Teaser: Iotiny Coming Soon


My Minion hack will soon live! Two are built but had no room for an EZBv4. A LoTiny will allow me to do the movement and sound (with existing speaker), and will easily fit. Thanks EZ Robot team (especially Jeremie).



Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kudos!

@MazeHorizonTech sorry I haven't had a chance to respond yet, it's been a busy couple days.

Here's some rough current draw specs for you:

IoTiny connected via WiFi to my laptop about a foot away, 7.4V input, no peripherals connected and no audio: 60mA

Same scenario + Version 1 Camera: 140mA

Same scenario + Version 2 Camera: 120mA

Same scenario (audio enabled) + Version 2 Camera + Music playing: 190mA

Just note that there are more than a few variables that can effect current draw:

- Having a weak signal may increase current draw due to the WiFi transceiver working harder

- With a switching power supply, a higher voltage input allows the circuit to run more efficiently so, in turn, current draw decreases

- The more bass in your music/voice = more current draw

- Attaching I2C add-ons will draw more current, the amount completely depends on the device connected

- Adding servos will dramatically increase the current draw, especially under heavy load

- Adding Analog sensors will also increase current draw but usually it's only a few milliamps for most sensors

Hope that helps!


Great! Thanks Jeremie!