Lt. Commander Data's Child "lal"


Lt. Commander Data's child "Lal"
My latest project which is powered by a EZB4, is a re-creation of Lt. Commander Data's android daughter Lal.
It is based on Star Trek, The Next Generation, season 3:16 "The Offspring".
She is intended to be a Humanoid house robot with less degrees of freedom movement from my previous robot Captain AnnDroid.
I wanted to keep her her low maintenace, basic, and dependable.
She is about 4 ft. tall and weighs about 13 lbs.
" After new a servo addition" Lal's head utilizes 3 HD EZ Robot servos for pan (rotate left and right), tilt (up and down). and head daisy (like a puppy dog).
2 HD EZ Robot servos for arm movement now ( may add an elbow or wrist servo?).
IRobot Create V.1 for drive platform.
She uses great EZ Robot features like Multi-color camera tracking, and plan to add some type of A.I., like Dave Cochran designed.
Special Thanks to EZ Robot and D.J. Sures for providing a great product that lets people pursue their robotic dreams.

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steve S

nice work,cant even see the camera.


is the camera in the right ear?


Thank you Patrick.

Yes Anthony, it is mounted in the R ear, drilling the opening bigger, without disfiguring her face.


@steve why not drill out one pupil?


Holy Crow! That is the coolest and classiest humanoid design I have seen. You nailed it dude, that is so Lal! Putting the camera in her ear is brilliant! Smile

I'm super surprised that the iRobot Create can carry that mannequin. I would have thought that would not be possible.

Can you post a picture of the servo should mount? You have kids and grandkids, right Steve? What do they think of Lal?


Is she made of fiberglass or all rubber? Are you going to put her on/off switch on her lower back, as all Noonian Soong android have?


What did you use the cut the back out? A box cutter knife?


Can you tell I want to copy cat your design? Winky


@ Steve S That is really a great mod/robotic build !