Dorian - Retro Style Humanoid Robot


Earlier this year I introduced myself and my first robot on these forums but it was a General Discussion post and so now that I've made some progress on Dorian I thought it's time to make a proper Project Showcase for him.

Dorian is a fairly small humanoid robot with a retro style design. He stands about 40 cm tall and has a build quite similar to the JD humanoid robot, with the addition of two hip servos and an ultrasonic distance sensor.
The chassis is my own design, while the joints and brackets connecting servos are modified versions of EZ-Robot designs.
The general goal for Dorian is to have him join me at various events and have him interact with people, but more importantly, have people interact with him. I'm hoping I'll be able to make him smart and engaging enough for people to feel inspired about social robots and realize how advanced robots we can actually make today - if using the right products and knowing the right community Winky

In my previous post some of you were asking about seeing him in action and if he could walk yet. Today I uploaded the first video with Dorian's walking animation so I hope you'll give it a look and hopefully you'll enjoy! He may look like a drunk toddler but atleast he's moving forward...! Sort of.


Awesome’i like dorian


I really like Dorian! I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.

#4 I get to see the tricks you are teaching him!
I opened the other thread first!

Just saw the cat cruising by! Sooooo funny! Grin Grin


Hi Sebediah, how do people interact with your robot?


@Nomad and @JustinRatliff thanks!
@Mickey666Maus Dorian is learning new tricks faster than our puppy! Haha. And yeah... that cat is up to no good, trust me.
@proteusy Right now I would say people don't really interact much with Dorian at all. It is a long-term goal of mine to make him a fun and social robot for people to interact with.


As I said before, love this robot! Well done in getting him to walk and interact like that. The cat knows he's been replaced with a robot Smile

Thanks a bunch for sharing the video! Looking forward to seeing more as Dorian learns


Haha thank you very much DJ! Our cat has had a rough few weeks indeed. First we got a puppy who's stealing all the attention, and now Dorian is going to annoy her even more.


Work on Dorian has been somewhat slow as we are in the process of moving to another city, but I've at least had the time to do some much needed upgrades for him, so this is the latest update to my little humanoid project!

Part 2 will be up in a few days or so!


very nice update.speaker idea is great.