Richard R And Bhouston In Make Magazine


Congrats to @Richard R and @Bhouston for getting their inMoov robots published!
It's pretty awesome seeing you guys in the forums getting some much deserved recognition Smile I'd loved to see more of you guys getting your stuff published or featured.

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You deserve it! Well done


@Richard and @David.

Guys, this is just awesome news. I'm so pleased for you guys. I just read the article, really good, and thought I would jump in and leave the first comment on the Make site to get the ball rolling.

You both deserve the recognition and deserved to be published. Along with the help and support you guys offer on the forum, as well the skill and dedication you put in to your work, it's a pleasure to know you both. Keep up the great work. I really couldn't be happier for you both.

Congrats. Grin



Great Job Guys!



Thanks @Jeremie! and everyone.... Bob sent me a link to the article a few weeks ago... They mentioned ez robot in Bob's side bar but not in mine for some reason.... It won't matter as soon when you see robots doing amazing stuff, you'll know automatically they are EZ Robot powered... Smile

P.S... Don't let DJ sell the company LOL....


Congrats and applause to both of you for your great work Smile


Great Job Guys!

I do commend you guys, and everyone who has built or building the InMoov.

I've started two weeks ago, after getting a 3D Printer ( Flashforge Dreamer ),
and I see its going to be a long long road ahead to get it finished.

@Richard, I still don't know how you built yours so quickly! Winky


nice! Grin


That is great Bob and Richard, great projects! Winky


Sweet dude , incredibly jeleous , great job!