Meet "rc-xd Airsoft Droid " Dual Wield Gunner Robot W Night Vision


In very excited to introduce RC-xd Airsoft Droid. My little brothers robot we are building together to compete in mech wars for team EZ Robot. Woot! He is a modified omnibot with dual automatic airsoft guns. The base is a rad 2.0 base and EZ Cam mounted between the eyes. This is moved to project section now that i can post pics of what a full bot will look like.
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That looks incredible Josh! Well done to both you and your brother.


Thanks gunner! My brother said thanks too. Maybe one of the maker trips he will come along. He will be 17 by then.


Very professional looking. What's the plan for the chest area?


The plan really is to just put a blank in there i believe and maybe some ir leds


Ohh maybe a blank then a team logo!


Wow Josh! That looks awesome! And has given me some inspiration for Gunslinger Bob. Tell your brother he has an awesome bot.


@bret Thanks Brett , Im just now starting on Ez Robot and big brother is really helping me, we plan on finishing it soon and maybe I will start a new one. - Alequa

@troy Yea a smiley face logo is what we are talking about


EZ-B is very addictive!


@bret i know! It is contagious! I get direct emails from people wanting to know if EZ Robot is for them. Ofcourse that's a yes Winky - Josh