The Server-1 Event Assistant Robot


I've had this one on hold for a while. Want to use 3d printed parts but the Makerbots largest single printed piece would be 11.2 x 6 x 6.1 inches. But now that im getting a printer with a 24 x12 x12 print space, the design looks printable. the robot itself stands 5ft tall. the drive system is a dc motor powered with 2 x double wheel system with a rear caster wheel for balance. a tablet will be fitted in the face for taking drink orders and to show a menu and facial gestures. Still working out the design just wanted to share. Different style from my XLR series which gives XLRobots some variety.

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I really like that robot. It has a good use and nice design that people would want in their home. If it can hold a dinner plate as well, it'd make the perfect robot for bringing breakfast in bed!


@DJ Sures I thought of it when i was hosting a party at my mother in laws banquet hall. I imagined about 4 or 5 of them moving about handing out food and drinks. Its an easy robot for me to make because im not having to worry much about strength on the arms and such since like my XLR-ONE build. Plus the tray is a fixed prop on the bot design. what will be cool is the lcd face display with the drink or food menu which can be setup by table so it takes the order and goes to the bar to pick up and returns to the table with the drinks. plus cool facial gestures and voice recon.Once i finish moving to my new place (about 2 weeks) im starting his build for prototyping because i already have a request for 4 for my mother inlaws hall.


Now that's a great design. Site looks good too bro. Just have someone proofread it or something since you have misspellings and other stuff, minor stuff that you want to fix...

I've asked you for a quote on my planned projects and I never got a response...if you're too busy or it's too hard I understand just let me know. Smile

Otherwise sick work my friend. Nice to see you finally getting out there. Best of luck.


@doombot please resend me the last email. I have the some of the t2 stuff but the email is not in my saved email bin. shoot to me again please. sorry for the delay.


Cool man, no rush really. I'll re send. Smile


Not bad.


Hey how do you buy the robot parts


@princessR35 Which parts are you looking for?


I'll be watching this one closely for the voice recognition, it'll be interesting to see how you overcome the problems with Windows SAPI for noisy backgrounds and many different accents etc.

This bot would look cool without the tray and with "real" arms too.