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Microsoft Cognitive Emotion

Use the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion Cloud Service to detect emotions of people in the robot camera

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This plugin is version 13, was last modified on 12/5/2017, and is 378,522 Bytes. The author is ezrobot.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

*Disclaimer: This service is provided by Microsoft, and not owned by EZ-Robot. Microsoft may change their terms of use and operational behavior without warning. Because Microsoft keeps changing how the interface works to configure this plugin, ezrobot cannot be responsible for their inconsistencies. You will have to obtain the API key manually by navigating their very complicated web interface.

Use the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion cloud service to describe images. The images come from the Camera Device added to the project. This plugin requires an internet connect. Please consult the appropriate lessons in the learn section to configure your EZ-B to WiFi client mode or add a second USB WiFi adapter from here:

A tutorial for using this plugin is found here

What Can You Do?
An easy example on how to use this control is to add this simple line of code to the control config. The code will speak out of the PC speaker what the camera sees for emotion. You will need a Camera Device and this plugin added to the project.

Here's an Example Project: testemotion.EZB

It would look like this...

User-inserted image

And add this simple line of code...


say("You are " + $EmotionConfidence + " percent " + $EmotionDescription)

Subscribe To Service
The service requires a subscription, which provides a limited number of requests per month. The API key and End Point from your subscription to the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion must be added to the plugin config.

1) Press the CONFIG button on the plugin

2) Visit the Microsoft Cognitive Services by pressing View Subscription or click here:

3) Choose the Emotion Service

4) Copy the API key into your clipboard. Now return to EZ-Builder and PASTE the contents of the clipboard into the API Key textbox.

5) Return to web browser, copy the End Point into your clipboard. Now return to EZ-Builder and PASTE the contents of the clipboard into the End Point textbox.