Eva Foam (anti Fatigue Mats) Bb8


Been working on a lifesize BB8. I have made him using paper mache and EVA foam floor tiles.
He is a semi static build, he doesn't roll around but his moves (tilts/turns) He also has sound effects and will soon have LED and Thumbs up blow torch.

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You never cease to amaze me with the details of your builds - that's some serious engineering as well! Hope this gets the recognition it deserves!


Thanks, I studied several videos on neck animatronics and puppetry to work out how to make the mechanism. I was really happy with how well it turned out. I had the EZb already and all the servos, the rest of the mechanism cost about $20 to build. And as you can see with the way I have it set up I have complete control and can make the head tilt fron/tback/left/right go around in circles basically 360 degrees.
I will be at ThunderCon in ThunderBay this year displaying BB8 and some other items. I am in talks with the editor or Star Wars Insider about featuring the BB8 build. I was featured in an issue a few months ago with another build, My AT-AT made from foam also.
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Wow dude , I love it. My friend who makes Ironman costumes swears by Eva foam mats as a building material. He has been trying to get me into this , I would love to see how you make these details.


Glad you like it. EVA foam is so great to use. I have a Facebook page and youtube page where I show how to do things with EVA foam. You should definitely give it a go. For the details I score the lines with a sharp knife and then heat up the foam with an iron, this melts that top layer of the foam and causes the scored lines to separate and make them deeper finer detail lines. Check out my youtube page for videos if you want.


SUPERAWESOME! Great artistic skills man! Grin


Awesome, great work!


Oooooh you're going to need to put an EZ-B in that foam ATAT! Grin


Oh trust me it is on the to do list. Smile


Nice! Are you taking this to the thunder con end of October?!

I'm at my cabin but leave this week. It would have been awesome to come see it. When you're ready with a video, let me know and I'll push it to my friends in tbay - I'll get you quite a crowd Smile