My R2 D2 Video


As promised here is a video of my "work in progress" R2 project... I am not much of a film maker so be kind... Hope you enjoy...

Cheers Smile


Any girl friend who gives you a R2D2 is a Princess Leia! Great job! and good video as well! "We dont like their kind around here..keep the droids outside!" Good dance routine! Thanks for sharing and keep developing the personality. Too bad the little droid doesn't have arms so it could give your GF a hug, she'd find that sweet I am sure! Smile


Thanks irobot58... Wait 'til she finds out I took it apart... Even though it works infinitely better with EZb on board, not sure she'll share the same excitement at why I gutted him in the first place... Winky I'll just have to gear his personality more towards entertaining her more now...


Wow that's great!


Right now I have basically just mimicked his original programming but plans are to replace with an EZB4 board with camera... As I become more seasoned with EZ Builder I plan to seriously going to dig into creating way more sophisticated software and command routines as well...

Thanks for the comments


Wow, Very cool. I have one of these that I will be rebuilding with an EZB like you have done. I can only hope it turns out as cool and well done as yours is. Well done!


very nice and fast respons.great how he sounds and reacts. Grin


Excellent work rryerson.
Look forward to hearing details about your cool transformed R2.
You even have the dome reacting great.
Steve S


Thanks everyone... He still needs a lot more work, especially the software department... When I get my V4 boards I'll open him up and show a partial assembly vid as well as a more detailed look at all the updates I'll have done in EZ Builder



As we say in Scotland.... That's braw.