Teaser: Iotiny Coming Soon


Waw that's a cool thing DJ. I was looking for something like that, and already started some experiments with other brands. You made it just in time ! Can't wait to get it !


Very Cool!


Hey! The mini EZB finally got here! This is awesome!

I can now mount this little guy up in the brain inside the bubble of my Lost in Space B9 and get rid of the cables running down the neck of the bubble lifter to the EZB mounted below in the torso. This will make the bubble section it's own little robot.

Will this show up and connect to EZ Builder the same way a full sized EZB will?

Is there anyway you can leak out any other specs on this little gem? Voltage input range, Wifi, Power Pin output?


1) yeah it's wifi

2) input voltage range is same as ez-b v4

3) power pin is same as ez-b v4

4) everything is same as ez-b v4 but it's smaller Smile


Sweet. Good things come to those who wait........ Drat, I can't wait. *sick*


Attached is a photo of the IoTiny dimensions (in mm):

User-inserted image

Some addition bits of info:

- Barrel jack protrudes 5.5mm away from the board and is 10.4mm in height (the plastic body width is slightly less that the 8.99mm dimension, it's ~8.65mm)
- Mounting holes are 4-40 hardware compatible
- Plastic hardware is recommended for use near the WiFi antenna (prevents radio interference)
- Voltage input is recommeded to be externally fuse protected
- Reverse polarity protection on Voltage input
- Low voltage battery monitor
- 3.3V is protected via short circuit & over current protection from the switching power supply
- Just like the EZ-bv4 the Digital I/O pins are current limited to ~10mA and are 5V tolerant
- Unlike the EZ-Bv4 the Analog pins are not 5V tolerant (3.3V max)

Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty excited about this too Grin


Awesome, thanks @Jeremie... I will start working on some sort of case for it...


No prob @RR, I'm looking forward to what you come up with!


Ah geeze guys you did it again! I'm developing something new, that I struggled to to fit the full sized EZB into. The timing is impeccable....I'll take a dozen when they come in! Fantastic job again...finally the EZB mini!


May I ask what the current draw of this little thing will be? I'm getting creative all up in my head, and need this info to make some designs!