Coming Soon, Accelerometer/gyro/temperature Sensor


I'm excited to introduce the new items that we will be adding to the store in a week or two. This is a new ez-bit which is an all-in-one Accelerometer/Gyro/Temperature sensor. Here is the new format for ez-bit sensors - which are compact enough to fit in your Revolution or custom robot.

Here is the manual page for the device:

Here's a video where I demonstrate the accelerometer with JD!


You owe me a coffee!.. I spilled it when I fell off my chair Smile

That's awesome. I love how it fits so nicely in to the spare EZ-Bit connectors.


@Rich... If you had the ezbit accelerometer taped to your butt, you would know how to get up then.... Tongue

The accelerometer and gyro will be really useful in so many of my projects.... Nice work you guys....


I am never going to save any money because I am spending it all with you :-)



great item.


ha ha lovin' where the light shines out of Grin
great add ons. "More, I want more"


@Alan.... Savings? LOL... I think I may have to sign over the deed to my house if DJ keeps creating this kind of stuff....


I see its a 4 wire connection, Is this going to be communicating through the I2C?



He did say in the video it was plugging into the I2C port, so yes. (which is good because I am out of digital ports in my Roli (extended the arm length and added a headlight and laser).




I don't have the ability to listen to the video, just watch. So I was just checking.