Read longitude, latitude, speed and time from the ublox NEO-6M GPS

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This plugin is version 2, was last modified on 6/24/2016, and is 13,998 Bytes. The author is James Graham Hu.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

Read longitude, latitude, speed and time from the ublox NEO-6M GPS. This control will automatically initialize UART port 0 at 9600 baud for the GPS. One initial startup, the GPS must warm up to begin communicating. The GPS Status will be red and say "disconnected" until the GPS warms up and begins communicating with the satellites. If there are clouds or a building above you, it will not be able to communicate with the satellites. Move outside or wait for a better day to allow the GPS to connect. Once connected the GPS can be moved back inside and stay connected (At least from what I have experienced).
Once connected the GPS Status will change to green and say "connected". Data should begin to populate the text fields.
The GPS Data tab shows the processed data received from the GPS. The data has been formatted to clearly show latitude, longitude, time (UTC) and speed. The Raw Data tab shows the unprocessed data received from the GPS. Data other than latitude, longitude, time (UTC) and speed can be found here, but is not formatted in an easy to understand way.

Release V2
All variables are now instantiated to 0. This helps solve any problem had when no GPS is connected and the variables are being used.