Omnibot 2000 , Rad 2.0 Vacuum Bot


This project has evolved some , the basic rundown is I'm modding two Omnibots , one a regular the other a larger 2000 model. I will have two ezb kits , rad base idea was thrown out because of so much noise but could go back on the table if the omnibot drivetrain is too weak to pull it.

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I like the idea of the RAD drive section - tracks ar COOL! And it would give great traction to move that vac around. And when you are hacking a robot, nothing is sacred. I also like the idea of the canister on the back, kind of like a back pack.


Bret i really wish we talked directly back and forth , you started your omnibot project way before me so you have valued info and experience with these guys, :-) thankyou in the tracks comment , i love the agressivenesss of tracks. Ha ha i have a walle ucommand in the mail that id like to make a automated pooper scooper ha ha ha


Dude - I am in the Norfolk VA area.

What a great idea for a Wall-e!


Mines , im josh , im in chattanooga TN


Hey guys,

Very Jealous of your Omni 2000. Broken arm or not that will be fun!

I have modded my RAD 2.0. The tracks are pretty darn powerful. I drive them with a 7.2V RC car battery. It may do fine....not sure about how it will drive the vac on heavy shag carpet. That would be an interesting test. We have a Shark Navigator vacuum you got me thinking!

Below is the link to my project so far...i am still modding (Mine is going to be a Sentry Bot), but I will be watching your RAD project for sure!

btw, I am in Springfield, VA (just up the road from Bret)


My RAD 2.0 Project


Dude! Our robots may need to meet one day lol


Lol , ez b needs a feature that let's them talk to other bots. So is your bot moving yet bret?


No, not yet.

I am waiting on a bluetooth dongle to arrive so I can't communicate with the board yet. I ordered the darn thing nearly a month ago so it should be here soon. Then I need to figure out how to wire up my h-bridge. I'll post video as I go. The first will be of the arms and claw moving..... Winky


When we have our bots up and running, we should do a mid-atlantic region meet-up. Maybe at Oticon (big Anime convention) in Baltimore or one of the science fiction conventions in the region so we can show off a little as well as meet each other.