Screen Resolution Question


I have just bought a Surface Pro 4 and have been trying all afternoon to set up EZ-Builder but just cannot get the resolution to look right - I tried dozens of settings, but all I get is bunched up text as jpeg below.

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I have had big screen resolution problems before on my Windows 7 Asus slate tablet which also never worked properly with EZ-Builder, is it just me or is there a problem with the way EZ-Builder handles screen resolution?

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!



Instructions can be found in the learn link or by viewing the manual on the EZ-Builder download page:

Surfaces and touch tablets have the text size increased to make the interface larger for fingers.


By taking the display down to 1680 x 1050 I now get the text unscrambled - but another problem appears when I load my EZ project the windows are massively jumbled up so when I tidy them up and save the project and I then load it again, I lose the entire top part of the window (where the connect box is), the right scroll bar has gone, so there is no way to work on the project properly.

I then run the auto-arrange and get the top back but with all the windows massively jumbled again and yes if I tidy that up and save again then when loading back the top has gone again Grrr.

This is exactly what happened on my Windows 7 Asus slate tablet where I gave up using EZ-Builder on years back because that used to lose the top all the time.

It looks to me that EZ-Builder somehow has major problems with resolution on some Windows tablets - I do not have these problems on my PCs. Very frustrating as I wanted to use the Surface Pro 4 for portable control via EZ-Builder of the EZ:1 robot!



Tony, I feel your pain. Screen resolution and text problems is the "only" real complaint I have with EZ Builder. You probably know DJ and crew has struggled with Windows GUI issues since the early days. I know nothing of what they need to do to overcome these issues buy it must be a monumental task to make EZ Builder look right on all the different screens and resolution out there. Still I truly wish it could be done.

Please don't think I'm hijacking your thread here but I think this is connected with your issue. Also I want to validate your problem. I'm running the latest version of Ez Builder; Personally, I'm also having the same issue your having. Along with that I'm still frustrated with half my controls being trapped under the menu bar on virtual screen #2 when I close and then restart Ez Builder. EDIT: (This was fixed at one time and had reappeared). I always have to use Smart Arrange to get them from under them. This is the only window where the controls extend down past the bottom of the window and I need to scroll down to see them. It's very frustrating having to rearrange my long list of controls and have them jumbled up and hard to find each time I open my project. This is on an old Dell laptop running Win 10. Also on my new Hi resolution Win 10 HP laptop the controls and text are so small I can't even see them. Any adjustments I make so their size is barely acceptable make the rest of the programs I use on this laptop way to large.

Anyway, I've almost given up hoping these issues can be fixed and accept them. Each time anyone asks for relief on these issues we get the seemingly valid excuse that it's a Windows problem with the way they scale the GUI. *tired* At this point I rally don't even know how or who to ask for help. I can't even get the suggested fixes to make things even a little better. *sleep*


I have now set the resolution to (the recommended) 1920 x 1080 and initially it looks ok - I then load the (any) project and it comes in with its windows all jumbled up. If I now tidy-up and save then on the next load the complete top part is not available the right scroll bar has gone. If I auto-arrange, I get the top back (all the project windows) but they are jumbled again! If I try to tidy them up again, the same thing just keeps happening. So as far as I can see, there seems to be no way to use EZ-Builder on a Surface Pro 4 which is a pity as the main reason I bought it for was to use with EZ-Builder.



Dave, very good points you make! but this is a serious problem with EZ-Builder I now have 2 very expensive Windows tablets that effectively seem not to be able to work with EZ-Builder and I just bought the expensive Surface Pro 4 for just the purpose of being a portable platform for EZ-Builder so I am now very frustrated. If it was a Windows problem then surely it would affect other vendors software? When I take the ALTAIR robots into Universities and Schools, I dont want to have to dismantel and take in a full desktop PC and monitor (which are the only computer devices that currently seem to work for me)!

Having software that will on work on only some Windows devices/platforms does seem strange in this day and age.



It's so sad that issues like this drive away the very talented DIY people like you. We've lost quite a few over the years. The release of the V4/2 and the LoTiny has been a huge tip of the hat to the DIY guys. Still, the Ez Robot focus has gone towards the Revolution. I understand. That pays the bills and keeps the doors open. I hope you don't get so flustrated again that you once again stop visiting and adding to the community. *stress*


Please follow the instructions previously provided by not disregarding the text sizing value. The resolution is merely half of the instructions.


Thanks DJ, I'll give it another try.


Screen Resolution is the number of pixels on the screen - it only matters regarding how much information you wish to place on the screen.

Text Size is how large the text is relative to the original specified size. If you increase the text size value, the size of text will increase in applications. Increasing text size is attempting to fit larger text in a space designed for smaller text.

The EZ-Builder was designed for text size 125%

Windows 10 screwed everything up by setting the default value to 125% which is ridiculous but uncontrollable. Some tablets are set to 150%

Follow the instructions and set your computer correctly: