How About A Dance-off?


Hey community, how would you feel about an ezrobot dance-off contest?

Here is the STL file for the microphone:


Elvis has left the building. *eek*


Oh it's on like Donkey Kong!.. Just give me a few days, I have a few little numbers I've been trying to teach JD, I think he has them down now... Grin


sounds great,can i use any robot?


This isn't official.. It's a discussion we are having to put together a contest. I think it'll be a good idea.

Nomad, you can use any ezrobot. Long as it's ezrobot - of course.


i can use a 3d mic.i like the idea. Grin


dancing queen... lol



I'm In .. haha cant wait for the official notice.


Well my entry is ready to go... Let's do this! Grin


Looks like Aislinn is arranging something for December - this should be good Smile

Get your dances ready folks! Robots got talent is coming...