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Synbot Plugin

Plugin intefacing with the SynBot Bot Solution - Chatbot Framework which is installed on the same computer as EZ Builder. Bot Programming Language(SIML) can be easily extended with new tags handlers accessing to external API.

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This plugin is version 1, was last modified on 2/19/2018, and is 2,182,407 Bytes. The author is Jlucben.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

Synbot is a chatbot framework which this plugin will use. Either manually enter conversational phrases into the input field, or send phrases programmatically using the provided ControlCommand().

Bot Server is installed on your computer and linked directly to the plugin.

*Note: This plugin requires for some API request an internet connection, which means your computer must be connected to both the robot and internet at the same time. Follow this tutorial to learn how to maintain an internet connection when connecting to the robot:

Bot example files includes a SIML pseudo Framework which can make easier creation of bot dialogs intended for EZ Robots Command , with a multi language approach (English and french in the examples)

Complete tutorial is available in the tutorials section

You need to download SIML example files here : SaveV1Published.Zip

And Batch Test Text Files for english language here:

Many new features in this version - Twitter and mail Interface - Wikipedia query - Translate , ........