Ok heres something the guys overlooked. Girls! Hey you have a girl playing with the robots on the main page of the website and in videos, but none of the Revolution bots are geared towards girls. So i got to thinking, why not make a female version of JD. Meet JD's lil'Sis KD! (like Katy)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

stl file:


Just to get you guys rolling. We gotta be fair to the girl robot enthusiasts.

I would finish her off with a pair of girly shoes. maybe 2 or 3 different styles.


Hahahahaha, I love it!


@DJ i knew you would be watching, he he . Its a great idea for you guys. It makes sense.


they could interact, dance with each other. many options here.


Here you go: Female Humanoid EZ-Bit


@DJ Sures thanks man. Heres her Peppermint Patty inspired shoes.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

stl: Both Shoes Left and Right.



The STL files will need to be separate for using in EZ-Builder

This is very funny!

User-inserted image


You guys rock!


Hhahha that is so sweet man!


Anthony, you never cease to amaze me!