Max The Robot


Before investing in expensive myo's, use wiimotes.


Thanks DJ. I am taking a look. My problem is I do not believe the wiimotes will track all the movements of my arms. I have six servo's that accomplish realistic human arm movements that I need to control.

I am thinking about using a two cameras (dimentional view ) aimed at the operator that can track arm movements. Much like the Kinect monitors arm motion. then use the movement info to control servo's. What do you think?

The ultimate goal will be able to build a robot that can mirror a humans movement.


This is exactly the results I want. Imagine a robot being able to be controlled like this. A handicapped person could drive a robot around the house to go work. Even fine work with fingers. Any ideas?


I'm familiar with the Kinect, and the main issue is to translate 3d joints to plain angles.

it's possible and i'm working on a user interface. btw (I hate user interfaces)
although there are a lot of noise and inferred values translating to bad angles.

I'm not familiar with VR but you can get superior results when you add body sensors e.g. black gloves and the arm sensors shown on the video.

is not cheap stuff...


I'm new to the boards so please excuse my lateness to this thread. Wonderful robot. The flexibility and fluidity of the arm movements is impressive... any updates on your progress?