2nd Inmoov Build


So I started my second Inmoov without a name yet. I haven't given up on Gideon, my 1st Inmoov, I have learned a lot from my first Inmoov and will apply it to my 2nd Inmoov. Anyway I am a long ways from completed. Here is the right forearm, I'm putting the fingers together soon. I'm having a dilemma whether I wanted to have Finger tip sensors or not. I do want a sensor in the hand somewhere so I can tell if something is close to the hand.

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Try using a small IR sensor. I have one in a hand of my InMoov so it closes to shake hands with someone. You could have it just sense something close and do whatever you want from there.
I used this one: http://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/sharp-gp2y0d805z0f-ir-range-sensor.html
The Robotshop has lots to choose from.


@bhouston, Thank you, I was looking at them this mornig be for getting called to work. I seen the digital ir sensor about the same size but could not see the analog ir sensor. This is perfect, I am thinking at mounting it by the middle finger were the slot is on top of the hand under the topserface6 cover goes. I think this would be a good spot.

Thanks again for the link and the tip.
Cheers, merne


I have almost completed the right hand and forearm, I am going to use the wires in the finger tips for something else, waiting on parts. I am building this inmoov much slower then my first inmoov to make sure everything is working correctly without any breakage. I will have a video on the right hand soon.

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I went for lights in the fingertips instead of the pressure sensors. I'm going to do that in the palm of the hand with an infrared that will close the hand when object is close.

Short video of the LED Diodes.


Looking good but your video link doesn't work


@bhouston, try it now, it was marked private.


Yup, it works now. Looks good


Hey, that's a cool effect... nice Smile