Giving A Meccano G15 Ks An Ez Makeover


any idea howmany volts the original mecanoid servo's are?
can i use them with ezbv4 ?they dont seems to work.


Meccanoid servos are 6v but they will not work with ezbv4.
Most ordinary servo's will fit in place of meccano ones.



i used the HDD ones from ez robot.




hey any progress on your meccanoid tez?
and idd slow down the motions is best,even with HDD servo.
what i also did,is remove the plate from upper makes the arm chorter,
but stronger.more surprizes later .is it ok that i use your topic for maccanoid?

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Yes of course it is. I have not been able to be involved in the discussion. Bit to busy. Good luck with your meccanoid. The meccanoid makes a great platform.


great then this is THE meccanoid topic come together.


Yes let Meccanoiders swop ez ideas.
I am rather poorly at moment but still trying to convert mine to the Ez platform.
All ideas wellcome.


hi westies

what do you need to do then.


@ Nomad 6R
I have converted one arm and trying to make a gripper but so far it works in reverse ie open when it should be closed.
If I sort this out will convert other arm.



open the gripper then reposition the gripper.