Eva Foam (anti Fatigue Mats) Bb8


Hi, Yes BB8 and the AT-AT will both be on display at ThunderCon. I have been invited to display them in the Star Wars room with the 501st.


All the code has been done, now I just need to finish painting and building the little pieces.




Thanks, man, full video to be posted tomorrow.


That's exciting! Can't wait to see it


Wow! what a busy past few weeks. I was working hard on getting BB8 finished but encountered a big problem. The head tilt mechanism got in the way of the thumbsup mechanism and during a test it snapped. So I had to decide what was more important head turn and tilt or head turn and thumbs up. I decided to go with head turn and thumbs up. So after a lot of rebuilding (I had to remove the whole internals and rebuild them 24 hours before the Convention). Once I had finished that I really wanted to add some sort of lights. But with only 14 hours to go until I was due to leave for the convention I didn't have much time. I chose to go with the light that flashes as BB8 speaks. After I installed that I wanted it to flash in time to his sound effects. So I wrote code for each audio file and well, I was really happy with how easy that was and how well it worked. Here is a video of the final testing only hours before heading off to the convention.

And here is a video of an interview for local Thunder Bay Ontario news. If you skip to around 1:40 you will see me and a few of my builds including Wall-e and the AT-AT. The interviewer is also wearing a proton pack that I built.


Awesome work @Familyman Thanks for sharing the video!