Ezb V4 Custom Firmware V2


Hello everyone,

I would like to share the new custom firmware available for EZB 4.

Currently i'm beta testing the firmware fixing and polishing the code.

I'm still open for ideas, please comment.

1) Initial screen:

User-inserted image

2) Access point configuration:

User-inserted image

3) Client/Station mode configuration:

User-inserted image

4) HOST/EZB configuration:

User-inserted image

5) Ports Configuration:
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6) Tools

Working in progress

I will describe in another post the new features.


You are re-writing the firmware on the EZ-B? Wow! Any reason why? Are your re-writes of the firmware still compatible with EZ-Builder?


New features
1) MACADDRESS configuration
once you push a new firmware, the mac address is wiped, to avoid going to the code and change the macaddress, compile & upload, is possible to assign a new macaddress.

2) network HOSTNAME
the hostname will allow identifying the EZB in a network by name, or when looking the router networking devices.

3) Change EZB & Camera TCP Ports

4) Disable the Welcome Message, useful when working or playing after hours Smile

5) Broadcast EZB information
I found a new window in EZBuilder (Listening), then i went to check the desktop ports and i found a UDP port open, with some lucky and persistence and brute force (broadcasting multiple strings) i found the purpose, the feature allows the EZBuilder to identify all the EZBs connected in the network a picture will help:

User-inserted image

Client configuration:

1) Static IP settings
2) Reconnect settings, how many times and the interval between each attempt, useful if you suffer from random wifi disconnections.

AP configuration:

1) DNS name nothing special

Overview page:
RSSI Level (good to check if the wifi signal is good)


Regarding the PORTS option:

Allows per port startup initialization, this can help:
1) servos jerking when EZB is switch on
2) immediately initialize digital ports e.g. (HB25 motor controller requires low value in the first seconds otherwise enters in programming mode)



Yes the idea is to keep everything "kosher", the EZBuilder is not affected.


In case it isn't clear, this requires the programmer and instructions found here:. https://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Open-IoT-Wifi

I am looking forward to trying it out.





I'm confused (it's Friday), you have a new IOT board already or you have hacked the current one? I thought hacking the current board was discouraged and Canadian Mounties would come nock on your door? Winky


This is really hacking the WiFi chip, not the EZ-B brain, and it is encouraged. See the link I provided. DJ gave instructions and an updated firmware (that btw fixes the DHCP problem from first generation boards) and makes several suggestions for possible hacks, some of which PTP included, and some he came up with himself (like adding the address broadcast function that will be part of the v4 x/2)



Awesome job PTP!