Traxbot - My First Robot


I picked up a EZ robot kit a while back and it sat on the shelf for a while. I finally got the inspiration I needed to start making a robot. When I got the kit I wanted to 3d print everything I could for it since that is my main hobby right now. I finally got the time to do some work on it. I have him up and running, but still working on learning all the software to make him awesome.
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All the files and more information will also be located on thingiverse in case anyone is interested.

Thanks for checking out my bot, I am sure as time goes on I will have plenty of questions to ask.


Very nice work, how many hours of print time did you rack up ? Also what did you use for filament, ABS or PLA ?


I probably have 60 hours of print time total. There is only about 40 hours worth on the robot. I had some revisions to a few different pieces. I had the drive gear too small and had to redesign and some clearance issues with the ultrasonic and wiring under the camera. It is all printed in PLA.


That's a sweet looking robot, nice job Smile


Excellent work!
Tracks with a 3d printer, never new you could do that?


great looking robot!

@Herr Ball, when you 3d print tracks you have to leave a very slight gap between the connector areas and leave holes to put securing posts in. at least that's what I understand. it's harder to do this.


They are printed just like a bicycle chain. Each link needs a short metal rod to connect to the next link. Only thing not needed is a master link. In the example here in this thread small finishing nails were used to join each link.


Nice looking robot! I am very impressed with the 3D print job. Thanks for sharing Winky


Smile Thanks for the compliments!

Traxbot got featured on Thingiverse today. Not a huge deal but it is nice to get noticed.


That is one heck of a FIRST robot!