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EZ-Robot's Lidar & Slam control

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This plugin is version 12, was last modified on 11/28/2017, and is 52,414 Bytes. The author is ezrobot.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

Control for the EZ-Robot plug'n'play Lidar with SLAM. This control is a test for hardware development. The EZ-Robot Lidar will be available for purchase in February 2018.

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Program the LIDAR in Blockly
Like all ez-robot controls, the Blockly programming language can be used. In this example below, the robot will speak when an object has come close to it. It will also speak the degrees of where the object was. To see this program in action, click HERE
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Cheat Sheet Shortcuts
There are ControlCommand() shortcuts are supported by this plugin. For a complete list, view the Cheat Sheet of this control. The commands will start, stop, change the speed and swap image display.
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In the config menu of this control, you can view the variables that this control creates. The variables hold the most recent values of minimum/maximum distance, degrees and running status of the lidar.
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EZ-Script Commands
There are ez-script commands automatically created when this plugin is added. Those commands are:

GetLidarValue( degree )
- Returns the distance value at the specified degree

GetLidarAvgRange( degreeMin, degreeMax )
- Returns the average distance within the specified range

GetLidarMaxRange( degreeMin, degreeMax )
- Returns the maximum distance within specified range

GetLidarMinRange( degreeMin, degreeMax )
- Returns the minimum distance within specified range

Real-time SLAM mapping

Room Mapping

Near Object Detection