Humanoid #3, The Miniplan


Hi everybody, It's been awhile and I'm back to humanoids again. Last march, I bought my first 3d printer kit and it's been life altering lol. I got a FLSun Kossel mini Delta machine. It's been pretty good so far, I've put alot of hours on it already. So, while looking thru thingiverse, I found this lil dude and started printing.

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Heres a short build progression.

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I'll post videos after I get some moves programmed.


cool mini darwin


Thanks man. That's funny you mentioned Darwin, that's what caught my eye when I found the .stl file. Looks like a Darwin, just PLEN2 sized. It's so small that the V4 barely fits on its back lol. Before I forget, I should give credit where credit is due, miniplan is not my design, it belongs to Shin Wei Chiou, here's a link to Miniplan on Thingiverse.


That looks like cool little project. Do you have some video?


Kenny! Good to see you back, sir! This little EZ-Darwin is looking great


Thanks man, good to be back. I'm seeing some new faces and products, glad to see EZ-robot is still running strong. Think I might be trading in my v3Smile

Made some progress with the robot in the last couple days, added movements for walking, turning and getting up. Threw in a lil dancing too. I have lots of fine tuning to do lol.


@Kenny, That's wonderful! Very impressive. That little guy really has personality. Nicely done. I love the mini version. Very unique. Everyone is going big and you're going the other way. Gotta respect that.

NoMad's going to love this. He's really into these Humanoides.

On a side note, your work bench looks like mine. Tongue All the needed stuff at hands reach. Just gotta dig a little. Grin Hey! That's where my car keys are! *eek*

Also I think it's great that your lady is side by side with you and obviously enjoying your work. That's hard to find. Unless she's your mom. Smile

#8's another mini robot humanoid.


@Dave, No, she's definitely not my mom lol. But She is someone really special.

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This is Tiffany, we've been together since April 2015, and also had a brief stint 20 yrs ago in high school lol. This is from last April, I proposed to her on the beach at Ocean Shores, WA on our 2 year anniversaryGrin One of the many things that make me crazy about her is that she supports my all of them lol. From robots to drones to all my rc vehicles on air/land/water, my engine stuff, all my ancient outboards. She likes to get involved, especially with the hobbies that get us outside lol. She loves watching me work with my hands. She's pretty exceptional, but I digress lol.

@Nomad, That's a pretty cool robotSmile There's something about humanoids, eh? I know they're not all that practical, but I love watching the mechanics of it all when things are working right, and overcoming the problems when they aren'tSmile

Also, I've been making little improvements to the miniplan like a printed case for the ez-b that matches the rest of the robot, a power switch (what a concept lol) and an awesome ez-robot badge for the front since my slicer program eliminated it from the ez-b case for some reason. Possibly operator error. Know what, most likely operator error lol. Plus two 5mm RGB led's for the eyesSmile ...and lil printed roller skates like the PLEN robot lol..I'll post another vid when I get it all together and moving right.


Cant wait to see the next video.

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