Robotic Claw Inspired By Doombot.


In an earlier thread Doombot had mentioned he may put a ping sensor on his robotic claw to sense and pick up objects automatically... Well, I had a moment of inspiration so I thought I would try and knock up something... So check it out... a simple prototype of my version of object detecting robotic claw...


Need to rebuild your youtube video, right now it's marked private


Not sure how that happened... does it work now?


Nice, thanks! Smile


Hey Richard thanks for the vid! Smile and its kinda "crab-like" with the ping sensor eyes


Thanks for the mention bud! However it's not an original idea of mine. I blame the roomba beerbot for the inspiration!
Mine is located underneath the claw though, so it is out of sight....


Thanks guys... I agree the ping is either too big or in the wrong place... Going to tinker more and see if I can't make it a more elegant design...


Nice video. I like the idea of putting an IR sensor in place of the ping sensor also. I also would suggest maybe usiing pressure sensors in the claws to aid in determiningamout of claw pressure on the softer obects.


Pressure switch is a good idea... I am working to integrate this (and more) into my current project.... I will update as I progress... thanks for the comments....


Below is the 3 fingered hand of the EZ:1 robot, note the micro (digital) optical ranger in the center, this triggers when anyone puts an object in front of the hand.

This version senses anything that comes in within 100mm of the hand, they are made by Sharp and are quite low cost at around 5 bucks each.

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