New Release 2016.11.25.00



- Right click on servos in auto position editor to delete (Rather than having to hit delete button on keyboard)

- Auto Position Import Fix prevents unhandled exception when deleting servos after import into empty project

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@DJ, you are on a bug zapping roll. Have you had a chance to look at stripping the weird header data from the Foscam mjpeg stream. (I will admit I haven't tried it after the last few releases since it wasn't in the release notes, so you may have already done it) .

I would like to remove my camera from the internet if you don't need access anymore, and I am really hoping the fix will also fix the same error that we get in the Acer W3 tablet cameras.




The Foscam one day may have a driver in EZ-Builder and is on the list. Albeit moving lower down Winky. Maybe someone with C# plugin ability will be able to assist your needs?


You're going to get me to learn C# yet Winky

No problems. This is very low priority for me. I am going to unforward the port in my router, just let me know whem you want to work on it and I'll renable it so you can test without buying a Foscam.



roger that!