Justin's Custom .stl


I'm starting a new thread for my custom 3D projects so I can showcase them in just one thread from now on.

And since it is Friday the 13th, (ch ch ch ch, ah ah ah) I made JD a mask to go over the standard face.

I might have to print two so I can paint one in Chicago Blackhawk's colors.

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JD Hockey Mask .stl


Share the STL! Grin


Great! creativity all arround...


This is my custom "clone" JD head made from a 3D scan of my head (used XYZ brand handheld scanner). I used a standard EZ-Robot lever servo and dilled a hole in the top of the lever to make the neck for this robot named "Data" because he's already taller and the standard lever gives the head a better range of motion.

I also made an EZ-Bit male connector and hotglued it on the lever servo body so I can clip this head in place.

The head/face is too thick and won't allow the standard JD LED array to shine through, but I did install two RGB LED's for the eyes that shine through the plastic well.

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I love the Jason mask! Nice work man.


You can add your thingiverse URL to your ez-robot profile as well. that will allow others to click on the icon in your avatar and view the bits you've made


A tease for new mask I'm working on for JD. Rather than re-design the entire head for different looks my new focus is on masks, this a JD's First Order mask.

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Like! Like! Love it!


Simple EZ-Bit sonar mount

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Sonar Mount .stls