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Servo Recorder

Record and playback servo positions.

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This plugin is version 3, was last modified on 5/31/2016, and is 33,358 Bytes. The author is ezrobot.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

This works similar to the EZ-Builder Recorder, except it is limited to recording servo positions only.

You can start/stop recording or start/stop playback by either using the mouse buttons on the control or through EZ-Script. The Cheat Sheet will display available EZ-Script ControlCommands().

Such as...


# add a new recording
sayezbwait("Add new recording")
ControlCommand("Servo Recorder", Add)

# start record to the first recording slot
sayezbwait("Recording start now")
ControlCommand("Servo Recorder", RecordStart, $recordingCount - 1)

# pause for 5 seconds while we record servo positions

# stop the recording
sayezbwait("Recording stopped")
ControlCommand("Servo Recorder", RecordStop, $recordingCount - 1)

# playback the recording
sayezbwait("Playing back recording")
ControlCommand("Servo Recorder", Play, $recordingCount - 1)