"dog" The Little Robodog Ez-b V.4


Hi all,

Tinkering with servos and forming something. eventually formed a small dog robot which I named 'Dog'.

This fact made previously unthinkable without design therefore I have not had time to make a program for him. so I think the example program of Six with some modifications may be used to move the dog, and it worked.. Smile
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Really great! I believe this is the first ezrobot dog, congratulations! He has a fun personality


dog is great


I created just this day only, so not so good, I probably will beautify the appearance and make special program2 for him. Winky


great idea


This dog has the dance floor moves .... very many congratulations on a wonderful pet!


thankyou @ZebraStripes Smile i just try to make him more looking good


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Progress 1 .. Smile made from water pipe pvc



the dog looks awesome.


not finish yet @nomad Smile