Mini 6 Fabricated Robot


Mini 6 fabricated Robot
This is my next EZ Robot, after helping my grandson Hunter build his first robot.
I have always liked the Six by EZ Robot, so I wanted to build a mini.
Thank You EZ Robot and D.J. Sures.
My Six is powered with a EZB3 controller.
It is made with very simple parts,
micro servos,
aluminum stock,
concrete anchors,
Numerous screws and bolts,
Dollar tupperware type bowl,
2 in 1 Bluetooth speaker.
"Lots of trial and error!"
12 custom fabricated aluminum brackets
42 center punches
42 holes & deburring
I have to say it has been very rewarding, could not include everthing I wanted to build now, have many new ideas to add later.
Hope you like my latest EZ Robot.
Steve S

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Nice mini six!


Brilliant! I am really impressed!


That is so much fun. I love the tupperware; I have a waste bin stored up for my roomba 4000.


Steve, really great job and cool looking robot!



That is sooo cool! good work!


Very awesome Steve! I'm impressed! When I read in the parts list "concrete anchors" I thought, what in the world...then I saw the pictures, brilliant to use them as the feet! Smile


Nice fabricating Steve... Mini Six needs a bigger brother now.... All you need is 12 Heavy duty servos from the store and a larger tupperware bowl.... I am with you... when you make something from scratch it is that much more rewarding and satisfying....


very cool.


Thank you for the positive comments.
Six is such a fun robot. I believe EZ Robot is going to have a great response from users with their Six Robot. People like the movements when it is walking or performing other actions.
It is going to be a hit with the public!
I have several LiPo batteries and charger on order from the store.
My mini Six can actually carry the 6 pack c battery pack (WT. 310 grams), but does much better just with the BT speaker that weighs 140 grams. The store LiPo battery is 61 grams vs. the 160 grams for 6 AA .
The wt. of my mini Six is 355 grams without batteries and BT.
I used a small scale to compare components including the body which offered low wt. and good structural rigidity.
I am hoping to trade program files and routines with other Six users because It is going to be popular.
Let me know if anyone has any new routines. Open to any suggestions also.
Thank you,
Steve S