Mecanoid Gets Overhauld By Ez


i found a mecanoid new in box.the xl 2.0 version.
the app is not very good,so i give him a ez builder overhaul.
i did the left arm complete.i have to order some servo's HDD.
its the best building i ever done.

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Very nice Nomad, my EZB is where the meccano module is. I removed it.
Love the hand!



ah the mecano brain.i was just thinking desame thing to do.


Awesome Nomad, looks great. Smile


the store here is closed for 14 days.cant get parts now.
need the topcap from HDD servo's whithout the lever.

as in the link.any one knows where to get these?

top cap servo HDD

also does any one knows how to use the eyes mecanoid with ez?
they are arduino.


How many servos does that meca run Nomad?


for now 10 servo"s


Will be a fun project that's for sure.

Is the Meca your main focus right now, or do you have a few robots on the go?


at the moment i have 5 .the orig jd-mini jd-mecanoid- metal robot-six.

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5! Tongue