Robot Albert E


Hi Everyone,

Here is some info about Robot Albert E, my 2nd robotics project.

Robot Albert E is a life-sized head in a picture-portrait frame. He will be used to help me add interest at Bible Seminars that I teach.

I used metal-geared micro servos because I had not learned how to prevent violent servo action on start-up. Several non-metal geared ones failed with the start-up stress. I have since found programming info from DJ and some of you that prevent this!

Below are some pictures and also a link to my website where you can view a video I made using Robot Albert E to promote my seminars. Because the servos could be heard loudly in the video I had to edit the audio with a "voice-over" track.

For my next project I am investigating using Electro-active Polymers and Muscle Wire to replace servos. My next project will probably use Muscle Wire because it is readily available. Both of these materials are silent and the Muscle Wire has lots of power.

Thanks to DJ and all of you who take the time to share what you have learned about overcoming problems.

God bless,


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Robot Albert E the teacher


This is really cool!


Love it!

Did you print off the graphics yourself?


Hi Lumpy,

Glad you liked it. Yes, I printed the graphics on a regular ink-jet printer.

I found a hi-rez cartoon-like image of Einstein on the internet. I edited it in Photoshop and divided it into 4 - 8.5" x 11" sections. I imported these onto 4 separate pages in MS Publisher and printed on card-stock.

From there I matched and mounted the sections with spray adhesive on 1/8' black foam core. I used my desktop CNC machine to cut the foam core and fine-trimmed with an X-acto knife.

I like your R2D2 user image and am impressed that "the princess" showed up for your photo-shoot!



Really great! Thank you for sharing Grin


That's really cool , everyone should have a talking picture in their house Winky


Could you post a video of him moving? I'm very curious


That's pretty impressive! Smile.


Great job, this is art-robotic! a new category within the robotics. Smile


Totally awesome Steve!'ve given me more ideas.