Release 2017.01.17.00


@DJ... I am getting the same as Eagle218... Current version of EZ Builder (16.01)... went to the cloud downloaded current JD.EZB file... last button is wait for glyph. Nothing afterwards. However, I don't use RoboScratch so I could be missing a step here...


That's super strange. The project has nothing to do with the wait for speech bubble, and it displays on my pcs. I'll reupload a new build and maybe it's a corrupt file in the installer. Something like this has happened in the past once or twice we have experienced.

I'll upload a new build later this afternoon.


I re-compiled and uploaded a new build. This thread title has been renamed with the new build to reflect version. There are no changes to this build, other than a recompile.


OK, got the "wait for speech" button on the bottom of the list, thx


Confirmed.... Smile