This Iq My Personal Robot


I designed IQ as a proof of concept robot.It is made of foam core 5mm thick board with .020 styrene plastic sheet overlays. He is 4.5 feet tall and can telescope its head another 8 inches using a camera tripod with motor drive. There is a windows 8.1 tablet installed on its chest. Power comes from a lithium battery pack for drive wheels and a 12 vdc sla battery for the electronics. The EZB 4 is connected in client mode. It is designed not to tip over with anti tipping brackets beneath the lower frame..The movement speed is moderate for stability. The arms are from a Robosapien that i received that did not work.I gutted the arms and installed 3 servos for each arm .It can rotate its arms ,elbows and open and close hands.
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Dude, sweet... Nice design!... Smile Can't wait for a video....


Craftmans ship and design are excellent! Very nice job. Man, there is a lot of talent peope on this forum.


@rb550f, With that type of material does the lighter weight help with maneuverability of the whole bot ?


I can't see the wheels!


The weight of the robot is about 15 lbs with batteries. The super structure is the aluminum camera tripod i picked up at a garage sale...Using the foam boards is easy but very time consuming measuring and cutting.But the cost of the robot body is very low..Also here is a pick of the remote I am using with EZB.
It is 2.4 ghz wireless.Got it on Even has and mouse and touch pad,perfect for robot control.It is quite small and has lithium battery.
User-inserted image.
Windows 8.1 tablet give me all features you can do with EZB software.Even has hdmi if i want to connect to big screen or mini projector...


What is the best robot for me? My birthday is coming up and I want a robot instead of a party. My parents said, yes.
I am going to be 8.

P.s. Hi, I am his mom. I am here with him.


Thank you all for the positive replies. I uploaded pick of robot drive train. Great to be part of this community.
User-inserted image. Note I use metric measurements when cutting materials for a better fit..


Thanks for letting me see the wheels.


I am not sure what robot is best.But one using EZB 4 makes the best robots..What type of robot are you wanting to make?