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Kinect Body Control

Control robot servos using your body and a Microsoft Kinect

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This plugin is version 3, was last modified on 1/28/2017, and is 156,614 Bytes. The author is ezrobot.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

This EZ-Builder plugin enables controlling servos of your robot by moving joints of your body, which are detected by a Microsoft Kinect. Servos can be assigned to each joint using the Settings window. Degrees to move the servos are automatically calculated for joints in relation to the connecting joint. For example, the wrist position in degrees is calculated in relationship to the elbow position. And the elbow position in degrees is calculated in relationship to the shoulder position. Each joint can be assigned to control servo positions between 1-180 degrees of your robot.

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The configuration window provides you with 3 tabs. The general tab contains settings for filtering and such. The other 2 tabs are to specify servos per joint.

Increase the smoothness value to remove servo jitter. However, there will be a slight delay as the smoothness value increases.
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The Upper and Lower servo tabs will specify what servos will be assigned to different joints of your body.
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Kinect Compatibility
I'm unsure of what kinect's work with the SDK in Windows, due to limited information published by Microsoft (or at least hard to find information). There are multiple Kinect versions, the one I used is xBox 360 Kinect. Join the discussion on compatible versions here:

Compiled against Kinect 1.8 SDK, because I only have an XBOX 360 Kinect. I'm unsure of the compatibility with later versions. The SDK can be installed from here, as you will need the libraries it includes:

Work In Progress
- The servos for legs are not implemented yet
- The should rotation servos are not implemented yet