Release 2016.12.28.00



- Happy Holidays!

- New Blockly Graphical Programming Interface (accompanies RoboScratch)

- RoboScratch load/save as separate projects rather than with the main project

- support virtual servos on different ez-b's (

- cleaner shut down of script control with less verbose messaging

*This build has been updated from 2016.12.26.00 to 2016.12.28.00 with a few more Block Programming enhancements.

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As always fantastic job! Love V servos on different EZB and so will Dave...many uses ... Happy Holidays!


OMG! *eek* *eek* *eek* Thanks! Grin My best xmas present so far! Smile Smile


Virtual servos are working great now on other EZB's besides the first one. Thanks again!


Blockly is so cool.
Great work.
This is a perfect tool for programming.