Wii Remote Controlled Robot


Recently, I've added a great deal of support to the Wiimote Control in EZ-Builder. This includes EZ-Scriptable buttons and a few other goodies. I set Wall-e to be controlled by the Wiimote and assembled this tutorial video for you. Smile

User-inserted image


@DJ this is a great addition

Thanks Neil


Thanks! I hope it helps Smile


Quick question. Does anyone happen to know what that part inside Wall-E's left eye (my right view) is? I might need to get one of those soon but don't know what it is exactly called. Thanks.


@FreakScout12 Didn't you ask this same question in another thread? As already mentioned in your other thread it's the old camera that came with the ezb3 developer's kit which is now discontinued... The new camera for the V4 is does the same thing... See here Wifi Camera