Teaser: Iotiny Coming Soon


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- 100% compatible with EZ-Builder for PC,
Android and iOS
- incredibly small footprint!
- 8 digital I/O (servos, switches, buttons, uart, ultrasonic distance, etc)
- 2 adc
- energy effecient digital switching power supply
- amplified audio and speaker for wifi streaming
- ezrobot camera port
- i2c connector
- web interface
- telnet interface
- OTA firmware upgradable

Best of all, it's going to be very affordable! a fraction of the cost of the ezb v4 powerhouse. This will be great for small diy robots or iot devices.

Status: hardware is done. Firmware has two minor tweaks to complete. Should see it on the store with the other ezbits (inverted pendulum, neo pixel controller, etc) over the summer Smile

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Fabulous! Do you have the dimensions and specs I would like to design a shell for it?... I assume it's fused in some way?

P.S... I am waiting on the Tiny to upgrade my new inMoov (with a video of new abilities)... It will make my old inMoov Bartender (he always was a bit twitchy) look like the Skynet Cyberdyne model T-70 in comparison to the T-800... Smile


Added a picture to demonstrate the size. Jeremie will pickup this thread and post a dimension image with the size of the mounting holes and such...


@DJ Awesome... Thank you... In addition to a shell I am now actually thinking of altering one of inMoov's arm stls to create a cradle to fit the Tiny... Come to think about it in his head as well...... Smile


Jeremie did an unreal job of packing all that functionality in the small foot print. There's nothing else like it! Look at that thing... It's unreal and super powerful.


Looking forward to the details... I think (especially if it is a good price point) this will prove irresistible to a lot of the hard core arduino "zombies" that up until now have dismissed ez robot mostly due to their illogical cost rational...


SWEET! This would be awesome for micro-bots! Smallest robot building competition anyone?

Great job Jeremie and DJ.


That is going to be incredibly useful. i particularly like the built in speaker pins (always been nervous about soldering my EZ-B) and the built in barrel jack for power (never much liked the Mini deans connector or its position on the bottom of the board).

I assume the digital ports will, like the V4 be unregulated?

Will it also support USB connectivity like the V4 x/2 with the adapter?



1) yes unregulated digital pins

2) yes supports the USB adapter

Don't quote me on this, but I'd like to see the price under $30. It's small but there's a lot of hardware on it - which adds up in cost.


Awesome. That is going to be very useful.