Windows Release 2016.10.18.00


I don't have the gender or age option.


Correct. Please read my last response. Those options are removed because those options are what breaks the selected voice. I provided links and information in all posts on this thread.

I'll look to see if there are more mystery overrides that allows gender and age without changing the voice.

In the meantime, they're removed as you have noticed. But selected voice works - and that's progress.



i have computer set on EN-US. Do have the male/female voice option?

No, as DJ said, he removed them. They are no longer supported as options in Microsoft voices. They provide male and female voices though.

The "Rate" function doesn't change "Microsoft David" but does change "Microsoft Zira" and my Cepstral Lawrence voice.

The "Emphasis" works on "Microsoft David" and Cepstral Lawrence, but has no effect on "Microsoft Zira"

So the specific functions are dependent on which voice you choose.



After further research into the overloads and methods for both the setvoice and promptbuilder, it appears voices don't have genders or ages.

The gender and age is used to "find the closest voice match by hints". Voices have a gender and age property.

So you either have one or the other. But gender and age are not actually configurable values. They're only search values to find a closest matching voice.

Again, they're not actually options and I used them incorrectly on previous releases.


If i reinstall the 10/8/2016 update I get this Speech Settings Control;

User-inserted image

I can switch between male and female voices and adjust the rate of them except for Microsoft David. Before the latest update I could adjust the rate of Microsoft David.


Please reference my previous post


I have have similar results to Alan's... where all the voices seem to work unless I select Hazel then speech stops responding (more precise Hazel doesn't speak and the other voices stop responding too) . I currently have 2 third party voices (from Cepstral and Ceraproc), David, Zira and Hazel... As mentioned all work except Hazel. I never use Hazel so no big deal. This is under Win 10 with all the updates and of course the latest version of ez builder. My language is set to EN-US...


I have just installed this update the set my language back to English-UK and (after a reboot) it still makes no difference all I get is that horrible slow female voice with no way to change it or the speech settings. So it looks like this particular mod does not work for UK TTS for some particular reason?

I have now set my language back to English-US and it all works ok again. I would obviously prefer to have the correct region set which for me is the UK.



That speech voice is not an English-UK compatible voice.


DJ, I know that but it is my only option when I go back to English-UK region - Cereproc Giles and William are still on the speech setting window but will not select. When I go back to English-US all TTS voices are selectable and work. So even though I am in the UK, I have to select the US region for TTS to work properly.