The Real Wall-E


I'd like to download the latest EZB file for WALL-E, but it's not on the page. Anyone know where it is?


It's in EZ-Builder, under File->Examples


Thanks DJ,

Got my EZ-B, simply amazing! Smile
Started building my WALL-E.


Awesome!! I'm making a user showcase section right now. Can't wait to see yours up there Grin


What Wall-e was used to make this robot? I really want to give this a try, I know I read that it was the ultimate wall e, but this unit looks smaller. I have an ultimate and it's 17 inches tall and comes with a white remote that enables you to program a sequence of moves. It also has a back pack to hold and plug in an mp3 player.


REad the first post please, here is a link to the first post of this thread:


Thank you! I can't believe I missed that.



Excitement of having your own Wall-e can get in the way! Grin