I Create Baymax Doll Robot For Robot Theater Using Ez-b


I got a project to make the robot theater performances for children, and I decided to make the story Big Hero.
hand made costum and doll, inside baymax doll is a robot mechanism to create the movement and for controller i will use Ez-B v4 for more interactive and can talk like on the movie but for walk still using machanum wheel.

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There is your Genius at work!


for the appearance of the children who will show the robot theater in Singapore. My good fortune I was chosen to make property.


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Wow, this is so awesome! Please take some video from the event so we can watch it in our office! Many of us loved Big Hero 6 Smile


Eric, this will get you a lot of media exposure with a video! This can be more popular than my wall-e Smile very well done! I'm impressed!


hi @Jason Zailer , @DJ Sures unfortunately at the time of my appearance was backstage, because it must prepare the show property. maybe later I will ask the organizer for the recording.