Doombot V1.0


Hello all,
Been here for a while now and I thought I'd share my project with you, DoomBot V1.0.
He's a big one, a little under 5 feet tall. I'm still working on the platform, haven't really decided just yet, but I did get 2 wheelchair motors. Nothing is wired up yet, I'm still planning on adding a bunch of stuff on it so we'll see. The arms are all dc window motors and a pneumatic cylinder. Comments appreciated!

Influences are T-600-800, Predator, Alien (I live for H.R Giger). I'm sculpting all the panels once all the hardware is crammed in. This is gonna have a real sick exoskeleton, both for looks and strength. See my website to get an idea. Grin

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Wow!... A little scary for my taste but all the better for Halloween!

Well, one idea I have to make ribs around the electronics. You can leave them open but protected by the ribs.


Yeah I was thinking that, using parts from my guitars...since I already have the molds. The legs on Arachnoid1 would make for a good ribcage.


@Doombot ....looking goooood! I can see a lot of work in these really good images. Good close ups as lets see a few vids please!


Thanks irobot58!
Thanks to EZ-Robot my quest for world domination is now possible!

I'm about halfway with the face...may change especially when the back of the head gets its shell. Then I'll work on animating the head. I like that it not only goes up and down, left and right but it also has tilting capabilities, to make some intimidating looks haha. This Bot is meant to intimidate, and definitely a Decepticon haha.


OMG! How cool is that!?! He surely does intimidate - you really stuck with your influences well. I really didn't expect to see the real terminator when I clicked on this thread. Well done sir, well well well done!

People joke a lot about EZ-Robot being the start to SkyNet... I think you just proved their point Tongue *eak*


Thanks DJ!
Yeah I'm somewhat pleased how its coming out so far. its gonna have a lot of stuff so im probably gonna need 2 more V3s.

cant wait to add the elongated back head, and the squirt gun tongue! haha Grin


Doombot , your a true artiest! Or should I say artisan. Please don't skimp on pictures and descriptions on how your building. Vids are always welcomed!

I'm really interested on how your arms are going to be controlled. How are you going to provide position feedback to EZ Builder? What type of motor controller are you using?

You gotta get one of those models from you web site to pose with your bot! If you do please post the pics! Winky


Very well done!


Seriously blown away! Great work. I'll be keeping a very close eye on this one, just awesome Smile

Can't wait to see this one up and running.