Inmoov Project


Let me introduce you my Inmoov version ,

(my 4 year grand daughter called it : ROBOTO)

The work is not yet complete , but I think promising.

I intend to take a break during the summer and will get back to my project later.

Surely if it rains outside I will probably start writing scripts
(it is so easy to get addicted to this kind of project) Grin

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I love the look of him. I am about to start one myself. I have a few shelves worth of parts just waiting. Thanks for the photos!


I'll be glad to help If you have any question when you do the assembly


I am sure that I will come across something and just say "WHAT?" Thanks for the offer!


@Aerius. WOW! That looks fantastic. I like the colors. A two color printer really helps to add the accents. What printer do you have?


Very NIce, Best Inmoov look ive seen so far.


That is fantastic! I really dig the colors as well - man, all of you are getting me jealous.

Might have to create our own InMoov here at ez-robot Grin


@ bhouston tanks! I am using a Flashforge Dreamer. When printing i can interrupt the job, unload the filament, load an other color and resume printing. That's the way i did print the stomach circle and the ears.


Guys your good words make me proud and help me to go foward. Tanks

@ dj what my Inmoov is holding in is hand will make the real difference. Smile


@Aerius Great work.... your parts fit nicely.... very clean build indeed .... Smile