OMG I <3 the black on the ez-b controller casing.

When are we gonna see color choices in stock? Grin


Sweeeeeeeet! This build will rock it! Can't wait to see it finished! Winky


Awesome! Can't wait to see it finished and moving.. great job!


Thanks guys! Here's some of tonight's progress:

User-inserted image


Worked on Voltron a little bit every night this weekend, he's coming along Smile I was able to finish the yellow Lion leg and put the body and legs together. He looks so big on my desk. He's about the size of 3 Gameboys stacked up lol

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Really cool.
Good ideas.


More progress:

I modified some RGB LEDs, sanded them flat, made the lens more opaque, soldered on some 0.1" Headers, and mounted them into Voltron's eye sockets. Multi-colored Laser eyes for the win!

User-inserted image

I hacked a wiring harness onto Voltron's back, made a few mistakes, had to use more hot glue lol. I'll clean it up later Smile

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@Jeremie: Do my eyes deceive me? Do I see a Transformers Soundwave in the backround? Do you have the cassettes?

(Sorry this is off topic I am sorry in advance, I had to ask!)


@WayneA. You are absolutely correct Grin The only cassette I have for him is a beaten up Ravage that I've had since I was a young lad.



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