Lynx Robot 1996? Reborn W/ez Robot


This is my latest project.
Vintage Lynx Robot Arm(1996?) reborn with EZB
Attending a HAM Fest in Peoria, Illinois, amateur radio and electronics show maybe 1996,
I ran into Jim Frye and talked with him, ("The Robot Guy", inventor of Lyxnmotion) peddling robot kits outside!

Old 2009 Newspaper article
It was an early (robot arm) Lynx motion kit he was demonstrating.
I was so impressed that I purchased a kit along with 4 extra Hobbico servos, add on option, instructions to convert servos to continuous rotation (mobile base), plus a Scott Edwards SSC controller kit 1st edition? (a bag of electronic parts with instructions).
The arm required much fabrication and assembly.
Surprisingly all of this worked, building and even soldering the controller!
It was all controlled with a BASIC program that would send serial commands.
After discovering EZ Robot, then rediscovering BASIC on an old PC and running the tethered Lynx arm, I realized Lynx needed an upgrade.
The Lynx transformation started by removing the 5 volt power supply connection, serial connection cords, SSC serial controller with 9 volt power connection. The original power connection was separate input power voltage to servos with signal wires separate to the controller.
Some of the original servo mounting used double sides tape! New mounts include an aluminum bracket and electrical ties. The cable hand control was trouble some and required attention (yes that is a paper clip fabrication on the hand!).
The Lynx EZ Bot now uses an internal LiPo battery, an EZB3, and of course, NO MORE TETHERED WIRES!
It can now take advantage of all the great EZ Builder features! Auto Position, voice commands, etc.
Reviving this old Bot has been fun and rewarding because it was bringing new life to an old Bot Friend that I liked.
This little BOT has had a great journey and woke up 18 years later into an awesome new era of robotics! ("Where no robot has gone before"Winky.
Hope you like it!
Steve S

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Old setup

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Old setup


Nice and clean work Steve. Now you've got me looking around in my shop for lost widgets to hack with an EZB.


Thank You Robot-Doc,
It has been a lot of fun! I enjoyed bringing new life to this Old Bot!
I want to learn more about Uart and Create.
Steve S


If he was born in 96 he only remembers Clinton as president. Ronny was before his time. Winky


Yes you are right, but Lynx EZ Bot is optimistic!
Steve S


I can't wait to get back to Canada to watch that video! I was a big fan of Lynxmotion back in the day!


Great work Steve,

I have a old 2002 Lynxmotion Hexapod II bot, which you have inspired me to bring
back to life via EZB.

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@cem, that hexapod is just screaming for an EZ-B! It's so retro, I love it


Yep, I ordered a EZ-B V4, Camara and some other parts on Saturday for my other Hexapod, but now I'm thinking I should of ordered two.

I'll charge it up and post a video of it in action, I used a PicAxe chip and SD21
32 controller, with home grown BASIC programs, at that time it was 'State Of Art'

I think your LOL. Smile


@cem.... you still can... Just have ez robot add to your order... Smile