge for a chance to be featured on the show and win prizes. From the spooky to the silly, create a costume for your robot just in time for Halloween!

Canadian Prime Minister Gets Schooled with EZ-Robot

3 weeks ago

PM Trudeau getting schooled with an EZ-Robot from Science North! Federal grants support EZ-Robots into classrooms across Canada. It's great Trudeau experienced the outcome of that funding first hand.

Meet The Humans Powering EZ-Robot

1 month ago

Ever wonder about the humans behind the robots - who they are, what they do, or are they real? Learn a bit about what we each do, and our thoughts on the future.

Building the Robot of Your Dreams with EZ Robot | Wharton Business Radio Highlights

1 month ago

Terry Doyle, Chief Operating Officer of EZ Robot, joins host Rob Coneybeer to discuss EZ Robot, the innovative platform to build your dream robots for your home, classroom, or industry prototype.

Use EZ-Bits to easily build any robot you can imagine

2 months ago

Learn how to customize AdventureBot to line-follow, see what community members have clipped together using EZ-Bits, and build your own robotic arm, and more.

Using EZ-Robot Products on the go!

3 months ago

LEARN how to make a mobile app & how to control your robot with mobile! BUILD a Darth Jader of your Own! PLAY a video of a community members prototype based on the mobile game they designed!

The Art of Robotics!

3 months ago

STEAM applications using EZ-Robot- see some unique examples from the community, and learn how to teach JD Humanoid to play the piano!

Who is Professor E?

3 months ago

Join staff reporter JD the robot as he interviews Professor E, learn more about The Robot Program, and see what's new in this week's newsletter!

The EZ-Robot Story!

3 months ago

Who we are currently, where we came from, and where we are going! See some never released content from the past!

EZ-Robot at ISTE 2018 Chicago!

4 months ago

EZ-Robot will be at ISTE 2018 in Chicago- "The Epicenter of EDTECH!" Come see us at Booth #2299 and explore STEAM learning with EZ-Robot!

The Robot Program 070 - Who is Professor E?

4 months ago

Join JD the Robot as he interviews Professor E from The Robot Program. Learn about who Professor E is, what she does in, and outside of, The Robot Program, and find out the answer to the question on everyone's mind - is she really a Professor?

Dance Dance Revolution Robots!

4 months ago

This week's newsletter is all about the dance! See some sweet robot moves and learn how to get your robot up and dancing!

Meet the Team at EZ-Robot!

4 months ago

Ever wonder about the people behind the robots- like who they are, what they do, or are they even a real person? Watch this video to meet the real people at EZ-Robot, and learn a bit about what we each do, and our thoughts on the future of robotics!

Newsletter: Robots in Motion- How Robots Get Around

4 months ago

Walk, roll, rove, scuttle...and drive? The ways robots get around.

It's Alive! Machine Learning with EZ-Robot!

4 months ago

Have you tried out our Microsoft Cognitive Services plug-ins? Get your robot to recognize emotions, identify images, and more! EZ-Robot Newsletter May 31, 2018

Emotion Recognition via JD Robot and Microsoft Azure

4 months ago

Nova makes use of JD Robot's camera by having it connect to Microsoft's Emotion API. It detects a person's face and does its best to estimate what mood they're in.

Personalize your Robot- Decorate, Mod, and Custom-build!

4 months ago

Make the Robot you always wanted! How to customize your robot's looks and actions, and some of our Community's best examples.

The Practical Applications of Robotics!

5 months ago

Kitty Toy "R2-Purr2", JD Candy-bar-tending, Panoramic Camera-bot, How to Program Movie Robot-Enactments and more! What would your robot do?