Irobot 710 Kobra


Just received this robot from toysrus. What a beast. This should be perfect for an Ez Robot hack. Will see what it takes for this to be my next project. I will post updates as I go through this.
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By the way this robot is a basically an exact copy of its big brother which costs $400,000.


That is beautiful (I always like robots with treads anyway).

How big (or small) is it?



Big . It is 21x10.4x36 in size .Weight 8.4 lbs. Arm reach is 39 inches..Runs on 12.8 very lithium battery. Also has WiFi camera. Retail about $200. It has 9 motors with digital proportional control.


Just curious if this robot can be controlled via WiFi out of the box along with viewing video. Looks like a great robot to hack ! Rick


Control is done via 2.4 ghz transmitter,but camera uses WiFi app. It does have audio via mobile app.


Wow, always kinda wanted an iRobot packbot, can't believe a consumer version would be so well priced! ....Lots of plastic I guess. Thanks for the heads up @rb550f


First upgrade is a 12 volt 5ahr sla battery. Removing one of the bottom covers reveals a 2 lbs bag of sand in abag
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After doing some Dremel cutting got battery snug in slot

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Then I installed aluminum l bracket to lock it in place.

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I then attached carry handle to that bracket

Reinstalled lower electronics compartment to the base.
Stay tuned.
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that is awesome, so gotta get one one those Smile


Dang rb550f,

This is a fascinating project that I'm watching closely.

How do you plan to communicate with it from the EZ Builder? I once interfaced an RC 4x4 with a 2.4 GHZ controller by attaching EZ B digital outs to the RC controller buttons.

I'm going to get one just for the arm and gripper. I wonder how much more we could lift with better servos?


Great project! Be sure it can carry a beer when you are done... having a camera it can pick a regular or lite beer... LOL